In computer science, threaded code is a programming technique where the code has a form that essentially consists entirely of calls to subroutines. It is often used in compilers, which may generate code in that form or be implemented in that form themselves. The code may be processed by an interpreter or it may simply be a sequence of machine code call instructions.
Threaded code has better density than code generated by alternative generation techniques and by alternative calling conventions. In cached architectures, it may execute slightly slower. However, a program that is small enough to fit in a computer processor's cache may run faster than a larger program that suffers many cache misses. Small programs may also be faster at thread switching, when other programs have filled the cache.
Threaded code is best known for its use in many compilers of programming languages, such as Forth, many implementations of BASIC, some implementations of COBOL, early versions of B, and other languages for small minicomputers and for amateur radio satellites.

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  1. P

    Connector for tap with threaded tails. And should I seal the washer?

    Hi I'm going to be fitting a tap like this one: And just wanted to check that this is the correct part for connecting to 15mm copper pipe using compression: If not, please could someone let me know...
  2. abrogard

    How to pretest when threaded at each end?

    I have a garden setup with metal pipe at each end and a pvc run in the middle. Proposed. That's what i want to do. Join the two with water pressure 1/2" pvc. So the gear is all there. Threaded joiner at each end. Elbows and joiners making the run between. But I realise if the threaded ends...
  3. S

    nylon cartridge nut cross threaded in brass valve body

    The inside brass threads in my Moen rough in two handle Roman tub valve (Moen | Bathroom & Kitchen Faucets, Shower Heads, Accessories & More - were cross threaded with the nylon cartridge...
  4. T


    does anyone know if the ideal logic flue sampler cap should have an "O" ring in it please.
  5. C

    Help! What do you call this threaded adapter/reducer?

    Hi, Trying to locate a straight version of this angled adapter/reducer for a shower. The (cheap) shower came with these angled ones (see attached image). The idea being that you can adjust to straighten up the bar mixer if your pipework isn't coming out the wall straight. Stupid really...
  6. E

    40mm to 50mm Threaded Reducer (Shower Waste)

    Hi all, Stumbled into a bit of an issue. I am re-doing my En-Suite. I am at the stage where I am fitting the shower tray. The previous waste exit was 50mm. The trap that has come with the new tray is 40mm. I have been searching everywhere to find one of these in the UK but for love nor money I...
  7. F

    How any wraps on PTFE tape on a threaded drain off valve?

    Hello, I was wondering how many wraps of PTFE tape you need to use on a threaded drain off valve that is going to be fitted into a Telford horizontal stainless hot water cylinder. Thanks
  8. J

    32mm non threaded sink trap

    My sink and a half & pipework are 32mm in dimension. They look similar to this but the pipe coming down from the sink is only threaded at one end (the end connected to the sink). How do I connect the non threaded end to the rest of my pipework?
  9. W

    Apron shower head for 1980s arm. Not G1/2 nor G3/4 threaded

    I need to find an apron shower head which fits an 1980s arm. The thread on the arm is either 7/8th inch or possibly 15/16th inch. It is unfortunately neither g1/2 not g3/4 thread. Can anybody give me a link to an apron shower head (my current one is 5 inch diameter) which will screw onto my...
  10. C

    How to join threaded brass fittings

    Hi. I'm fitting a new shower valve (Grohe Rapido T universal) it has 1/2" inlet and outlet ports to connect to so have got some 15mm x 1/2" male unions (I think that's the correct term) both straight and elbows. I've tried to find out how to fit the brass fittings and there's lots of...
  11. D

    Seeping threaded fittings... *stainless/brass plastic*

    Hi all, just joined to try and get a definitive answer on this! When connecting threaded fittings, metal of plastic, what single application thread seal product works best? We have tried: PTFE + silicone. Virtually always seals but will seep if agitated after cured. PTFE with Fernox general...
  12. D

    small leak cwst valve tail

    I wonder if someone can give a little pointer. I've drawn a bit of a ropey diagram so I can explain my problem. Having to fit a new 3/4 inch float valve to the cold water storage tank, and the original was in one piece, so removal had to be unscrewing the whole thing including the threaded tail...
  13. M

    Toilet service valve leaking not cross threaded

    Hi I have a toilet service valve that is leaking as it tightens on to the toilet fill valve. It is not cross threaded hand tightens with ease a good few turns, I have tired replacing the fiber washer to no luck. I have also tried ptfe with no luck. Any idea what could be happening, as I said it...
  14. O

    Connecting a new tap to a soldered pipe

    I am trying to fix a new mixer tap to my kitchen sink. I have removed the old screw but the pipes are still connected. The connections on the new taps flexible pipes are threaded, however there is no thread to connect them to on the old copper pipes, which appear to be soldered connections. Can...
  15. E

    Old Threaded steel pipe to 22mm copper

    Dear Forum, Im trying to increase water pressure for my bathroom and need to connect a pump to run from the bath water feed as cant get another pipe from attic tank to pump. The issue I have is that the old pipework is steel threaded and whilst I'm having to do all the work, I dont want to...
  16. M

    fastening threaded rod to brick work

    Evening all. I need to do the above. Now I have looked online at lots of different anchors but none that seem to be good for brick work. Drop in anchors are only good for concrete apparently. I am just needing to fit a few pipes and a flue so not really that much load on it. What about these...
  17. C

    BSP Threaded right angles orientation.

    I have a fair degree of experience with 15/22/28 mm fittings in both compression & solder but I am now fitting an UFH manifold which has flow and return presented in 1" BSP fittings. All fine, I have various of these fittings that convert to 22mm compression. All would be lovely if it wasn't...
  18. E

    Cistern 15mm male inlet

    I'm trying to fit a new close couple toilet. The inlet is a threaded 15mm pipe and I'm struggling to find the right connection to hook it up to 15mm pipe. I tried flexible hose with a half inch connector but it doesn't fit. The only other imperial sizes seem too big or small. I must be missing...
  19. L

    Magnaclean leaking and Cylinder connectors cross threaded so won't tighten - HELP!!

    Hi there, Recently moved and noticed the pressure gauge was very low on the boiler so I filled to recommended 1-1.5 bar. Only now to see drips of water coming from the Magnaclean. Turned water off n bled bathroom radiator until drip stopped then unscrewed the unit. Both washers we damaged...
  20. R

    Sink Problem Please Help :/

    Hey all New here so thanks for letting me register and ask my silly novice questions :) Ok so to briefly explain what happened first. Sink plug got stuck i used a small butter knife to delatch it (pop up/using turn knob) as the turn handle wouldnt put enough pressure. got the plug out and...
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