1. B

    Posting a thread as until now I've only read the forum

    Hi, I've followed this excellent forum for several years but have never posted, so decided I'd better give some details. My status is the upper end of DIY and I've a couple of house renovations under my belt (my own homes) I am retired but do volunteer handyman jobs for the elderly. Not...
  2. Dan

    Just testing posting an image in a thread, please feel free to do the same

    Just testing posting an image in a thread, please feel free to do the same
  3. D

    BSP female fine for BSP male? Need T for Esp-Vessel.

    In short: Do suppliers sometimes list BSPT as BSP? I need a tee, 22mm each end with a BSPT in the middle for an expansion vessel to dangle from. Why I think its I've used calipers on the threads and counted them, and the male end sticking out of the vessel is BSPT 3/4 with 14 threads per inch...
  4. Dan

    My Central Heating Doesn't Work - Master Thread

    I thought I'd create a master thread to move all of these similar threads into, over time like. If your central heating doesn't work boiler doesn't work radiators not working radiators or heating system is cold thermostat wont work or respond Then post a reply in this thread. Rather than us...
  5. A

    Radiator Bleed Valve - 1/8-27: Thread Type

    Morning all. I hope this is the correct place for this post. If not i'll happily move it to another forum area. I am renovating a property and the old cast iron radiators need a refresh, and i'm going to fit some new bleed valves amongst other things. The female thread in most of the rads...
  6. B

    Garden Tap fitting- thread size.

    Hello. I've attached an image of an old garden tap with a new garden tap replacement, except the thread on the new tap is larger than the existing tap fitting. Is there a reducing nut that can adapt the new tap to the wall fitting or could the new tap handle be used to replace the old handle and...
  7. A

    Thread Adaptors/Reducers??

    I am trying to source adaptors/reducers for the below taps for my renocation We have the tap ware currently but Union adaptors are needed to fit the Australian copper pipe sizes of ½ and ¾ Can anyone suggest where to get these? Thank you in advance Antony Tap 1 From the USA - has a 3/8 pt...
  8. C

    Can quote replies but not first post in a thread

    For some months I have not been able to 'quote' or 'reply' to the #1 message in a thread, the 'quote' and 'reply' links are missing but I can 'report' and 'like'. This only applies to #1 post, the subsequent messages allow me to both quote and reply in the expected manner. Is anyone else...
  9. G

    1" GHT thread (Female) to 1" NPT (Male) fittings needed Help!

    1" GHT to 1" NPT needed. I need to find a plastic or PVC type fitting to jin together two pipes. The female is GHT, and the males side is NPT. I need to buy a bunch of them on an ongoing basis. Can anyone help me find them. No mass or metallic as they are cost prohibitive. Thanks!
  10. G

    could this white material on radiator thread be/contain any asbestos?

    Hi everybody, I have noticed that unlike the other threads of the radiator which are sealed with something that really looks like hemp ("foto 1"), one of them has this white material wrapped around/inside the joint ("foto 2"). Could anybody tell me if it may be/could contain any asbestos? Many...
  11. T

    What size thread for Immersion Heating Element?

    Hi, I want to fit an immersion heating element to my hot water tank (water is currently heated by gas). I'd like to buy it before I start draining water from the tank. The plug in the tank has a 1 1/4" nut on a pate approx 3" in diameter, does anybody know what size thread the tank will have...
  12. D

    How To Join Pipe Thread (garden hose) To Compression (sink) ?

    I have a cold water sink in a shed a long way from the house. We just want to run a garden hose over to it and feed the tap from it. The tap of course has a flexible hose underneath with a compression thread fitting I guess. What sort of fitting or adapter do I look for so's I can plug my...
  13. Bogart

    PTFE or Loctite577 on thread

    Most of my lockshield valves are the compression type onto the radiator tail. Have just installed a couple of the union type face to the tail lockshields. Smeared a bit of boss white on the face but am wondering if I should have used ptfe tape, or my preference loctite 577 on the actual union...
  14. M

    Tru-Blu pipe thread sealant

    Has anyone used this, and if so, what are your thoughts? From the descripton it sounds like it should work a bit like Loctite 577, but is loads cheaper. Im wondering if it would be good for rad tails and jointing up male / female irons...
  15. C

    What is the thread out of the top of a hot water cylinder?

    I want to fit a sussex flange to a standard hot water cylinder about 10 years old, normally there is a 1inch bsp tapping, this one has a male thread out of the top with a compression 28mm to 22 mm end feed reducer, held in place by a 28mm nut and olive, it does not have a male iron to copper...
  16. gmartine

    O ring replacement or thread seal?

  17. M

    Parralell thread end feed fittings

    Morning all. Just about to install a crosswatwr shower valve and want to connect in the valve with end feed 22mm x 3/4 male. Manual says not to use tapered threads. Cannot find parallel out there that come with end feed. Any ideas Thanks
  18. D

    Kitchen tap thread size

    Hi I need to replace both hot/cold taps as they have done 20 years service, I looked at various sites and the thread size is quoted as "G1/2" now the dumb bit, is this referring to the copper pipe size thats fits into the tap or is it the external thread size f the tap. Thanks for any info.
  19. M

    Longer thread shower waste

    I ordered a McAlpine 90mm x 50mm shower trap for my walk-in shower. The base will be 18mm ply with the shower tray bedded in mortar on top. I don't think the threads of the top half of the trap are going to reach the threads of the bottom half when I assemble everything. I really need more...
  20. L

    Leaky Stem Adapter - thread issue ?

    Hello. Installing a shiny new Hudson Reed shower in France... The shower comes with two stem adapters. No matter how hard I tighten these they leak significantly.... BUT if I then remove shower and screw in the previous end fact I only need to hand tighten these.. Pictures...

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