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  2. L

    Worcester Bosch Heatslave Boiler pressure issue... any thoughts...?

    Greetings. I have an external Worcester Bosch Heatslave boiler and have a question about pressure. The boiler pressure was set to 1.5 during a recent visit by a plumber (as it seemed to have dropped and was hovering between the green and red zone) . A few days later I turned the thermostat down...
  3. B

    Deposits - your thoughts and what you do as a professional.

    Hi all, I'm really here with the agenda of getting other peoples thoughts on charging deposits. To date I usually charge a third of my labour to hold a date for a customer. I've had no issues until recently where 2 of my prospective clients have tried to negotiate a lower deposit or change the...
  4. Z

    Thoughts on Prostel unvented cylinder horizontal

    Just looking at getting an unvented cylinder. Screwfix do an RM cylinder called Prostel. Anybody had experience with these. £830 for 250l horizontal.
  5. G

    Thoughts on this flue

    Installed 2 days ago, Worcester 4000. Haven’t seen anything like this before, any thoughts. Personally I would have gone horizontal with an offset bend in the roof space ( to get minimum distance from boundary) and terminated at the gable end.
  6. A

    Opinion on thoughts for solving pipe problem

    I am currently trying to solve a problem in terms of laying pipes in a screed floor. The old copper pipework under the screed is leaking and so I am going to abandon it and lay new pipe. I can't box them in or run from the ceiling. So my solution, after some research, was to bring in a new flow...
  7. A

    URGENT No LED display on honeywell cm921 batteries all replaced & Checked. Ant thoughts pls

    No LED information on a Honeywell cm921. Batteries all changed & checked, any ideas pls. Can they be repaired or is it a new one required
  8. D

    Hydramax (Aqualisa) mixer - thoughts on this?

    Having only really dealt with bar mixers and electric showers this would be a first for me. So my mixer shower started going hot and cold every now and then, and eventually started to leak frequently from the middle, so replaced the cartridge, which has solved the 2 issues. This is the bit...
  9. C

    Thoughts please

    been going back and forth with manufacturer and installer for a week, stone resin shower tray 1400x800 with a fracture 220mm long , all installation instructions were followed, manufacturer says installer error (over tightened screws) also a smaller fracture on the opposite side that hasn’t...
  10. A

    Thoughts on quote of boiler replacement

    Hi guys, been quoted 1550 for direct replacement of baxi combi 105he with a baxi 830, I know the engineers.. So paying roughly 500 for Labour. What do you think? Plus this is with thermostat fitting etc. I thought about 1300/1400.
  11. T

    Thoughts on the Hive thermostatic valves ?

    I’ve been asked about installing some Hive Thermostatic heads to a combi system. I wondered what’s people’s opinions on them, firstly from an installation point of view and secondly from a users view ? The customer has a two up two down type of house with a ideal logic 24kw boiler just been...
  12. Laura Hardy

    Cold towel rail any thoughts

    So here goes. My bathroom towel rail is cold. All other rads in the house are hot and on both upstairs and downstairs. The feed pipe going into the towel rail is nice and hot but the rail itself is cold. It's has a teeny weeny bit of temp change for about an inch along the bottom rung but I...
  13. G

    Intergas boiler thoughts

    We heard about Intergas boilers from a family member who has just had one installed. The gas fitter he used raves about them saying how reliable they are. What are you forum members thoughts on them? . Only having 4 moving parts is appealing. The Rapid 32 model looks good value at around £700...
  14. Deleted member 32524

    What are your thoughts?

    Hello. Went to look at a job today. Non GSR has taken boiler off wall and left it on floor of OAP's flat. Originally a eco deal install approx 15m of pipe in 15mm 25 kw vokera and a hob. Needs gas line upgrade. Problem is 1st 3m from meter is in a wall void with compression fittings. Old lady...
  15. W

    Some thoughts on how to get a quote from a contractor

    A couple of thoughts on how to get a quote, some people seem to be struggling lately: 1. Ask friends and family for a recommendation, you’ll have more faith in them and them more in you. 2. Give as much detail as you can in an email before the day of the site visit, send plans...
  16. Riley

    Asbestos any thoughts ??????????

    Morning chaps I am doing a boiler conversion and I’ve just gone to look at the loft tanks. F& E is plastic no problems. CWSC However it’s not a material I’m familiar with. I have worked on this estate a few times and I’ve come across some old asbestos tanks but this one doesn’t look like them...
  17. C

    Burglar Alarms - Any thoughts?

    The company that deals with my house and contents have just said that none of their 'panel' of underwriters will quote this year and I need to get an alarm fitted. Dunno why they've suddenly decided this after about twenty years of taking my premiums and never having to pay out a penny in claims...
  18. Lumen

    everflo Stainless 180L System Fit Unvented Hot Water Storage Cylinder your thoughts?

    Hey chaps, I just had a plumber quoting me on indirecr unvented hot water cylinder install. His quote is very competitive and when asked what cylinder the install is for I've been told it's everflo Stainless 180L System Fit Unvented Hot Water Storage Cylinder (this I'd imagine) Second best...
  19. Ian Howe

    Pipes through boards thoughts

    10mm pipes for radiator going to underfloor, acceptable or not?
  20. J

    Bath renewal thoughts ?

    having a light hearted debate with a mate about a job he’s on. Renew a bath. Existing bath is tiled down on to and it’s about 30mm lower than the panel for the new bath. Customer doesn’t want any tiles removed. So would you fit new bath up to the tiles and cut the panel.. Or Fit bath at the...

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