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  1. I

    would anyone have one or more of these that they want to sell

    uponor thermostat control 1000502 needed drop me a email [email protected]
  2. S

    Are these ugly pipes supposed to show so much?

    Please can someone advise me? The builder finished creating my new-build wetroom yesterday. I was disappointed to see the water pipes so prominent and noticeable. So I looked online at similar installations and the water pipes never show in any photo, only the waste. My questions are: Has...
  3. L

    How do we rehang these Novellini shower doors?

    Hi, We have this novellini (we believe) quadrant enclosure, and the hooks at the bottom had snapped, so we needed to replace them, and now we are trying to rehang the doors but we can't for the life of us figure out how to do it! We can see how the hooks and runners fit into the tracks...
  4. J

    Are these demountable?

    Hi I'm trying to ascertain whether this type of fitting is easily demountable. I want to tidy up the pipes that will lead to a vanity unit/basin. One of the pipe, the one on the right is at a very strange angle and no where near vertical. It's probably being pushed away by the short section of...
  5. S

    How do I get the cap off these?

    Hi, once I've taken the screw out, how do I get at the O ring on these taps?
  6. A

    What fittings are these?

    I'm in the process of converting my garage. I've been looking for the existing radiator feeds. I came across these. Are they reducers? Don't know why they would be insulated?
  7. gavdtra

    Lads, what are these rods?

    There's a load of these rods hanging about the boiler room. I've got no idea What do they do?
  8. A

    Are these toilet blockage clearers any good

    I am thinking of buying Rothenberger-Force-Pump to clear a blocked toilet ( when needed) but as its a bit on the pricey side I wondered if someone has any information on them before I buy Thanks
  9. A

    What size radiator tails are these?

    Hi I live in a new build does anyone know what size radiator tails these are? And where I can get the same ones from? Thanks :)
  10. F

    Are these radiators odd/special sized?

    Hi everybody. I am currently renovating my house and it has come to the time to plaster the lounge. Therefore, I new to remove the old radiators that are in there. They are single skin radiators and look very old. Therefore, I want to replace them. So, I measured them both and promptly...
  11. T

    Trying to find out what make these tap heads are

    Can anyone help tell me what make these tap heads are please - look like Ideal Standard or Armitage but not found exact model
  12. A

    These are the plumbing books I have purchased

    These are 2 books that I have purchased I am impressed with them have lots of good knowledge for a novice has anyone else got any other books they’ve read?
  13. uksoundz

    Help with unblocking whirlpool bath

    Hi I have these air jets in the base of my bath and when I switch the pump on only one works, it started working and lots of grime came out so I suspect all are blocked Does anyone know of a way to clean these and remove them? I’ve tried myself to no avail. Also; interestingly when I...
  14. M

    Can’t remove these sink taps

    Morning all, struggling to get these taps off - no screws that I can see and cap doesn’t seem to want to pop off. Concerned I’m going to damage them if I force them. Any ideas ?
  15. B

    Struggling to remove the tops of these bath taps.

    I'm struggling to remove or even find where to remove the cap off these taps. I've tried prising it off twisting and multiple things to remove the cap to get inside. I'm out of ideas....
  16. gb17342

    Identify these pipes?

    Hello, anyone know what these pipes are? I'm guessing the black pipe could be iron or lead gutter pipe as it goes in to what seems to be a gutter down pipe (the down pipe is next to the soil pipe and is slightly smaller so presume it's the gutter pipe). However it seems to be around 50mm wide...
  17. W

    Are these pipes acceptable?

    We had a leak from our boiler which meant I had to take up the flooring. This was a bathroom, but we want a utility room, so will be putting in the washing machine. I don't know if these pipes are accetable though? We need the water feed (on the left) and the pipe for the waste (you can see on...
  18. M

    Will these isolation valves be ok like this for a few weeks?

    I’ve removed the sink from downstairs cloakroom as we are getting new flooring and a new vanity unit and sink installed over the next few weeks. I’m now thinking maybe these isolation valves may not be ok left like this?? If they were going to leak it fail in some way surely they would have by now??
  19. townfanjon

    Really struggling on here these days

    Sorry, @Dan , @Shaun, what’s altered over the last couple of weeks , bloody adverts united , forums so hard work .
  20. G

    Can someone tell me what these scorch marks are?

    I'm assuming either from the installation of this (or a previous) boiler, or issues with the last boiler? Intending to buy the house and the other half is concerned. Any advice would be appreciated! Dan
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