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  1. P

    Anyone know who makes this thermostatic shower valve?

    Has no manufacturer markings at all. Thanks.
  2. Z

    Thermostatic mixer shower problems

    Hi folks Firstly apologies if this has been covered before. I have just put in a new bathroom in my house. I have installed a thermostatic mixer shower and have a combi boiler system. When showering the boiler switches off and the shower goes cold, the boiler will then come back on but only...
  3. R

    Thermostatic Shower Interoperability Problem

    Hi guys, I need to replace a shower that has 22mm inlet pipes that I have been unable to repair. I do note that the majority of thermostatic showers now have 15mm inlet pipes. My questions are: 1. Is it possible to get some kind of adaptor to convert these two 22mm outlet to a 15mm one...
  4. A

    Unknown Thermostatic Cartridge

    Hi Guys, I have a leaking thermostatic cartridge and I'm trying to replace it but I cannot find the part number or any no-name ones with similar measuring. I bought the shower from Victorian Plumbing and it is the Milan Modern Thermostatic Shower in Chrome. It was bought in 2015 and their...
  5. R

    Can you still by Thermostatic showers with 22mm inlet pipes?

    Hi guys, Reviving an old thread, for which I have the same problem. Can one still buy thermostatic showers with 22mm (rather than 15mm) inlet pipes? I have a broken shower, and have discovered that we have established that the inlet pipes (hot and cold) to the shower are 150mm apart (centre...
  6. J

    Thermostatic electric shower cutting out due to low pressure

    So I was asked to go look at a job today I was told 3 plumbers have been at previously with the same issue still occurring. Shower is cutting out completely with the low pressure light on when the basin or sink tap is turned on. I’ve managed to have them all working together by shutting down...
  7. J

    Who provides the best warranty on Thermostatic showers?

    Warranty that covers parts at least and possibly labour. Longest I have seen so far is from Aqaulisa for 5 yrs.
  8. K

    Mira Vigour thermostatic shower

    when control turned on a little way and wait for 1-2seconds then water comes and control can be turned on all the way.
  9. R

    Anyone recognise this thermostatic shower model?

    Hi guys, I have a thermostatic shower which now only runs very hot (too hot to use). I understand that this may be down to a failed cartridge? I’m told that if I can find a replacement cartridge this will likely fix the issue and avoid having to replace the whole shower. Can anyone recognise...
  10. B

    Issues with Thermostatic Shower / Noisy Pipes

    Hi folks We have a weird problem. Our shower is a Triton thermoststic run from an Alpha combi boiler. The pipes began making a noise when the hot water was turned on (any tap) and we realised if the shower thermostat was turned to coldest setting this resolved the noise. But .. now the hot taps...
  11. B

    Thermoststic Shower - Hot Water Pipes Bang

    Hi folks I have a problem. Our shower is a Triton thermoststic run from an Alpha combi boiler. The pipes began making a noise when the hot water was turned on (any tap) and we realised if the shower thermostat was turned to coldest setting this resolved the noise. But .. now the hot taps...
  12. gort

    Problem with a instantaneous gas water heater running a thermostatic shower

    Hi Guys. just fitted a thermostatic shower to a Vaillant MAG-sine 250/7 ATZFW H multipoint boiler. And it doesn't seem that warm enough, in between the 38% (default setting) and the MAX setting the difference is only 2%. Any idea's how I can more heat out of it? thanks in advance.
  13. T

    Changing the thermostatic cartridge on the Triton Dart Eco

    Hi UK Plumbers Forum! This is my first post and just want to share a very simple “How-to” on changing the thermostatic cartridge on the Triton Dart Eco. I’m not a plumber but love reading about plumbing. The cartridge service kit used is the Triton 83312810, which can also be used in Triton...
  14. S

    Brand new Burlington Tay mixer with faulty thermostatic cartridge

    Just thought I would share this out of interest. I had a new bathroom installed and for the bath a Burlington Tay wall mounted thermostatic mixer valve (which also has a shower handset on a stand attached to the mixer). Anyway, it worked fine for a week and then it started refusing to change...
  15. K

    Shower thermostatic mixer tap issues

    Good morning everyone :) I’m having issues with my thermostatic mixer on my shower, I want to strip it down and clean it up inside but I can’t seem to get in to it, I’m guessing the ceramic cover should come off to reveal a screw but it won’t budge, and doesn’t screw either, I’ve unscrewed...
  16. S

    Thermostatic Mixer Shower Removing non-return valves (gravity fed)

    I am not a professional plumber but I thought I would share this tip as it defeated the professional plumber who installed my new shower and there seems to be no information about this on the internet. I should say first (before I get flamed) that non-return valves (NRVs) are mandatory where a...
  17. D

    thermostatic turns cold after 3mins

    having nice hot shower then water turns cold for couple mins then hot again, cycle continues wb 35cdi 9yr old, BUT when heating not on shower runs nice and hot and doesnt change answers please
  18. J

    Thermostatic mixer shower

    When it reads 'run from the boiler' does that mean thermostatic shower mixer needs its own pipework running from as close to the boiler as you can get it or is it fine to connect into pipework feeding the basin and toilet already in the bathroom as the shower valve is thermostatic?
  19. B

    Triton Aspirante Thermostatic Power Shower fault

    Hi, had to join the forum as just don’t know what to do next. I hope someone can help. We had a en-suite refurb and swapped the old power shower with a new power shower - Triton Aspirante Thermostatic Power Shower Chrome - ASP2000THM. No connections or pipework where changed, it was plumbed to...
  20. B

    Low pressure BSM, thermostatic?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a thermostatic BSM on low pressure system? I think there’s about 0.3 bar so not as bad as some situations. I will use a wide bore hose, handset recommendations too please.

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