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A chiller boiler system includes a chiller, a boiler, pumps and HVAC controls in a single pre-engineered package. This reduces complexity for the field installer and increases the simplicity of installation overall. Most chiller boiler packaged systems are designed for large residential and small commercial structures.
A chiller boiler system is a hydronic system. It uses water instead of air to heat and cool a structure. A properly designed hydronic system is usually more efficient than a standard forced air system.Chiller boiler systems use radiant heating and cooling or fan coil systems to condition a home or business. This allows for multiple zones (a thermostat in each living area of the house) for increased comfort and decreased energy use.
Compared with air, water is a more space-efficient method of transferring heat around, into, and out of a building. A pipe of a given diameter can transfer heat at the same rate as an air duct with eighteen times the cross-section area and is much easier to install in small spaces.

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  1. Zig168

    Combi Boiler vs System Boiler

    I think the last discussion was back in 2021. A few questions to guide any discussion. Which are the cheapest to heat over the year, system or combi in an average 3/4 bed property? Which will be the more reliable and cheapest boiler type to repair over the next 10 years? Is there a better...
  2. S

    Baxi Ecoblue System Boiler Weeping from Drain Plug

    Hello everyone, Baxi Ecoblue System boiler which was recently serviced just before Christmas. There has since been a constant but slow drip coming from the black nylon plastic drain plug at the back of the boiler which is accessible from the underneath. It does not appear to be from the thread...
  3. Z

    Vaillant System Boiler With Additional Pump

    Hi, i've got a job with a Vaillant Ecotec 630 system boiler, and i don't know the full history but the house has definitely been extended significantly since the boiler was installed. There's now 21 radiators/towel rails. It's getting to temperature, but even after balancing, it's not heating...
  4. G

    22mm Gas Feed for 35kw boiler - How do I know this is big enough?

    Hi folks, i've just moved into a property last month and begun to take note of things that may need attention. One of which is the feed to a 35kw system boiler appears to be in 22mm flexible steel pipe (tractpipe, or teslaflex or w/e). Distance from the meter is only 4m-5m or so, and I assume...
  5. MarkWillGreen

    Add underfloor to S-plan - S-plan+? closely spaced tees? new boiler?

    Hi All, Looking for a bit of advice on the best way to pipe this. - 24kW Worcester regular boiler in kitchen, approx. 9 years old - unvented tank, zone vavles, pump, expansion is on first floor in airing cupboard - Currently piped as S-plan. - Hive controls. - Would like to fit 6-zone...
  6. Desktop987456

    System Boiler reviews

    Hello, I am looking at Zanussi Ultra System 18kw. Does anybody has any experience with this brand. I have heard about thier other appliances like hobs and dishwasher but not much on boiler. A brand new unit is...
  7. A

    System boiler with vented system (bodged new install, what next)

    Previously had a WB Greenstar R28 HE System boiler with 4 pipes and vented (gravity fed) cylinder. No valves or pumps outside of the boiler. Worked fine for 20 years. Decided to change to Viessmann 050-W System boiler when WB failed but keep the same set up with cylinder. Gas Safe installer I...
  8. L

    URGENT Hot water only works when central heating turned on too. Why?

    Hey everyone, I'll keep it short. Had our old system boiler replaced with a new Ideal system boiler set up. Then the problems began. First issue was the pump went faulty, so the pump was replaced. This then led to a new issue coming up where the central heating would work, but not the hot...
  9. L

    System boiler issue : rads very Hot middle of night .

    Boiler was serviced 2 months ago by Vaillant . Timer /control seems fine. Thermostat looks less than 3 years old .Timer turns off heating /water at 10pm due back on at 5 am . Friend woken up by warmth from rads .All rads too hot to touch almost . where could the issue be ? cheers
  10. M

    Help needed on Ideal Logic Heat 15 System Boiler showing F3 error code

    Ideal Logic Heat 15 System Boiler Hi. Just started to get an F3 Fan Fault on this boiler. On power up there seems to be a quiet thump from somewhere then it goes through the start up sequence. It spends a few seconds on the ‘c’ display before coming up with the F3 error code. Can anyone advise...
  11. H

    System boiler modulation with low loss header LLH

    Hi there, thanks for taking the time to read this. I've been trying to diagnose why my gas consumption is so high and been doing various measurements and tests. With the UFH, my setup is about 10 room zones connected on two separate UF manifolds linked to one UF pump with a return blending...
  12. M

    System boiler and plastic 10mm pipes to rads

    I am told I need to replace my boiler. I am considering a system boiler so I can lose the tank in the loft and feed it direct from the mains water. My rads are fed by 10mm plastic pipe. Is there much of a pressure increase with a system boiler and will the plastic pipe joints (e.g. John Guest...
  13. D

    Where is the water coming from?? Hot water tank keeps dripping....

    Hi all - hoping someone knowledgeable can help as I'm super confused by this.... I have a standard system / gravity fed boiler, large cold tank in attic, hot water tank in airing cupboard etc. I recently found that the hot water coupling into my shower pump (salamander) had sheared (the...
  14. M

    Honeywell Evohome with Worcester Bosch Greenstar System Boiler

    I need a little help if possible as I am trying to check that my current system is running efficiently but not really sure how to check, sorry if this is a long one and I have tried to contact a Honeywell connected specialist but they dont seem interested unless installing a new system and the...
  15. E

    Baxi System Boiler Weather Compensation

    I'm wanting to install weather comp on my Baxi Platinum+ system boiler (GC No: 41-470-95). This is because the house is heated using underfloor heating which is mixing down to 35c but the boiler is set to 70c to heat the unvented cylinder up to 60-65c. The idea is to select a curve more suited...
  16. Husk24

    Most efficient setting for my logic s30 system boiler?

    Hi I have a Ideal Logic S30 System Boiler, and I have always left it on eco setting which is 70 degrees. I have a separate thermostat for my water tank set at 65. I don’t understand the condensing part of the boiler but I believe there is the most efficient settings you can have for this...
  17. B

    Atag IS40 System Boiler Questions

    Hello, Recently moved into a property which has an Atag IS40 System Boiler (2018) with hot water tank. We've noticed that something is continuously running. The flame symbol isn't present on the display, but the boiler is warm to touch and is making a noise. The CH Demand icon (radiator) is...
  18. R

    System Boiler & Magnaclean Queries

    Hi I have a system boiler (Worcester Bosch). There is a Magnaclean filter fitted, which I assumed was just on the central heating. Heating was turned on a couple of days ago and the pressure on the boiler has been dropping. Last night I made sure the heating side was turned off, wrapped...
  19. C

    URGENT New Glowworm Sealed System Boiler with NO Pressure Gauge

    We had a Gloworm Energy 7 30r Boiler fitted in Jan 22 to replace a British Gas Boiler (which was a Glowworm Rebranded ) when the heat exchanger split after 10 years. The old boiler had a pressure gauge on the fascia but this new model is not fitted with one. After it was all fitted I queried...
  20. S

    Worcester Bosch System 8000 - Radiator symbol etc

    Hi I have a Greenstar 8000 Life 30kw system boiler and 250litre indirect unvented cylinder. The programmable Danfoss time clock is split Rads (controls upstairs rads) Hotwater (controls HW to cylinder). Ground floor is UFH and has a separate wireless Thermostat that kicks it on and off. All...
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