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system boiler

A chiller boiler system includes a chiller, a boiler, pumps and HVAC controls in a single pre-engineered package. This reduces complexity for the field installer and increases the simplicity of installation overall. Most chiller boiler packaged systems are designed for large residential and small commercial structures.
A chiller boiler system is a hydronic system. It uses water instead of air to heat and cool a structure. A properly designed hydronic system is usually more efficient than a standard forced air system.Chiller boiler systems use radiant heating and cooling or fan coil systems to condition a home or business. This allows for multiple zones (a thermostat in each living area of the house) for increased comfort and decreased energy use.
Compared with air, water is a more space-efficient method of transferring heat around, into, and out of a building. A pipe of a given diameter can transfer heat at the same rate as an air duct with eighteen times the cross-section area and is much easier to install in small spaces.

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  1. I

    Baxi system boiler and Opentherm

    Hello Does anyone know if its possible to connect an Opentherm thermostat such as a Nest to a Baxi 800 System boiler. I know its possible with a Baxi 800 Combi but I cannot find any information on achieving this with a system boiler. I wondered if its possible to control the radiator flow...
  2. R

    15mm gas supply to new 30kW system boiler - OK?

    As part of our house refurb I had the boiler replaced and a pressurised hot water cylinder fitted. Builder's CH people used Glowworm Energy 7 30S system boiler, and mounted it very neatly above the cylinder. I was a bit surprised to see it piped in 15mm from the 22mm that comes through the...
  3. B

    Nightmare boiler and unvented cylinder installation

    Hello and happy Easter everyone, hope you're having more fun than me! Friendly advice needed please. Long story short, we arranged to have a 2 day 2 engineer installation of system boiler and unvented cylinder, replacing a heat only boiler and unvented cylinder with broken coil. Got 3 quotes...
  4. albert85

    System Boiler (Y-plan) with Google Nest 3rd Gen and OpenTherm?

    Hi I've got an Ideal Logic+ System Boiler (installed by my plumber as a Y-plan currently in the simple on/off mode) with Google Nest 3rd Gen. Is it possible to upgrade my system so that the Nest 3rd Gen controls the boiler via the OpenTherm protocol for both the heating and for the hot water...
  5. R

    Should removal of old system boiler be complete inc tanks?

    Just bought a property that needs lots of work doing so decided CH to be the first to start with. Old system was 20yrs old so decided on a 35Kw Ideal boiler to be installed by a Gas safe installer. Despite fairly shoddy work in places the boiler seems to function OK but when I went into the...
  6. D

    Replacing British Gas 330+ System Boiler but keep flue

    Hi In new flat, looking to replace BG 330+ system boiler with a combi, but retain existing flue as there are a few bends and quite long - it's still in good condition #(8 yrs old). I'm told the boiler was made by Glowworm, and that their new Energy 7 would do the trick. I'm thinking of buying...
  7. B

    Vaillant ecoTec plus 637 System boiler control options

    Vaillant ecoTec plus 637 and gledhill 250 indirect tank control options Hi, I am in the process of renovating an old farm house. I have been advised to have installed the Vaillant ecoTec plus 637 system boiler with a gledhill 250l indirect tank. I met with the heating engineers yesterday as...
  8. B

    Vaillant ecoTec plus 637 sensiocomfort control setup

    Vaillant ecoTec plus 637 and gledhill 250 indirect tank control options Hi, I am in the process of renovating an old farm house. I have been advised to have installed the Vaillant ecoTec plus 637 system boiler with a gledhill 250l indirect tank. I met with the heating engineers yesterday as...
  9. PennilessFatherOf4

    URGENT Isolate cylinder from system boiler

    Hi plumbing hives I’m wondering if someone could provide some advice (please!!!!!). I have an issue that my system boiler pressure is constantly over pressurising. The boiler manufacturer have sent an engineer out he says the boiler is fine (it’s only 15mths only). The suggestion from the...
  10. M

    System boiler kw sizing and expansion vessel

    Hi, After a bit of a saga with my plumber, I need to chose boiler size as soon as possible, the plumber is not going to do any heat loss calculations or do anything to work out accurately so I am on my own. Appreciate this is not what should be doing but after some level of finger in the air...
  11. T

    Vaillant System Boiler and Megaflow Installation

    Hello, I have open vent old Ideal boiler (in the kitchen)with open vent hot water cylinder.(on first floor cabinet) We would like to change the boiler to Vaillant Ecotec Plus 624 system boiler and 210i unvented indirect Megaflow cyclinder. How much it will cost the labour? How long it will take...
  12. Stants

    Worcester Bosch 27i system boiler on when off on nest stat

    Hi I've just had a Worcester bosch 27i system boiler fitted on an unvented system I'm very happy with it great install but I've just happened to see it was on , so I checked the stat ( nest ) and hot water was not due on and no heating on either I did notice however that although the heating...
  13. T

    System Boiler Advice

    Hi all, Purchasing a new property and I have a few questions for you. But first a bit of context. At the moment, there is a boiler with a cylinder in the kitchen, and another cylinder in the loft. I don't know if it's a heat-only boiler or a system boiler but I assume it's the former given the...
  14. T

    replace thermostatic mixer shower valve (mains pressure unvented system boiler system)

    With a thermostatic mixer showers, can you replace the unit, in a mains pressure unvented system boiler configuration, by just turning the cold mains off at the stopcock when the water supply enters the property? Will the hot and cold water stop flowing if you turn the mains water off?
  15. C

    System Boiler sizing

    Hi I am going to have my current system boiler replaced with a Worcester and want to ensure the correct size (had different sizes from differenet sales personel) I have 3 zones * 8 radiators ~ 15KW * 10 radiators ~ 10KW * Unvented cyclinder ~ 17KW Q1: Half the year there is only one...
  16. T

    Are storage combi boilers better than a system boiler?

    We are currently looking to replace our 40 year old vented system to a system boiler. We have had a suggestion of getting a storage combi boiler instead of a vented boiler with cylinder. Space is not a problem. I am more than happy to replace both boiler and water cylinder. We have many options...
  17. M

    Best control/thermostat for system boiler with unvented cylinder

    Hi all, Looking to convert combi boiler to system boiler with an unvented cylinder. What models do people reccomend for controls/thermostats? The way we use the house we dont really need a smart one, my mother who lives in the property is elderly so want it to be easy to use. I am thinking...
  18. S

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i Mk4 system boiler that is locked out.

    Hey Folks. I have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i Mk4 system boiler that is locked out. The boiler was working correctly, then the gas supply was turned off (to service another appliance) but the boiler was not turned off. I assume that the boiler tried to cycle on and off as requested by the...
  19. G

    Connect HeatMiser UH8 to Vaillant system boiler.

    Hello everyone, Could do with some advice please This is my current setup: Vaillant ecotec plus 637 system boiler Unistor unvented cylinder Vr66 wiring centre Vrc 470f S plan system Now I have just had underfloor heating installed and a HeatMiser UH8 wiring centre, a new motorised valve...
  20. Ryooo

    Nest Thermostat to Control System Boiler with 2 Zone CH & 1 Zone HW

    Hi troopps, I'm looking to install a nest thermostat to control a 2 zoned central heating system and hot water (3 MV). From what a gather you can buy the nest 3rd Generation which does HW and CH. I'd like a another thermostat that controls the CH Zone upstairs. Struggling to find a separate...