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Super Rugby (rendered in the current competition logo as "SupeRugby") is the preeminent professional men's rugby union football competition in the Southern Hemisphere and Japan. Building off various Southern Hemisphere competitions dating back to the South Pacific Championship in 1986, with teams from a number of southern nations, Super Rugby officially started with the 1996 season with 12 teams from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The competition was known as Super 12 through to the end of the 2005 season; the name was changed to Super 14 with the addition of two teams for the 2006 season; with expansion to 15 teams in the three countries for the 2011 season, the competition was rebranded as Super Rugby (no number included). By 2006, matches were being broadcast in 41 countries.

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  1. M

    MEXICO SUPER 3 CF 100 spares ?

    Hi, has anyone got a broken MEXICO SUPER 3 CF 100, or spares ? I'd like to buy the combustion chamber as mine has developed a hole, Thank you !
  2. T

    Main mersey super multipoint burners staying lit

    Any ideas please on why burners are staying lit when hot taps closed? Recently had thermocouple replaced.
  3. P

    Ideal mexico super 2

    hi guys new to the forum. I got a client who's got an ideal Mexico super 2, every time he turns on hot water the heating comes on as well, It's a very old system when I tried to diagnosed the problem I couldn't find anything, I know the fault is in the system cos boiler is ok, Any suggestions...
  4. S

    easier then I thought

    Well I got my service kit for my super fire 2 today. after opening the packet and emptying what seemed to be a million parts. It was pretty straight forward. iv now got a shinny super fire 2 And a bag of old spare parts now all i have to do is sort out my super fire looked at the old parts and...
  5. K

    Hun when you've got five minutes

    Got home this evening and my wife said to me "Hun when you have five minutes can you pop round to XXXXX they have a gas leak and her husband has repaired it with SUPER GLUE!!!"
  6. M

    manufacturers instructions

    Hi guys, Cant seem to get hold of a copy of the MI for an Ideal Concord Super series 3. Can anyone help. I have tried most of the links here and still cant see one. McSpoo
  7. Z

    hole in hose

    A hole the size of a coin has appeared in the corrugated, flexible, outlet hose of my dishwasher. The perpetrator, a mouse I presume. Any ideas how to repair it? The dishwasher is a Bosch. Thanks.
  8. J

    Paying tax for hiring an apprentice

    Hi all, Being self-employed, would you pay national insurance for hiring a level 3 apprentice? Does the gov offer any sort of relief to encourage people to hire apprentices? Cheers!
  9. P

    Boss super green

    Got a tub of Boss super geen today. Only cos my ol' journey man used to use it. seems different than it used to be. Anyone have experiences with it?
  10. J

    Whats the best Blow Torch to get?

    I'm thinking of the Rothenberger Super Fire 2...I know these are great and have used one. But does anyone have any other recommended ones that they think I should compare against. I mainly solder 15mm and 22mm.:)
  11. M

    Immersion heater..

    Can anyone suggest the best brand, metal type of Immersion heater... Having just explored online, seems so many different types... eurralloy, titanium, copper, incaloy the list goes on... Its a 27 inch Immersion... I want super fast, best quality.