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  1. F

    Replacing leaking yorkshire under floorboards

    Hi everybody, what's the best way of replacing this leaking & corroded yorkshire T under the floorboards ?? Along with many other things in this property it's been leaking for years probably never installed properly in the first place! I am a little worried about using my small GAZ blowlamp...
  2. C

    Speedfit timber frame

    Hi, I have a timber frame extension with no radiators on the walls currently so I'm looking to add one, all walls are external with a vapour barrier I was just wondering if anyone has any experience fishing 10mm pipe down a wall from the loft above I was thinking to cut a 100mm slot out...
  3. Muskopia

    Chasing CH pipes using speedfit

    I'm chasing some walls and using speedfit for pipes to the radiators. I'll be using conduit and want to transition to copper ends which will connect to the rads. Can I bury the speedfit fittings (elbows etc)? What are the options for pipe exiting the wall and connecting to the rads? Do I...
  4. Muskopia

    Supporting speedfit pipes under 1st floor floorboards

    Hi. What would you recommend for pipe support whilst running 15mm central heating pipes parallel to floor joists? My idea is to screw wood supports perpendicular to the joists and clip the pipes to the top, or, screw-in wood supports with 22mm holes and pass through the pipe. When the pipe...
  5. A

    What is the minimum distance between Speedfit connectors?

    I need to fit a valve into my sink feed and space is tight. Just enough to get a tool in to release them later. Thanks.
  6. D

    22mm speedfit to waste pipe???

    I'm installing a waste pump in wet zone area(ground floor concrete) Waste pump has 22mm feeds which I would normally connect to soil pipe with boss strap. However the soil pipe is clay embedded in concrete with a 90° pan connector going straight into the ground. I've seen the pan conns with...
  7. S

    15mm / 10mm 3-part reducers

    Been in the garage having a practise with 3-part compression reducers on 10mm Speedfit pipe and it hasn’t gone particularly well and i wonder what i am doing wrong? I found that the olive (swapped a copper one for the brass one due to plastic pipe) and bottom part that pokes out of the nut were...
  8. S

    Speedfit coldforms on 10mm pipe

    I am replacing a standard rad with a towel rail in the en-suite and the existing pipes are 10mm Speedfit and not easy to change. The wall is standard breezeblock with plasterboard over the top. I am considering how best to re-align pipework for the new rail and would appreciate advice. One easy...
  9. T

    Speedfit pipe sizes for bathrooms

    good evening, i'm moving my sink to a different wall. i've bought 15mm speedfit layflat for my basin taps, it's quite expensive and i'm not going to use the majority of it. the more i research, the more confidence i get that i may be able to take out the electric shower and put in a mixer...
  10. S

    Max distance for 10mm tails off 22mm flow and return

    I’m considering my options for moving (JG) pipework from an inaccessible place whilst the floor is up. One option might be to use 2 x JG 4-port manifolds, mounted in a much more convenient location. But, this would mean adding 2 - 3 metres to the 10mm tails (off flow and return) and i’m not sure...
  11. D

    Central Heating - Pipe Sizing?

    A couple of years ago I had a new central heating system installed as part of a full modernisation. Unfortunately I’ve been having problems with other aspects of the renovation so for a while I’ve been running it without a control system or TRV’s (I have a Honeywell EvoHome set ready to go but...
  12. J

    Speedfit pipe for sale

    Hi Would anybody be interested in a job lot of 22mm speedfit pipe. I have around 300 lengths left and looking to clear some space due to a house move. They are 2 meter lengths and I’m just looking to get back what I paid. I paid 70 pence a length and will deliver in the Birmingham area Thanks
  13. R

    Speedfit to copper on central heating systems.

    As per the title. What do you think of using Speedfit in part of the cental heating system? In particular a 15mm x 300mm flexi pipe. Bent at 90 degrees. See link. Not sure what I am dealing with yet but I suspect a leaky Yorkshire elbow below the floorboards. Rather than remove it, clean it...
  14. S

    Plastic Polybutylene Pipes - Polypipe, Flofit, Hep2O, JG Speedfit, Pipelife?

    Plastic Polybutylene Pipes - Polypipe, Flofit, Hep2O, JG Speedfit, Pipelife? Pipes not fittings, are they all much the same, does it just come down to price, do people have preferences and why?
  15. G

    leaky pipe under floor

    Hi, Ive hot a lot of standing water under my floorboards. I cant get access right underneath, but can guess at it being a certain speedfit pipe as I can hear dripping from a certain area. its not protected in anything, Im wondering if theres an easy way of attaching a new pipe and pulling ot...
  16. falable

    Is it possible to use jg speedfit pipe and fitting, to replace small section of copper?

    hi, so we had tried to fit an isolation valve into copper pipe that came close from the mains supply, but i'm not proud of it. we had to leave the mains water valve at half pressure or else the fittings would leak/pop off. It was my first attempt at plumbing and i assumed i could easily move the...
  17. J

    Burnt speedfit fitting-is it a problem?

    Hi I had to take the plinth boards off in the kitchen to install a new oven and at the back I saw this speedfit fitting. It’s a 10mm fitting on the central heating loop, and it feeds the kitchen radiator. I think it’s the flow feed, not the return. To me it looks like at may have been burnt...
  18. K

    Passable work or bodge job!?

    Hi, just trying to get an opinion on some plumbing the bathroom/kitchen fitter is in the process of fitting for our new sink, shower & rad. First pic is cold supply coming in through the wall from the toilet next door. There are double joists right under the stud wall, hence coming in hidden in...
  19. B

    Pressure test JG Speedfit?

    Hi all, I’ve just installed a two pipe central heating system and need a pressure test. However JG require a wet test at 2 bar then at 10 bar with the pipe disconnected from the rads and boiler. I should have probably thought about this earlier but I can’t think how I’m going to fill the pipes...
  20. jaffeling

    G 1/2 female to speedfit connector?

    Just bought a new kitchen tap, and then I found the screw of the kitchen tap won’t fit to any joint of the under sink pipes, I realised these connectors are called speedfit? Please, any expert can give me some advice that what kind of adapter / connector i should buy to connect the new tap...