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  1. cyberfruits

    URGENT Solid fuel back boiler decommission

    Hi We have a vented oil-fired heating system with a coal fire back boiler, this is going to be changed to a sealed pressurized system tomorrow and I believe, they are decommissioning the back boiler. I have only discovered today there is no access to the water jacket, so will it be good enough...
  2. M

    Solid fuel (smokeless coal) efficiency

    A bit of an unusual topic, as these are very rare in the UK. I went back to Poland to commission, test and tune the 20kW solid fuel boiler and the domestic heat exchanger for the hot water tank (300litres). Old heating system with steel 2-inch pipes and cast iron segmented rads We were warned...
  3. R

    Can you have mains pressure cylinder on a back bolier?

    I have been told that I can't have a mains pressure unvented hot water cylinder with a back boiler on a wood burning stove as the heat source is uncontrollable. Is there a method to make the heat source controllable? I was imagining that if the cylinder was at its maximum temperature then if...
  4. C

    Solid fuel heating system problem

    I could really do with some advice. Bit of back history, I have a trianco thorncliffe solid fuel room heater it has a back boiler, my dad put the system in just over 30 years ago, everything was bought from the then local fire shop, installed with lots of advice from them, the system has worked...
  5. B

    Solid fuel back boiler not heating radiators

    Hi My grandmothers property has a back boiler heated by a solid fuel appliance using coal. Yes, I know. She’s stubborn! Unfortunately the property has been vacant for a long while, a pipe froze and burst and left damp. It’s imperative we get the house heated and warmed up enough to dry it...
  6. M

    Reverse circulation Solid Fuel

    I have a Rayburn running my CH and HW, when the boiler is lit, the gravity flow works as it should rises to the cylinder and drops back to the boiler...when the cylinder is hot enough the CH pump comes on and this is where it goes wrong. The pump seems to be pushing the cold radiator water up...
  7. J

    Solid fuel back boiler

    Hi Have a 4 port solid fuel back boiler, is the any disadvantages of capping two of the ports off, (eg top left bottom right) then using it as a two port for HW and heating with a injector Tee, only reason iam asking as would cut down on pipe work coming from boiler and just out of interest...
  8. J

    pump on solid fuel to overcome pipe drop

    Hi Looking at some time connecting my solid fuel boiler up to HW cylinder, problem i have is where cylinder is the first floor drops by about 350mm so can not get a continues rise in pipe work, attached should be a diagram i think would overcome this issue, can you see any issues with what i...
  9. Damo33

    Solid fuel back boiler not heating the rads - HELP!

    Hi all, I'm really stuck with an issue I have with our soliud fuel back boiler system and my novice understanding is pretty much out of ideas so I'd really appreciate some advice. We've recently moved into a new place that has the hot water and central heating powered by a stove in the lounge...
  10. A

    Convert from solid fuel to LPG with combi boiler

    Hi all, I've just moved into a new house, it current has a solid fuel burner (kiln dried logs and / or smokeless coal nuggets) that is used for heating the radiators and providing hot water. It's my father-in-laws house that we've moved into and he's told me it's "the best" way to heat the...
  11. S

    old solid fuel Back Boiler leak?

    Hi everyone, im not sure if this is the right forum but here goes, So i have noticed after getting my chimneys cleaned out that the soot from my kitchen chimney is damp and it looks like my old solid fuel back boiler has a leak of some kind. the boiler was put in when the house was built in...
  12. C

    Any primatic cylinders suitable for a solid fuel fire?

    TLDR; Why are modern primatic cylinders unsuitable for use with an uncontrolled heat source? The scenario: I have a friend (really) that needs a new HW cylinder fitting. Currently there is a 40ish year old 36x18 primatic type cylinder in place (I assume that’s what it is as it is ‘self...
  13. B

    Solid fuel appliance linked by H2 control system to oil fired rayburn

    I am after advice about a heating system I am looking to put into a recently purchased house. Ideally I would like a multi fuel log burner something like a stovax Stockton 11 with a back boiler connected to an H2 control system and that connected to an oil fired rayburn 680K. I have sourced the...
  14. V

    Need diagram for combining wood burner,hw storage tank, ufh

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, and I need advice, and a good schematic for combining a lot of components, so they will work the best. So here are the main components: 30kw wood burner 1000 litres hot water storage tank 200 litres DHW storage tank with 2 serpentines (one will be used for...
  15. M

    Solid fuel central heating - no heat in radiators

    I have moved into a house that has a large wood burner connected to radiators for the whole house. The pipes go up into the attic and there is an overflow tank there. The radiators are not heating up at all. The pump comes on, but the water doesnt seem to get to the radiators. Also, theres a...
  16. J

    Best Solid fuel range for both cooking and heating .

    Bit of advice needed regarding replacing an old Stanley range .Solid fuel.I am trying to source a second hand solid fuel range to heat about 8 rads and also to cook on .My current old Stanley 8 just does the hot water and about four rads badly.No oven and never hot enough to even boil potatoes...
  17. A

    HEAT HERO High Efficiency open vented Solid Fuel Heating System

    Has anyone heard off or installed this system? I would appreciate any feedback! Heat Hero Gravity -
  18. P

    Need advice connecting a solid fuel stove to existing ch system

    Hi I would like to hook up my solid fuel stove to the existing ch system. The problem is that stove is a long way from the boiler so connecting them via a hydraulic separator before hooking up to the heating circuit is difficult and would also require a lot of work to keep the pipes hidden. A...
  19. K

    Re routing pipe work from existing solid fuel back boiler to new one in new location

    Hi, My system currently works off an old Parkray with back boiler in one room. I would like to install a new stove with back boiler in an adjacent room (re opening a blocked fireplace in the process) I would also like to integrate a gas boiler at some stage in the future. How feasible is this...
  20. S

    Replacing hot water cylinder on solid fuel boiler

    Hi all, Looking for some advice. A friends dad needs a new hot water cylinder. Easy enough, so i thought. Cylinder is fed from a wood burner and has gravity primaries. I'm not 'Heatas' and tbh not sure i need to be to carry out the replacement? I am gas safe, oftec and have unvented. Thought i'd...

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