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  1. T

    cylinder with blanked heater socket

    I have a copper twin-coil heating cylinder with a blank brass fitting on its top where the immersion heater normally is. It has an internal thread of approx. 61mm, but below the thread is a solid brass plate. My question: is the brass plate designed to be cut out with hacksaw etc, so an...
  2. Windy

    Surface mounted Electrical socket

    Hi, If you have one of the above, less than 150mm from a gas pipe is that just an advisory warning notice and tell the customer that they should get it moved by a qualified electrician? Also if there is no bonding within 600mm of the meter outlet the same job, would you just add this to the...
  3. R

    Gas and Electricity Regs Thoughts - Poorly installed hob/Socket

    Hi all, I was asked to quote to fit a cooker hood and splash back due to complaints from the tenants of grease. Apart from the obvious wrong paint being used on the walls hence the grease marks, there is the hob/socket issue. I understand the Electrical Regs is a recommended 300mm from...
  4. D

    Looking for correct size tool, box spanner or similar

    Would like a box spanner or similar to help tighten the locking nuts on a replacement sink tap ( has one vertical lock nut over a central cylinder plus for a click clack waste locking nut. I realise these aren't meant to be hardened down, just saves my fingers and will allow me to nip it up...
  5. hammers4spanner

    ratchet set

    Bahco 2058/S26 Ratchet Socket Bit Set (26 Piece) - BAH2058S26 Is this one much cop . Lost my old set some where so need new
  6. jaydebruyne

    Pipe ID

    This ain't 4 inch I'm sure - what could this be?? I need to replace that white socket which a toilet pan connector goes into. This is a commercial install.
  7. jaydebruyne

    Plastic Stack Repair

    I've not done too much 4" work - as far as I can tell the boss goes into the socket above, then a short piece of pipe with a socket fits around the bottom which goes into another socket in the ground. I need to replace the boss and pipework underneath it going into the socket in the ground...
  8. M

    single or double ended socket soil pipe

    Is it best to use a single or double ended socket when connecting on to an orange soil pipe to run an internal stack
  9. N


    Not a tool you hear much about. Probably more for the professional mechanics. Purchased their 1/2" reversible square drive socket wrench. Its unique in that you can also lock the drive mechanism. Cost £50 quid. I have Teng socket sets and always thought...
  10. T

    Shower pump wiring

    Hi all, I have piped in a shower pump in airing cupboard but have no power source I can get to, also the flooring is a nightware to get up so can't run any cable that way unless no other way. Question is can I run it off the lighting circuit ?, it already has a shaver socket in the bathroom on...
  11. K

    Help me with the name of a tool?

    Im looking for the name of a plumbing tool. Basically you put it in the end of a pipe and hammer it and it widens the pipe. Does anyone know the name of it? Thanks.
  12. S

    Special Socket for Tap Cartridge?

    I have a tap cartridge I need to replace - Its a 1/4 turn tap and I have the correct replacement part Manufactured by San Marco/SMR from the official spares supplier BUT a normal socket won't fit as the cartridge has just 2 flats rather than being hexagonal and I can't get a spanner across the...
  13. G

    booster pump - advice needed

    Hi Guys, Customer has a very poor hot water in their house. Initially i did check for an airlock but it wasn't that. Literally HWC is located almost at same height as basin and bath taps, CWST is above HWC probably 1m. So looking at it, not enough to get a decent pressure at the taps. Cold water...
  14. A

    Gas pipe across plug socket safety?

    Hi, I have a double plug socket on a skirting board over which I need to install a new gas pipe. The socket is no longer used. Is it safe to put a double blanking plate across this plug socket and for the new gas pipe to run across it?
  15. T

    Any ideas on fittings for this old copper pipe?

    Hello troops I am looking for information on fittings to use on old copper pipe. It is slightly larger than 22mm and thicker wall. I will attach photo to show the pipe compared to a piece of 22mm and you will see the old stuff is bigger and thicker as I am sure imperial stuff I smaller than...
  16. G


    I need to get a few bits breaker bar ring spanners and decent ratchet. been looking at britool but noticed they are owned by the Stanley group who also own Mac and facom. All have lifetime warranty it's just how you go about replacing a broken tool that changes. My question is this are there...
  17. T

    Compression Slip coupling for 1" female to 22mm copper pipe

    Hi I'm adding a shower pump to a vented hot water system. I have an unused secondary tapping on the hot water tank, a 1" brass female fitting and I was planning to use this to provide the hot water feed to the adjacent shower pump in 22mm copper. I want to position the end of the copper pipe so...
  18. T

    Removing wall mounted pan?

    Got to do a job Monday renew a leaking pan connector. The pan is a wall hung one mounted onto a frame. Had a quick look at the job has two bolts underneath the pan held in place with two nuts. Whats the best way of removing these? I've never actually dealt with a wall hung pan and from what...
  19. M

    Bath without anti vac trap

    Hey I've got a bath to fit that happens to be on the end of a waste/ soil pipe run. The bath has come with a waste and trap all connected up. However the trap is not anti-vac, will this be a problem anything I can do to over come this?
  20. T

    How to remove headgear from this Franke tap? Photo inside

    Attended to a job today to overhaul a dripping tap (ceramic disc) arrived to find a Franke kitchen tap, no problems I though till I took the head off and saw this . Ive ordered some new ceramic discs but need to figure out to get the head gear out? I'm guessing a socket set? Tried to make up...