"The Smelly Car" is the 61st episode of the sitcom Seinfeld. The episode is the 21st episode of the fourth season. It aired on April 15, 1993.

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  1. O

    Washing machine installed correctly?

    Hi there, We have noticed a funny smell coming from behind our washing machine - on investigation it looks like the waste pipe is leaking where it meets a solid plastic U - now what I want to know is if this is installed correctly? The waste pipe runs downwards from the top of the washing...
  2. N

    Smelly Washing Waste Trap when Toilet Flushed

    Good morning I have a washing machine now installed in the cellar and the waste pipe is connected to a pipe that is connected to the main waste pipe that goes down to the sewer but now when the toilet upstairs is flushed a rotten egg smell is coming for the washing machine trap ...
  3. PlumbingNoob

    Smelly Odour Randomly Started

    I have had a mystery smell start in my house all of a sudden. The smell is prominent in an adjoining linen closet to my bathroom and appears to e coming from subfloor. My home sits on brick piers (single story) with a dirt subfloor and forced fan subfloor ventilation installed to keep it all...
  4. S

    Smelly drains bowl and a half sink

    My kitchen was built 35 years ago and has functioned well since then. However, for the last month or so the drains have started to smell and I cannot work out why. I attach a photo of the setup. I can see that the two sinks go into a crossbar. The washing machine also goes into this crossbar...
  5. C

    Hot weather causing smelly bathroom

    Hi, In anyone's experience, does hot weather have an impact upon air admittance valves? We have an AAV in out WC (see photo) and in the hot weather the bathroom stinks of sewage. Any ideas of what could be causing this? Thanks
  6. C

    Smelly hot water . Why?

    Just recently when I run the hot water it has started to smell why is this and how do I go about sorting it. We have an old baxi boiler with a water tank in the airing cupboard.
  7. K

    Black, smelly copper pipes in new build (Gloucester)

    hi all, Can anyone explain why my hot and cold water pipes in the cupboard under the kitchen sink have turned black and scaly? I am in a new build (4.5 years old) and there are no other black pipes in the house. The discolouration is accompanied by a horrible smell (gets worse when the...
  8. Chalked

    Smelly saniflow Problem

    got a customer complaint of sewage smell from a saniflow I fitted ( hate them!) . Was fitted 12 months ago and all fine until lately. It take wc, shower from one end and basin from the other. Trap is probably getting pulled out on the shower. But why? Run is only 1m, with no bends and it’s a...
  9. Ted808

    smelly smells from downstairs loo

    hi there... basically went to a cust's house today and it's an upstairs downstairs little terraced house. Recently the wc under the stairs has been smelly- very smelly at times, mostly in the morning. It's the usual little room with a basin and hidden pipework- needless to say no visual signs of...
  10. C

    Very smelly soil system with septic tank.......Been told it's impossible to fix!

    Hi all, I'm come to you begging for advice, the tourist site I work for has had a long problem with a very smelly soil system. They've been told by many plumbers its impossible to fix, I've been asked to see 'what I can do'. Its a hotel complex site with a septic tank, 4000 litre. it has quite a...
  11. D

    Smelly Miele prestige 6 washing machine

    Hi everyone my machine started smelling really bad and after a poke around I found that there was a load of foul smelling water hanging around in the drain outlet at the bottom left of the machine. I cleaned all this out, tipped the machine forward to clear it all, and thought I'd sorted it...
  12. K

    Smelly cloak bog room

    I have to revisit a property. Issue is downstairs w/c in a solid floor (asphalt) property. Drain goez through floor. No split in pipe. Pan connector changed, basin trap changed for anti vac type. Nothing else in room. Room stinks of open drains. Smell comes in summer and goes in winter. No...
  13. R

    smelly joints?

    I dont mean to sound like a ponse, but the smell of jointing compound just doesnt wash off easily for me. I'm talking that typical type that you have to mix that top layer of fluid in between uses.. What brand / type is there that doesnt have that bloody smell ?
  14. B

    Smelly hot water - unvented

    The foreman at one of my estates tells me a tenant is complaining of smelly hot water. He says the previous tenant had the cylinder and boiler stats up too high so the water would steam, he has changed this. Our man took out the heater and shovelled out the limescale in case it was that smelling...
  15. T

    COMCAT Commercial Catering

    Commercial Catering Anyone do it? What are the pros and cons of the job? There seems to be a lot of work about for it so I'm thinking of renewing my gas ticket and then getting my COMCAT. I bet it's hot and smelly right? I can't imagine it's technically too challenging though? I mean...
  16. R

    Smelly boiler

    Went to a place this afternoon, had a report of a oil smell in hall and cellar. Ran round oil line all dry, boiler then cut In absolutely stinking of poc, cust says that's the smell. I ask when It was last serviced, last month, telegan print out stuck to cover confirms this. Hmm not sure.
  17. B

    Smelly Toilet

    I have an old toilet in a downstairs cloakroom and there is a bad smell when the room is left closed up. No smelly bottom jokes please. It has a swan neck from the back of the pan straight into a soil pipe. I think the gasket that seals the two has perished and allows foul air to escape into the...
  18. R

    smelly grant oil fired boiler

    Can any one help? I had a Grant Vortex Pro Kitchen/Utility Condensing central heating boiler fitted in December and it stinks. Everything checked by several different experts - they are all at a loss. Had a new boiler fitted today and guess what it still smells!! Any suggestions?
  19. Z

    smelly tar streaks down chimney breast during extreme rain

    hi, after installing a wood-boiler stove, 10 years ago, for living room, we get tar-water streaks during heavy rain, which smell terribly. our set up is a 7 meter 6 inch double insulated stainless flexi liner inside the 20 inch or so, ceramic liner, which forms the chimney at one end of our...
  20. H

    smelly water in expansion tank

    Why is the water in my expansion tank now smelling disgusting and looks like black sludge for the first time in 17 years? I had a new boiler installed in July. I have scooped out most of the water last week but the refilled tank smells just as bad again. Thanks for any reply
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