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  1. S

    Help needed finding 1000x1800 shower tray

    Hi Guys I’m in the need of some serious help. Just been let down on a shower install and we need to find a supplier who sells a 1000x1800 shower tray at a decent honest price. Needs to be slate effect /grey and none slip etc. Seen 2 online for sale all at over £700 each! Does anybody have a link...
  2. N

    Shower Tray on sloping floor

    Hi, need some advice please. Getting new bathroom fitted. Plumber has fitted my new stone resin shower tray. Floor sloping quite badly so he has levelled it using whatever white coloured adhesive or tile cement or something (not sure) in big dollops. It just looks like it will not be solid once...
  3. P

    Fair price for replacing shower tray and surround?

    Hi all, Have had a quote to rip out existing tiling (due to water ingress), replace the shower tray and replace tiles with plastic wall panels. This is a small ensuite, approx size 70cm x 80cm x 170cm high. Quote is 2k and a week to do. Does this seem about right for the job?
  4. M

    Mira flight low safe shower tray

    Hi, I've purchased a Mira flight low safe tray and my existing waste is directly in line with the trap that's on the tray however the leg that's on the riser tray fights exactly between the two so not sure what to do as I can't make the waste go lower as the joist is there? Would it be ok to...
  5. plumb_know

    shower tray damage

    tiler has damaged my shower tray, i have bought a cramer repair kit but it is alpine white and is darker than the finish on my tray. from cramer website it looks like i need appliance white but cant find anywhere that sells it. Anyone know where i can get cramer appliance white acrylic spray or...
  6. rpm

    Need help to find this shower tray

    Evening all, Looking for old fashion deep shower tray for my boat and seeing as boats can rock around it needs to be a deep one. Have max of 700mm width and up to 1000mm long, just to make things harder the waste needs to be down the long side and can't be in a corner. Thanks in advance.
  7. J

    Shower Tray choice of these two???

    Hi, Another quandry. having taken previous advice I think I can get two showers rather than a quadrant and shower. I am looking at 1500 x 800 and 1500 x 900 trays with wet room screen (1200mm). I am down to the Aquadart or the Kudos. On paper very similar. However there is a £200 difference...
  8. falable

    Not sure how to connect shower tray to waste pipe

    hi, i'm a beginner at this so i dont know some of the basics. i bought a flexible waste connector and assumed i could simply screw it onto the shower tray waste. It seems like the ends are the same type, and i still dont understand how male and female works. sorry if this doesnt make much...
  9. H

    Help regarding leaking shower tray pretty please

    Hi I hope I'm in the right place to ask a question about a shower problem. We have moved into a house with what I think is called a low profile shower tray (pictured). Anyway when we use it, we've noticed the water runs down past the screen and spills over the top of the lip of the tray...
  10. Thomas Byrne

    Cutting an Acrylic Capped Flat Stone Resin

    I've bought the following Acrylic Capped 'Pearlstone' Stone Resin 800 X 800 shower tray but I need it to fit into an area 700 X 800. I've been told that it's possible to cut the tray to size by a bathroom sales person. Is it really possible to do so? Or should I be making a recess channel into...
  11. N

    Fast flow vs high flow waste?

    Hi guys - what is the difference between the two waste types. As I understand both enable water to drain effectively and both can be used with shower trays but how do we know which one to buy? Also from the sizes they both come in 90mm. Are Mcalpine wastes the most effective or can I just go...
  12. N

    Shower tray/panel advice?

    Hi guys I'm doing some renovations in my home and creating an extra guest bathroom downstairs - need to buy a shower tray and fixed glass panel as it will be walk in shower (but it wont be a wet room) 1. What brand shower tray is best? MX seems to be good value but not sure if its same quality...
  13. C

    Shower tray brands

    I’m looking for a 1700 x 800 shower tray and have at been looking at the below trays: TM25 Symmetry or Elementary Zamori Crosswater 25mm Kai or stone resin Vanguard 25 Kudos Kstone or connect2 Can anyone tell me if one tray is better than the others or should any be avoided? Thanks for any...
  14. Sid Viscous

    Shower tray riser panels

    Evening all, where on earth does one get shower tray riser kits & panels that lift a tray 240mm? (I know, right!). There's a whole estate near me with these fitted & some of the panels are going brittle & cracking. I haven't been able to find anything over about 120mm.
  15. B

    Raising shower tray!

    Any able to pass on any advice or opinion. On the following: Refurbing an en-suite shower and the new tray has a waste that falls over a stud. I’m Laying a 15mm plywood sheet over the current chipboard flooring, then was going to raise the tray using some 2x3 or relevant studding (not overly...
  16. J

    Easiest way to remove this shower tray

    Hi all, My customer would like his shower tray replaced, but with minimal damage to surrounding tiles (if it can be done). The tray apparently is sat directly on joists, at ground floor. Obviously the 'front panel' tiles will need to come off. A low-level tray will go back in, so some tiling...
  17. P

    Shower tray install

    Hi, Please advice on best way to install new shower tray. I have a leaking shower tray in small en-suite so aiming to replace with stone resin (Damp patches seen from floor underneath in kitchen - plasterboard removed to gain access) The old shower tray has been installed on T&G chipboard...
  18. C

    Gap between tiles and shower tray - newbie question

    Hi there I have removed some old mouldy silicon from my shower tray and want to replace it. I have discovered that the gap between the wall tiles and the shower tray is quite big. I'd say about 1/4 cm or maybe a bit more. I can push my scraper in the gap to about the same depth. The old silicon...
  19. A

    Shower tray panel - finding a replacement

    Hi We have a raised shower tray, with PVC panel, which has now cracked (see pics). The panel is 1300mm (L) x 250mm (H) It seems no-one supplies this height of panel anymore, with most being "low profile". I've searched online without any success. Any suggestions on possible suppliers? Many...
  20. 1

    Zero access shower tray fitting

    Evening all I wondered if any of you could help with stage 2 of my next project. The fitting of a shower tray and tanking of the shower area. As you can see from the photos below, I have now finished the en suite apart from the shower area, which i couldn't start until the immersion cupboard...
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