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shower tray

  1. M

    1100x760 shower tray recommendations?

    As above guys? I’ve been fitting the Fusion trays lately but they seem to have swirl marks in the finish Any help would be great?
  2. R

    Shower tray size (3 options) for recess

    Hi, Could somebody please give me some advice on the correct size of shower tray to buy? The distance between the two walls in the recess is approx 1360mm after its been boarded and tiled. I've bought a 900mm fixed glass panel with a 300mm hinged deflector. I'm buying a Merlyn level 25 tray...
  3. B

    Shower tray dropped, converted loft to bathroom

    Hi, I've converted our loft into a bathroom and fitted the shower tray around 4/5 years ago. The conversion has been slow as I've been doing it after work. I began to make the templates today for the glass and glass door. I then discovered that the shower tray is out. It definitely wasn't when...
  4. S

    Large gap discovered when resealing shower tray

    I have encountered a problem. My shower tray was leaking and I found out it was because the tray was flexing and causing a gap at the seal. I thought this would be an easy fix and have taken the seal off. Turns out this is not the case as the gap between the seal and the tiles is about 1cm tall...
  5. M

    Shower tray recommendations?

    Hi guys. I’m looking to purchase an 1100x760 tray for my own house and just wondered what you guys recommend? Cheers. I’m currently fitting JT Fusion trays at work which don’t seem to bad.
  6. J

    Traymate Shower tray

    Hi guys, This is my first post so apologies if this isn't the right section for the post. I'm a qualified plumbing and heating engineer with nearly 20 years experience under my belt. I have an issue with a (client supplied) TM Traymate shower tray/trap and wondered if anyone else has had...
  7. R

    Options for shower tray on concrete floor?

    Hi, I've just had a new single storey extension built, on a concrete base. I'm designing the ensuite but I'm struggling to come to a decision on the shower tray. As the concrete floor is 44mm lower than the current floor of the house I've had to build a subfloor with 20mm battens and 22mm...
  8. RogerP

    Leaking shower tray in new bathroom fit

    My new bathroom has just been fitted and I have been using for a couple of weeks. Regrettably I have noticed a small leak after every shower where the tray meets the tiled wall. Dabbing with tissue has confirmed it is not coming from the shower enclosure/top of tray. The leak is at the bottom...
  9. M

    Advice for bathroom floor and fitting shower Tray

    Hi, Im fitting a new bathroom and am after some advice. As you can see in the pictures the current floor is a mixture of 18mm chipboard and OSB board. Im installing underfloor heating and then tiles on top. What should I put on the floor as ive read lots of conflicting advice? Does it need...
  10. B

    Best way to secure shower tray

    Replacing a Atlas shower tray that was mounted on breeze blocks, what is the best way to secure the new shower tray to the breeze blocks as previously it looks like a sealant was used, do I use cement or grippit / no nails onto the block then place the tray onto it ? any advice would be most...
  11. B

    how to create a base for a shower tray. Does this look normal?

    Hi everyone. I just removed a shower tray and this is what I found underneath, does it look like a conventional way to create a shower tray support to you? the tray was a 900x900 Merlyn Mstone ABS Capped acrylic. thanks
  12. S

    Help needed finding 1000x1800 shower tray

    Hi Guys I’m in the need of some serious help. Just been let down on a shower install and we need to find a supplier who sells a 1000x1800 shower tray at a decent honest price. Needs to be slate effect /grey and none slip etc. Seen 2 online for sale all at over £700 each! Does anybody have a link...
  13. N

    Shower Tray on sloping floor

    Hi, need some advice please. Getting new bathroom fitted. Plumber has fitted my new stone resin shower tray. Floor sloping quite badly so he has levelled it using whatever white coloured adhesive or tile cement or something (not sure) in big dollops. It just looks like it will not be solid once...
  14. P

    Fair price for replacing shower tray and surround?

    Hi all, Have had a quote to rip out existing tiling (due to water ingress), replace the shower tray and replace tiles with plastic wall panels. This is a small ensuite, approx size 70cm x 80cm x 170cm high. Quote is 2k and a week to do. Does this seem about right for the job?
  15. M

    Mira flight low safe shower tray

    Hi, I've purchased a Mira flight low safe tray and my existing waste is directly in line with the trap that's on the tray however the leg that's on the riser tray fights exactly between the two so not sure what to do as I can't make the waste go lower as the joist is there? Would it be ok to...
  16. plumb_know

    shower tray damage

    tiler has damaged my shower tray, i have bought a cramer repair kit but it is alpine white and is darker than the finish on my tray. from cramer website it looks like i need appliance white but cant find anywhere that sells it. Anyone know where i can get cramer appliance white acrylic spray or...
  17. rpm

    Need help to find this shower tray

    Evening all, Looking for old fashion deep shower tray for my boat and seeing as boats can rock around it needs to be a deep one. Have max of 700mm width and up to 1000mm long, just to make things harder the waste needs to be down the long side and can't be in a corner. Thanks in advance.
  18. J

    Shower Tray choice of these two???

    Hi, Another quandry. having taken previous advice I think I can get two showers rather than a quadrant and shower. I am looking at 1500 x 800 and 1500 x 900 trays with wet room screen (1200mm). I am down to the Aquadart or the Kudos. On paper very similar. However there is a £200 difference...
  19. falable

    Not sure how to connect shower tray to waste pipe

    hi, i'm a beginner at this so i dont know some of the basics. i bought a flexible waste connector and assumed i could simply screw it onto the shower tray waste. It seems like the ends are the same type, and i still dont understand how male and female works. sorry if this doesnt make much...
  20. H

    Help regarding leaking shower tray pretty please

    Hi I hope I'm in the right place to ask a question about a shower problem. We have moved into a house with what I think is called a low profile shower tray (pictured). Anyway when we use it, we've noticed the water runs down past the screen and spills over the top of the lip of the tray...