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In finance, being short in an asset means investing in such a way that the investor will profit if the value of the asset falls. This is the opposite of a more conventional "long" position, where the investor will profit if the value of the asset rises.
There are a number of ways of achieving a short position. The most fundamental method is "physical" selling short or short-selling, which involves borrowing assets (often securities such as shares or bonds) and selling them. The investor will later purchase the same number of the same type of securities in order to return them to the lender. If the price has fallen in the meantime, the investor will have made a profit equal to the difference. Conversely, if the price has risen then the investor will bear a loss. The short seller must usually pay a fee to borrow the securities (charged at a particular rate over time, similar to an interest payment), and reimburse the lender for any cash returns such as dividends they were due during the period of lease.
Short positions can also be achieved through futures, forwards or options, where the investor can assume an obligation or a right to sell an asset at a future date at a price that is fixed at the time the contract is created. If the price of the asset falls below the agreed price, then the asset can be bought at the lower price before immediately being sold at the higher price specified in the forward or option contract. A short position can also be achieved through certain types of swap, such as contracts for differences. These are agreements between two parties to pay each other the difference if the price of an asset rises or falls, under which the party that will benefit if the price falls will have a short position.
Because a short seller can incur a liability to the lender if the price rises, and because it normally does the short sale through a broker, a short seller is typically required to post margin to its broker as collateral to ensure that any such liabilities can be met, and to post additional margin if losses begin to accrue. For analogous reasons, short positions in derivatives also usually involve the posting of margin with the counterparty. Any failure to post margin promptly would prompt the broker or counterparty to close the position.
Short selling is an especially systematic and common practice in public securities, futures or currency markets that are fungible and reasonably liquid.
A short sale may have a variety of objectives. Speculators may sell short hoping to realize a profit on an instrument that appears overvalued, just as long investors or speculators hope to profit from a rise in the price of an instrument that appears undervalued. Alternatively, traders or fund managers may use offsetting short positions to hedge certain risks that exist in a long position or a portfolio.
Research indicates that banning short selling is ineffective and has negative effects on markets. Nevertheless, short selling is subject to criticism and periodically faces hostility from society and policymakers.

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  1. W

    Boiler keeps short cycling with only UFH is on

    Good morning, wondered if anyone can advise please on a resolution? My set up at home is that I have a 4-bed detached with 21 radiators (includes 4 towel rails), a 6m x 4m orangery/conservatory that was built last year with under-floor heating, and a Megaflo for storing hot water. The UFH...
  2. T

    The bathroom tap 300mm flexi is too short

    Hello I have had to adjust a sink hight by several mm. Now my bathroom basin 300mm flexi is a fraction too short. It does up but under tension. Is there a bush of some sort that I could use to extend by a few mm. Ideally 1cm or more. I’m thinking that a 500mm would have too much slack. Or would...
  3. B

    Boiler Short Cycling

    Hello, I wonder if anyone could offer some advice please? I have an Ultracom 30HXI that serves DHW, Radiators and UFH manifolds. The boiler is experiencing short cycling problems and I have had a heating engineer attend twice now and he is unable to diagnose. The problem is as follows: When...
  4. A

    Boiler short cycling CH

    We are experiencing an issue with CH short cycling on a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25i ErP boiler. From a cold start the boiler fires for only ~25 seconds before exceeding the set CH flow temperature and entering it's 3 minute short cycle programme. As soon as the short cycle programme kicks in...
  5. M

    Is my Boiler short cycling?

    Hi,my boiler has been running fine till this morning when it cut off with fan turning then it began try to fire its self up every 3 minutes we usually have on a timer for 3 hours first thing as we have newborn we have no issues when running hot water
  6. C

    Hi all - a short Introduction

     Hi Everyone. Although retired my background is industrial and in the field of process control instrumentation, most of it in the oil &gas, petrochemical and industrial and sanitary wastewater industries. I therefore have an understanding and interest in plumbing but not a plumber however I...
  7. P

    Boiler Short Cycles only when cover on

    Good morning everyone, Have a bit of a unique issue, ive only found 1 reference to it on the internet with no answer. For some quick backstory, in Jan 22 my CH water circulation pump killed itself. This old pump was replaced and i troubleshooted some short cycling and with the help of this...
  8. T

    Tap shanks too short for worktop

    Trying to put new taps in for an old lady but her utility worktop is too deep. Anyone know a reliable way to extend the tap shanks please? Cheers all.
  9. B

    Another Regular Boiler short-cycling on Hot Water problem...

    Hope someone can suggest where I should looking to resolve this one... I have a Bosch 30Cdi regular boiler on an S plan system with a 180L vented, indirect hot water cylinder. Boiler Temperature is set to 5 (67c) and the stat on the Hot water cylinder is set just below 60c. A Honeywell DU144...
  10. W

    Short cycling in Potterton Kingfisher (Pilot not lit)

    Hello, This post is a continuation of my post of yesterday entitled Short cycling in Potterton Kingfisher, BUT with an important change in information. In my previous post, I gave the sequence of events as follows: a) Fan starts running b) A few seconds later the green Flame LED lights up c) A...
  11. W

    Short cycling in Potterton Kingfisher

    Hello, Our boiler is an old (installed in 2005), Potterton Kingfisher (MF 40-100), using a pressurised system. It recently started short cycling, where the pump runs for a few seconds and then the green LED Flame indicator lights and a couple of seconds later both the pump and the LED stop. This...
  12. N

    Ferroli 901 short cycle

    good evening, I've got an issue with my ancient however well maintained ferroli 901 boiler, it short cycles, it stays on for 35 seconds, then shuts off for approx 10 seconds and repeats all day, this never happened last winter, just this winter since turning it back on. When turned on is...
  13. A

    Pipe work a little bit short what can I do?

    Hi, my pipe work is a little bit short it is plastic pipe 10mm will a 10mm coupler be okay to use to extend it to fit the valve?
  14. P

    Replaced CH Pump Primaflow CP5 -> Short Cycling

    Morning and Happy New Year everyone! As is typical over the Christmas period my Central heating circulating pump died on new years eve. It had sounded like a bag of spanners for a while so i wasnt totally surprised. But its timing was impeccable. The pump i replaced was a Primaflow CP5 (GPD...
  15. M

    URGENT HIU leaking - short term fix

    Hi all, I am completely new to HIUs and I need some advice with regards to the best course of action. The three way valve / proportional modulation (PM) valve of my Meibes HIU is leaking. This is due to the fact that the water in the the primary flow has a lot of gunk. I´m currently waiting on...
  16. D

    Boiler HW short cycling due to mixer tap

    Hi. My boiler (a Vaillant Ecotec Plus 8xx) short cycle HW every few seconds and, because of the he priority it means no central heating. If I close the hot water circuit (turning the valve underneath the boiler) then the CH works fine. So, I can either have hot water or central heating. The...
  17. S

    Boiler pressure (and short cycle) issue - not just EV

    Hi all. Looking for your opinion on this please… Large house with Worcester 40CDi system boiler, UFH downstairs, 9 rads/towel warmers upstairs. Pressure normally around 1.5 bar, goes up to ~1.7 when system hot, so all normal stuff. A week ago, pressure starts varying between 1 bar when cold...
  18. S

    Tap Spindle too Short

    I have recently brought new mondella pin lever 1/4 turn ceramic taps - Mondella Black Resonance Pin Lever Wall Top Assembly - https://www.bunnings.com.au/mondella-black-resonance-pin-lever-wall-top-assembly_p5004187 However once installed we don't have enough spindle left to properly attach the...
  19. P

    Saniflo short ciircuiting house breaker

    Hi, Our 5 year old Saniflo (Saniplus) triggered the house electrical circuit breaker. I reset the circuit breaker the unit hums for one second then trips the breaker again. I checked around the box there are no lose connections or a leak. I also checked the fuse near the wall outlet. Any idea...
  20. N

    Short Cycling Boiler

    Hi, First time poster. I've been banging my head against a wall this past month on google searches and soliciting advice of a couple of plumbers as well as the boiler supplier. I got a De Dietrich 28-33kw Combi boiler installed just over a year ago, with UFH downstairs (3 zones) and radiators...
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