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Settings (formerly PC settings) is a UWP app included with Windows 8 and later, Windows Server 2012 and later, and Windows 10 Mobile.

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    ferroli optimax HE 31c default TS

    I have received this email from a customer of mine. Can anyone help? We rented out our house and the people who rented it sad they got someone to look at our boiler. I believe they tampered with the settings and the boiler is not working as it did before. All I want is to know the default...
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    Salus RT500RF Woes

    Hi I have a Salus RT500RF fitted & having problems with it,display reads say 20 deg,it will be set to be say 8 Deg & the boiler is running & the rads very hot. I am looking to replace it with a Honeywell wired unit,as i have had one in my old house with no problems whatso ever. So what is a...
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    Cobra or alligators

    If u were buying a set, which would u go for (180mm)? I've got an old set I want to replace, I like the look of the cobras but I want opinions b4 hand plz
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    oil burner - very smokey

    Do oil pumps wear with age and produce lower pressure in the oil delivery to the burner nozzle? We live in a remote place. Our oil-fired boiler has turned very smokey recently. I've given it a thorough service (thoroughly cleaned boiler interior, cleaned all filters, new same spec nozzle...