1. C

    Trying to find O ring for Mira 723 and not a whole service kit

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know where to find out what size the O rings are in a Mira 723 service kit as I have one (at the pointy end of the piston/spindle) that keeps failing and I cannot afford to keep spending £23 to get one O ring. It is part "G" on the 723 instructions. Any help very...
  2. N

    gas service pipe under slab

    I have decided to remove the timber floor boards and joists as they are effected by damp and rotting. Was hoping to infill and have slab and screed floor. There is a gas servile pipe under the floor which enters the property below the joists at the front of the house and comes up under the...
  3. C

    Service old boiler vs buying new

    Hi everyone! Parents not used the boiler since 2013/2014, since installing a new wetroom for them they have now decided its worth getting the boiler running again. The only reason it has not been used i so long is the the zone valve kept getting stuck (would have fixed this myself if i knew!)...
  4. V

    Gas Boiler service Cost

    Hi All, what's the cost of a service for an unvented system ? (valiant boiler & mega flow cylinder). I was charged £320.00, for the following: Boiler service - no parts changed. Change wireless thermostat (honeywell to Tado), I supplied the thermostat starter kit. is that about correct ? Also...
  5. G

    annual boiler service

    I recently had a service on my worcester bosch boiler by Warmserve supposedly reputable which is under guarantee and before the service I had no problems but straight after the service I had a leak from the boiler which when the service engineer came back told me I needed a new condensate trap...
  6. R

    Boiler service/ gas safe course

    Hello, I am looking for an honest opinion please, with my current employment I get a lot of time off, I am considering completing a gas safe course with the view to use my spare time to potter about doing boiler services and that only, am I naive to think it’s that simple? Thanks
  7. sultan mahmud

    How to rank my plumber service website?

    I have opened a website now how can I get customers from now on
  8. O

    brass, stainless, or EP/plastic for Well service line fittings

    Where the black polyethelene service line enters this particular structure is by far the most freeze-prone area. The structure is an elevated "mini house" with an insulated, heat-taped plenum taking the poly from below frost line up into the space between floor joists. But, power outages...
  9. C

    Problem with service valve connection

    Hi - I've replaced the service valve on the water feed to my toilet. It's screwed on fine on the bottom but the top connection to the nylon fitting doesn't screw on. If I remove the plastic washer it will screw on but it doesn't seal. It won't even fit on with the old washer, which is flattened...
  10. C

    Hot water service in home

    Please forgive the length of this post, but I must provide all the information to fully explain the issue. I am completely perplexed! My 43 year oldhome is in the country, on a well. Recently, I had a 20+ year old 40 gallon propane hot water heater professionally replaced. The house service line...
  11. D

    Gas Boiler Service Query

    Hey all Looking for a consensus on an issue that has arisen. Disclaimer is that my ideal icos 12 boiler Is over 10 years old but has been serviced. It has been presenting intermittent flame issues in sub zero temperatures however I found that insulating the pipe work around the gas regulator...
  12. T

    Heating eng` required in Fife to service a 3 year old Vogue combi C40

    I`m looking to hire asap. I feel the heating isn`t heating the room(s) up as quickly as they used to. I have about 16 radiators but only really use 4-5. The rest sit on frost free. I bled them all and apart from the bathroom towel warmer that hissed a little, all were fine. Went away 2 weeks...
  13. TxVet33

    toilet service dual valve question

    Can anyone tell me where I might find the toilet service valve in the URL? Thx. Toilet Water Sprayer - Free Shipping for New Users - Temu -...
  14. B

    Bad Warranty Service

    10 months ago had a new Glow-Worm gas boiler installed in our bungalow. It failed nearly a month ago when a gasket internally in the HW feed cct to internal pump that appears to have been installed out of position leaked water over the pump and main electronics board and through the bathroom...
  15. G

    boiler locks out , complete service and parts change

    problem with my oil boiler everything has been change all cleaned out set up but still locks out , if I remove photcell and shine a light on it it runs fine replace photocell and it stops again , new cell and control box, heating engineer is beat now as well
  16. R

    Annual boiler service - any leeway with Vaillant?

    Hello Just a quick question. I had a new Vaillant ecotec plus boiler installed in Nov 2021, with a 10 yr extended warranty. I've been trying to get an engineer in for weeks to do the first service but the earliest appointment is just after Christmas - have I invalidated the warranty? Or is...
  17. P

    down service reroute job mitcham

    Hello. I hope someone here has the expertise to help. I know exactly what situation it took awhile. On the loft on the 6th floor there is a cold water tank this tank feeds six properties in a straight line below my property is on the third floor so in the middle. The job would entail...
  18. V

    Water on PCB during boiler service, who is liable for damages?

    Hi my boiler needed some replacement parts during a service, looked like it had a leak. Repairing the boiler water leaked all over the PCB, now it doesn’t work and drying it added an extra hour to the call and it’s still not fixed. I was told we may need to replace the PCB. What labour and parts...
  19. M

    service valves or not

    Refurbishing a bathroom - cold water is mains fed, hot from combi. There is a main service valve to the whole system where the supply enters the house. Do I need to have service valves on bathroom sink, shower and bath? Normally if I have to repair/replace anything I just shut off the main valve.
  20. K

    Can someone identify this service pipe/tap?

    Moved into a property and trying to identify what these taps are: Photo: The tap/pipe on the right has a line coming off of it and it looks to be Gas. What's the one on the left, water? Strange as I think the water main runs directly into the Kitchen Thanks,

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