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Induction sealing is the process of bonding thermoplastic materials by induction heating. This involves controlled heating an electrically conducting object (usually aluminum foil) by electromagnetic induction, through heat generated in the object by eddy currents.
Induction sealing is used in many types of manufacturing. In packaging it is used for package fabrication such as forming tubes from flexible materials, attaching plastic closures to package forms, etc. Probably the most common use of induction sealing is cap sealing, a non-contact method of heating an inner seal
to hermetically seal the top of plastic and glass containers. This sealing process takes place after the container has been filled and capped.

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  1. U

    Sealing side of toilet cistern

    I have fitted this brass float valve to my toilet cistern. Obviously the inlet is the same level as the overflow pipe so it needs to be water tight. The inlet pipe is not flexible and enters the cistern at a slight angle to the side of the cistern, the washer I used is not squishy. The result...
  2. L

    Bristan Shower Mixer - Not Sealing

    Bristan Shower Mixer - Please see attached photo's. Has anyone else had this issues the Hot feed seems to have a hard plastic seat attached inside the fitting , this is not in the cold fitting. The Cold will not seal when the rubber washer / Filter is fitted. See photo of the hard plastic seat...
  3. J

    Shower tray sealing tapes

    Hi. I have have purchased 3 Mermaid wall panels to replace the tiles in our shower. These panels are 3mm in thickness. After removing the existing wall tiles, I have discovered that there is a gap around the entire shower tray, in some places the gap is greater than 3mm, the thickness of the...
  4. M

    British Standard Pipe sealing, taper and parallel

    I'm new to this. Could you explain please: this fitting is described as - 'Brass Threaded Elbow - 1" BSP TM x BSP PF Elbow BSP Taper Male x BSP Parallel Female' - but I can't see any kind of mating face on the female side so I'm wondering if it's actually an Rp taper female rather than a G as...
  5. E

    Sealing edge of bath - sealing tape

    Hi - need some assistance. What tape do you recommend when doing belt and braces approach to stop water ingress against wall and bath? I did see: Orion 10m Waterproof Sealing Tape on victoria plumbing. Thanks.
  6. R

    Shower sealing

    Hi guys, wish i knew this place was here earlier. I had a leak in my shower enclosure and it was obviously on the vertical bit where the side glass panel and frame meet the tiled wall and tray beneath. That corner. In certain circumstances wster had been leaking and rotten the silicone on the...
  7. C

    Help with a leak after sealing bath

    Hi, hope someone can help My 1st time of resealing my bath.( after falling in the water twice while doing behind the taps😂) I left the water in bath for 30 hours after and then discovered I have a leak after taking a shower. Can I put more sealant over the fresh sealant or is there something...
  8. P

    Shower tray sealing

    Just fitted a large and heavy stone shower tray onto a mortar bed. I forgot to run silicon sealant around the edges, before tanking with liquid latex and adhesive repair tape from Aquaseal. The tape overlaps onto the shower tray, making a waterproof seal all around it. Do I now need to cut the...
  9. G

    water supply sealing product

    Hi guys, organising a new water supply to my property, specs require a seal between the MDPE 25mm pipe and 50/63mm ducting, can't use builders foam and i can't find a product for this (severn trent shows what looks like a rubber reducing seal but i can't find it on any site
  10. F

    Sealing shower installation?

    Quick one if you guys wouldn't mind..... You take lots of care to ensure the shower enclosure is sealed, then you screw the shower mixer and shower head into the wall. Should I put some sealant around the screw holes or something? Also, looks like 2 of my fixing screws for the shower head are...
  11. G

    URGENT Please help sigma 848 this clear tube is leaking is

    Please help sigma 848 this clear tube attached a photo is leaking is it a simple case of sealing better or more troubles ahead?
  12. J

    Self Sealing Rad Tails

    Just bought some lockshield valves that have self sealing tails. Is is necessary to use loctite 55 or similar on the threads or can the installed seal be trusted? Thanks
  13. P

    Sealing skirted bathtub

    There are plenty of tutorials for sealing/caulking bathtubs. However, my bathtub has a kind of skirting around its edge, as in picture: How do I go about that? Should I caulk both edges? I plan to use standard silicone, would that be good for both? Is there any particular I should keep in...
  14. G

    Silicon sealing a back to the wall WC pan

    The pan is screwed down using a Screwfix/Rawlplug fitting kit and I have sealed the pan to the wall tiles. My question is: Do I need to also seal the pan to the floor tiles? I think it looks neater without silicon to the floor tiles and it would create a sealed void should the cistern inlet...
  15. P

    Broken soil pipe sealing ring - any ideas?

    I have a 110mm soil stack which is completely boxed in, it has a branch coming into the bathroom for the toilet this branch ends in a push fit seal which a solid pipe fits into. The ring seal on the end of the branch is broken and therefore the rubber doesn't hold the pipe securely. Is there a...
  16. D

    Sealing monobloc tap tails

    I use Loctite 55 thread for sealing half-inch and similar BSP male screw-threads. But when fitting a monobloc tap with the tiny 10mm threaded tails where the Loctite thread looks too fat, should I rely on the O-ring (with a dab of silicon lube) for sealing, one turn of PTFE, a smear of Loctite...
  17. OffshoreGas

    Sealing olives

    There seem to be a few camp on compression fittings, some people just fit an olive, others olive with PTFE tape and a third group olive and paste. I’ve never bothered with tape etc and never had an olive leak. Are the other options a DIY thing or are people taught one to the olive + tape etc?
  18. P

    Thread Sealing

    Hi, Long time lurker, find this forum really interesting, but now have a problem I thought I'd join to seek advice ;) I'm having a real job sealing a thread for a bath mixer, see photos (you can see the drip forming in the second photo). Got a fair amount of plumbing experience but never had...
  19. J

    Temporarily sealing live leaks on larger pipe?

    Hello gents. I'm stuck on this one so could use a few tips. I'm a maintenance engineer and the building I work in is very old which means that the majority of local isolation points are either seized or nonfunctional. Generally, a leak means isolating the whole site via the plant room or cutting...
  20. TMHM

    glueing bath panel together and sealing to bath

    Having had to cut a twin skinned bath panel to fit a new bath, what adhesive would you suggest to glue the two skins back to each other; and what do you suggest to seal the panel to the acrylic bath? Silicone bath sealer doesn't seem to stick to the panel at all!
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