CONFIG.SYS is the primary configuration file for the DOS and OS/2 operating systems. It is a special ASCII text file that contains user-accessible setup or configuration directives evaluated by the operating system's DOS BIOS (typically residing in IBMBIO.COM or IO.SYS) during boot. CONFIG.SYS was introduced with DOS 2.0.

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  1. S

    Shower screen reinsert problem

    Hi I had to remove the glass panels from this quadrant shower cubicle and I'm struggling to get one of the screens back in place properly. The small glass panel is supposed to slide into the wall channel, and some holes in the side of the channel (inside the cubicle) should align with some...
  2. B

    Can we hide the grout line?

    Hello all, I'd like to get some advice on the following issue. We have relatively large tiles (see image 1), and the idea was that the vertical grout line on the would be covered by the (mount of the) bath screen. The 2nd fix has just happened, and the screen was fixed slightly off the line. I...
  3. L

    Lost fixings for hinged bath shower screen

    Good morning, I have a hinged shower screen for my bath that I don't have fixings for. The guide holes in the screen line up with guide holes in the frame - but the holes in the frame are horizontal slots, presumably so that I can adjust the shower screen for a not-quite-vertical wall. However...
  4. L

    Fixings query for bath screen

    Fixings query for hinged bath screen
  5. K

    Myson Touch Screen On but Unresponsive

    Hi, Since Thursday, my Myson Touch (model 1, wired) screen is unresponsive and I’m not sure why. The screen itself has a full display but it doesn’t respond when you try to use it. It’s still working with the boiler so I have heating/hot water. I contacted Myson who admitted they’d never seen...
  6. A

    How to stop hinged shower screen from moving

    Hi, We have a hinged shower screen attached to a bath. It swings backwards and forwards. However, we want to stop this movement so the screen stays in a fixed position. Can someone help achieve this please.
  7. phil hair

    ecotec pro 24 blackscreen

    ecotec pro 24, the display screen goes blank after about 10-15 seconds and boiler is completely dead. isolate it for a couple of mins and it comes back on and repeats. dont do much on these, so is it the board, or will a dodgy component do this to the board? Im thinking the fan, so pump runs...
  8. G

    Spontaneously shattering shower screen - why?

    Can anyone explain this? I had a shower professionally istalled in my en-suite a few weeks ago, as art of a full refurb. We use the shower from time to time but not daily. I was sitting downstairs alone in the house when I heard a loud bang and went up to find the fixed glass of the shower...
  9. J

    Shower screen positioning

    Hi How far from the front edge of the shower tray do you guys position the shower door? Ta
  10. H

    Hinged Shower Screen Seal

    Evening. I purchased a house 1.5yrs ago and the hinged shower screen has started to leak. I’ve tried several new seals and none seem to work. As you see by the photos the original is a double seal and the end by the hinge is solid plastic piece which has a screw in. I’m not seeing any branding...
  11. K

    Any advice to troubleshoot blank screen on boiler?

    Hello. Wondering if anyone can throw a tip or two my way on where to look on why my boiler had a blank screen. It has happened in the past and it was a fuse but i did check all fuses and they all tested good. There is power coming into the boiler but thats it? Low water cutoff is good as well...
  12. L

    web page dimmed on computer screen

    Hi guys, cant get clear pages on my computer screen while logged into your site
  13. M

    Minimum size for a walk in screen instead of full door?

    Hi, Diyer here looking for some experienced opinions… I have a 3 walled alcove which I can get a 1200mm shower tray in. Is it realistic to go for a static screen with possibly a 300mm hinged return addition. Or is that just too small and will I end up with water all over outside the shower...
  14. B

    Screen jumping around drive you mad?

    Jumps so much you end up clicking on the wrong thread , it’s so irritating I’m off for a break from it - two weeks and we’ll see...
  15. L

    Shower screen leak in new house

    Hi all, I recently bought a house. The shower screen has a small leak, which can result in water ending up on the bathroom floor (quite a lot of water). I had a plumber come and have a look at it, but all he did was put some silicone around the edges on the inside (he didn't check where the...
  16. Ankle_Deep

    Looking for a shower screen that doesn't leak

    I'm looking for a single-piece shower screen to replace the 4 panel folding (got black mould on the rubber parts). Something simple like this: The problem I am finding is that after wading through lots of reviews, it seems to be a common problem across many models that they have a gap in the...
  17. F

    Leaking Swivel Bath Screen

    Hi, I recently detected some leaks from my bathroom. Part of the issue was water escaping from the bath screen. A plumber refitted and sealed the bath and screen. Unfortunately, the water is still escaping near the base of the hinge of the shower screen. I have attached a picture of the base...
  18. B

    Bath Screen wall Profile

    Hi, Can anyone suggest the best way to fit a bath screen wall profile when the silcone at the bottom is sitting proud at the bath edge and prevents the profile from sitting flush . Cutting the silcone back slightly has caused slight leaks behind the bath.
  19. C

    Wetroom screen leaking

    So I have a question here and I’m completely lost, I had a shower screen replaced as it shattered. The fitter came and fit the new wall profile to the wall then fitted the glass and then sealed it with silicone. When I first used it it started leaking from the bottom corner as shown in the...
  20. M

    Shower screen fittings

    We got our curved screen from dolphin bathrooms who no longer exist. As soon in the picture, this part is now broke and needs replacing? Who was there manufacturers or where can I get this part?
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