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In music theory, a scale is any set of musical notes ordered by fundamental frequency or pitch. A scale ordered by increasing pitch is an ascending scale, and a scale ordered by decreasing pitch is a descending scale. Some scales contain different pitches when ascending than when descending. For example, the Melodic minor scale.
Often, especially in the context of the common practice period, most or all of the melody and harmony of a musical work is built using the notes of a single scale, which can be conveniently represented on a staff with a standard key signature.
Due to the principle of octave equivalence, scales are generally considered to span a single octave, with higher or lower octaves simply repeating the pattern. A musical scale represents a division of the octave space into a certain number of scale steps, a scale step being the recognizable distance (or interval) between two successive notes of the scale. However, there is no need for scale steps to be equal within any scale and, particularly as demonstrated by microtonal music, there is no limit to how many notes can be injected within any given musical interval.
A measure of the width of each scale step provides a method to classify scales. For instance, in a chromatic scale each scale step represents a semitone interval, while a major scale is defined by the interval pattern T–T–S–T–T–T–S, where T stands for whole tone (an interval spanning two semitones), and S stands for semitone. Based on their interval patterns, scales are put into categories including diatonic, chromatic, major, minor, and others.
A specific scale is defined by its characteristic interval pattern and by a special note, known as its first degree (or tonic). The tonic of a scale is the note selected as the beginning of the octave, and therefore as the beginning of the adopted interval pattern. Typically, the name of the scale specifies both its tonic and its interval pattern. For example, C major indicates a major scale with a C tonic.

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  1. T

    Scale inhibitor furry bits

    Hello lovely plumbers, I'm moved in to a flat and the boiler has a scale inhibitor attached. However, around the ends of the inhibitor are some weird, what I can only describe as, spiky spores. Don't think mould as nowhere else so can can only think the inhibitor is leaking or something or...
  2. S

    scale problems on new houses

    hi all would really appreciate some help.. I do around about 500 new houses per year, all in the same area and all with the same equipment specification. I have one site that im having on going scale problems on the dhw side. the water hardness is 250mg/l , quite low for my area.. im using the...
  3. J

    Protect new power shower from scale?

    Hi all, I'm due to install a power shower, in a hard water area. Currently, the property has a 'Water Elf' electronic water conditioner on the cold mains by the stoptap. The home owner would like a water softener fitted. The only place it could go is in the kitchen cupboard by the stoptap...
  4. A

    For Sale, Waltham Scale Manager 2, New boxed

    Purchased by customer but never fitted, receipt for £224 which is still the current price. £125. Waltham Scale Manager 2 BNIB RRP £224 Water Conditioner | eBay
  5. B

    Airing Cupboard Cylinder

    The hot water cylinder in my airing cupboard has now been there 20years. No problems with it, but is it a possibility that sludge or silt might have built up over the years? Should I consider draining it down and flushing it out or is it best left alone? Grateful for any comments.
  6. T

    Power flushing a back boiler

    I got a power flush booked in and they have a back boiler, they have no idea of the make or age or even if has ever been serviced. is there anything I need to no about flushing them? Or just crack on as per normal? I use a fernox powerflow with magnetic filter and usually f5
  7. T

    Boilermate 2000.

    Hi, I have a Wimpey Home BoulerMate 2000 system but the problem I've had for a long time is if your using the water in one situation like a shower and someone runs the tap or puts the washing machine on the water comes out at a trickle which is ridiculous as its a 5bed house and has 3 showers...
  8. J

    Elson Coral E Hot Water Storage Low Temperature and Pressure

    I have an Elson Coral E Hot water tank in my all-electric flat. I've had it for about 2 and a half years without any problems, however recently I have noticed that the hot water pressure is not as much as it used to be and the temperature I get from the hot taps is reduced. I have tried...
  9. J

    Scale reducers

    Hi team just a quick question I'm going to be fitting some intergas combi boilers and want to fit a scale reducer on the the cold as the job is on the south coast.it's either that or I de scale it when it needs it,ie fitting a tee and valves so I can do the boiler circuit. I'm not convinced...
  10. R

    Water Softener Problems

    Hi, I had a Monarch Water softener fitted about 2 years ago. My bathroom is still not limescale free, the stored hot water still tests as hard. If I test the cold feed from the softener that shows as softened, but the stored hot water always shows a being hard, if not as hard as the unsoftened...
  11. E

    Second immersion heater

    Hello, I want to have a second immersion heater fitted to the top of an existing cylinder. Should this be ok or are there any problems to watch out for? There's already one immersion heater at the top - the second one is for an off-grid supply from photovoltaic panels. There is also a heat...
  12. C

    ideal classic RS250 kettling

    ok had a new unvented tank fitted and system changed from gravity to fully pumped. initially the plumber connected to the original gravity connections on the boiler and got the flow and return the wrong way resulting in trapped air, probably in the heat exchanger. anyway that's been sorted...
  13. P

    EMWC Scale Eliminator 54

    thinking of purchasing/installing this scale eliminator (EMWC Scale Eliminator 54) as appose to water softner or scale remover. it is going to be fitted in a completely new system (600lt megaflo + 2 x 450lt accumulator) don't like the feel of the softened water or the on-going maintenance/ salt...
  14. J

    multiple replacement heat exchangers

    Hi All, I have a problem with a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i boiler. It has had several heat exchangers over the last six years due to limescale build up, what happens is that the hot water supply loses pressure then it won't warm the water. The central heating continues to work ok. A new...
  15. C

    cheapest to buy and run water softener

    wondering what would be the cheapest water softener to buy and run?
  16. S

    Heat exchanger

    Hi all what tests would you perform to prove heat exchanger corrosion? cheers
  17. S

    Service life of a megaflo: What can one reasonably expect?

    We have a Megaflo that was installed some 12 years ago. We are in a hard water area and we have some measures in place to reduce limescale - but not a water softener. The Megaflo was serviced about 15 months ago. Now we have low pressure (drops rapidly from 2.7 bar to 0 on HW out) through the...
  18. D

    Alpha kettling

    Hi. I've been working on this Alpha cd18r heat only boiler with f&e tank and separate pump on a micro bore system. They have had real problems with scale and have had a power flush before. The boiler cuts out and red lights on the front appear, and this is preceded by a banging or kettling...
  19. B

    Quoting off plans

    Hi Guys, How do you go about pricing off plans? I've got some new builds in and struggling to price up as never had to do this before off plans. Any tips? Cheers
  20. B

    De scaleing DHW heat exchanger with brick acid

    Has anyone used brick acid to de scale one [its a baxi 105e] and if so how did you go about it and did you dilute it, atb, buster.

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