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  1. CorgiDirect

    MEGA Summer Clearance Sale. Low, Low Prices on V12 & Solid Gear Footwear

    Are you ready for the heating season ? VIEW HERE
  2. M

    Nozzles for sale on e-bay

    I don't know if this is allowed, but I noticed this on e-bay 24 nozzles for £30.00: Danfoss Oil nozzles | eBay
  3. CorgiDirect

    Hultafors Clearance Sale - Professional Hand Tools

  4. R

    Anyone got a shires u85 toilet siphon for sale ?

    This really old shires siphon fits into a bottom well cistern and the tail swivels underneath the "chamber". Dudley S and Macdee D shape too large. Can't find it on-line.
  5. J

    Basin Supataps for sale

    A pair of original revamped basin supataps that have been cleaned of dirt and scale within the heads and chrome has been polished and lubricated to turn easy, contains some scuffs with age but in general in good condition.
  6. Rob Foster

    4x Ultra powerfull c/h magnets for sale -

    4x ex Eclipse Magnetics central heating magnets - all ready to fit. They are one offs with spiral vortex water heads and rolls royce magnets in clear heavy duty plastic bowl. Left over from a design project. If anyone is interested I will take some pics. Red or Blue.
  7. C

    McAlpine waste CP Brass 35mm 90 bends for sale

    I've 2 of these, McAlpine's code is 35A-CB, brand new in the boxes. Surplus to requirements. Please PM me if you're interested
  8. P

    Plumbing fittings for sale in Macclesfield

    Hi everyone, I haven't been on the forum for a long time as I have retired from plumbing. On clearing out my garage I have found a roll of 10mm copper, numerous copper fittings, stop taps , gate valves , speedfit pipe with fittins and inserts, a couple of TRV's some waste pipe fittings etc. I...
  9. Keefy

    Brand new gas fire for sale

    Selling an unopened one of these: Valor Blenheim Brass Inset Gas Fire | Departments | DIY at B&Q £100+Recorded postage.
  10. MZR

    Anton Sprit V2 gas flue analyser For sale

    Gas flue analyser for sale : £225 Anton Sprint I v2 flue gas analyser kit with printer Comes with calibration Cert fully functional can be tested and demo can be given Please phone/text/message me for more info Features Include: CO, CO2, CO/CO2 ratio O2, excess air, temperature, efficiency...
  11. M

    Thread dies??? For sale and other bits

    got lots of plumbing and pipe fitting material Ridgid, rothenberger, and others Will sell cheap, Garage full of spares for power tools and machinery Need it cleared Help Give us a txt or call for pics 07522964554
  12. L

    Is there a For sale section on the forum

    Hi all, I just received back from ADEY a recertified/refurbished Magnaclean Twin-Tech which I do not have need of. I also have five service kits, a pair of brand new valves and both the plastic spanners/wrenches needed for servicing & a bottle of inhibitor. Is there somewhere on the site I can...
  13. A

    Veto Propac tech MCT for sale.

    Hi As above, Tech MCT for sale. Bought for me as a present but doesn't suit my job. Comes with a TP3 as well which attaches to the side of the Pac or can be used as a separate unit. Used for a week and has been in my garage sinse for 6 months. In good as new condition as kept in plastic...
  14. M

    Press Gun for sale....

    Hi all, I have a Milwaukee 12v press gun for sale if anyone's interested? It's the M12HPT-202C, basically the same as the Geberit or Novopress. Included are 2 x batteries aswell as 15,22 and 28mm jaws. Guns just over a year old and hasn't had heavy use so is in good condition. Cost me £1350.00...
  15. A

    For Sale, Waltham Scale Manager 2, New boxed

    Purchased by customer but never fitted, receipt for £224 which is still the current price. £125. Waltham Scale Manager 2 BNIB RRP £224 Water Conditioner | eBay
  16. wildcard

    Vaillant & worcester bits for sale

    Vaillant pump brand new £60 posted or £50 pickup. Worcester flue bits brand new £80 pick up only.
  17. M

    Plumbing Qualifications- Self Employed (sorry to post again)

    Hi there, this is my first post and hopefully many more to come. I have a query that has troubled me for some time. Basically i have completed my Level 2 in Plumbing 6129 at college a couple of years ago. Ive worked for a few plumbers on and off and have been travelling as i am young in the...
  18. H

    Total apologies from a very distressed first timer

    I know you all must be fed up of people joining, asking a question, getting good avice then never to be seen again. I am sorry to say I maybe one of those but don't know who else to turn too. The simple reason is I am completely skint and am trying to help my ex g/f do up her negative equity...

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