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The Removing Wardrobe was a sub-department of the British Royal Household. It was responsible for looking after the furnishings which travelled from palace to palace. The office was headed by the Yeoman of the Removing Wardrobe (a sinecure office), assisted by two grooms and three pages, all appointed by the Lord Chamberlain. The department was abolished in 1782.

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  1. F

    Issue with removing Kitchen tap from ceramic sink

    I’m looking to get some advice on how to remove a stubborn kitchen tap. The sink is ceramic and I’m very reluctant to take a grinder or any power tool to the tap. The fixing plate is secured by a plastic nut. Not a brass nut. You can fit a box spanner over the plastic nut, but it doesn’t...
  2. B

    Removing toilet tank from bowl (can't access bolts)

    Hi. Would be really grateful for some help with this. I am trying to replace the fill unit in my toilet and the only way I can see that this would be possible would be if I could remove the tank from the bowl. However I can't seem to access the bolts to remove the tank. It seems to me that the...
  3. P

    Help removing the square handle on a Smeg MDQ5-CSP tap

    I have a Smeg MDQ5-CSP tap that needs a new cartridge (part number 68503). The MDQ5-CSP tap is in a difficult place to remove, so I am planning on replacing the cartridge in situ. To replace the cartridge I need to remove the square handle (part number 113453). I have removed the cap which...
  4. AdrianDonlan

    Removing a Franke Belfast monobloc tap

    Hi, I'm trying to remove the kitchen tap, it was installed around 2009. I can't seem to unscrew the connector, I've tried a variety of tools from a basin wrench to plumbers grips, access is tight but I can't move it. Can anyone give me any advice? I have called my plumber but he hasn't responded...
  5. L

    Legality of removing a boiler and re position in same room ?

    Jobbing builder …. Has taken boiler down and flue etc . Refitted on another wall in the room . Complete with flue No gas safe cert issued . Local council are saying it would not need to be notified Thanks
  6. aBritInDanmark

    Removing a radiator in pellet boiler system

    Hello all, I've read 1 valve radiator removal on this forum (123730) and other such threads. The reason I'm apprehensive to start is because unlike the Gas boilers I'm used to from the UK. Now I'm living in Denmark I'm dealing with a RTB10K (Ready to Burn). See attached pictures 1. Main Water...
  7. A

    Removing pipe from this valve

    Hello this is 10mm pipe how do I remove this from the valve? Does it literally just pull out? Reason being I want to add a JG speedfit coupler to extend the pipe work for a bigger radiator. Is this a system drain down or can you do it live?
  8. P

    Removing top fix toilet seat

    Can anyone tell me how to remove this top fix toilet seat? I've tried squeezing both fixings from the inside but there's no movement.
  9. Barisk


    Hi , I’ve just bought a house and there’s a big towelrail on one of the radiators, it looks really ugly and no use to me , I want to remove it and wanted to ask if it is ok to remove the towelrail and put blank cups on ? Would it affect anything else with heating?
  10. R

    Removing cloakroom basin waste - no backnut present ?

    Removing basin waste - no backnut present ? I want to replace both the tap and the waste in the cloakroom basin - the tap is showing corrosion though it still works fine. Waste is OK but needs to be changed to a click-clack type because new tap will not have the incorporated button/lever which...
  11. L

    Removing Old Room Thermostat

    I am going to replace my existing heating system controls with a wireless smart heating system (probably Drayton Wiser). In doing so I want to remove the two existing room thermostats I have (I have two zones for my central heating). They both have three wires (as well as the earth) black...
  12. P

    Removing a back boiler

    When removing an old gas fire/back boiler is it ok to loop the feed and return pipes together, we are having a new boiler in the loft but using existing pipes for the radiators. Thanks
  13. T

    Removing siezed tails from a brass towel rail

    Hi, I am replacing an old towel rail that has started leaking with another old one the same size. The original was made of steel and has rusted through in several places so that it is weeping from several places. The replacement is made of brass so this shouldn't be an issue however I am having...
  14. P

    Removing two isolation valves in awkward spot (on heating pipework)

    Hi folks There's a couple of isolation valves on our radiator pipework (vented system). One started to weep a while back, but luckily stopped after a bit of tweaking. I've since learned they shouldn't be there, and so with some plumbing work coming up which will require a drain down, I'm...
  15. S

    Help with removing a loo seat!!

    Hi there, We've got a loo seat that doesn't have any visible screw fixings. It's got two sliders on the front (see photos) and at the back another slider which is sprung. We just can't get it off - we aren't sure whether the front sliders need to bee pushed outwards or inwards. And do we need...
  16. O

    Removing a radiator with a compression fitting between valve and radiator tail rather than a union fitting

    Hi, I am replacing some radiators and using new fittings. Most radiator valves now come with a compression interface rather than a union interface to the radiator tail. It seems to me that it would be rather difficult, if not impossible, to remove a radiator at a later date for decorating when...
  17. A

    Help with Shower head connector without removing?

    Morning, I have this old shower head in a newly acquired house, and am trying to find a replacement shower head. Doesn't need to be the same design, but just trying to make sure the connector is the same as a new one. I found an identical head online: But in one question the answer is its 7/8"...
  18. D

    Can't pull out lever mira shower after removing grub screw

    I would like to replace the lever of Mira shower so I removed the grub screw but cannot pull the current lever. It is stuck, if I pull too much the whole unit may fall. I sprayed some lubricant without success. Any ideas? Thanks.
  19. K

    Removing Cistern from Bowl.

    Hello. Trying to remove cistern from bowl, however, nuts are rusted and one in particular is difficult to get to due to other pipework. I have applied rust remover and lubricant. Any other advise greatly appreciated. Carried out a temporary repair to waste pipe leak, now requires a more...
  20. P

    Metal "lugs" on old taps (for square holes maybe)? Any problem with removing them?

    Hi all Some old taps have what I'm describing as metal lugs (but just because I can't think of any other word to use!!) like these: Am I right in saying that these are for when fitting to sinks with square tap holes? If so, besides a hacksaw, are there any ways of making these compatible...