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In accordance with the Convention on International Civil Aviation (also known as the Chicago Convention), all civil aircraft must be registered with a national aviation authority (NAA) using procedures set by each country. Every country, even those not party to the Chicago Convention, has a NAA whose functions include the registration of civil aircraft. An aircraft can only be registered once, in the one jurisdiction. The NAA allocates a unique alphanumeric string to identify the aircraft, which also indicates the nationality (i.e., country of registration) of the aircraft, and provides a legal document called a Certificate of Registration, one of the documents which must be carried when the aircraft is in operation.
The registration identifier must be displayed prominently on the aircraft. Most countries also require the registration identifier to be imprinted on a permanent fireproof plate mounted on the fuselage in case of a post-fire/post-crash aircraft accident investigation. Military aircraft typically use tail codes and serial numbers.
Although each aircraft registration identifier is unique, some countries allow it to be re-used when the aircraft has been sold, destroyed or retired. For example, N3794N is assigned to a Mooney M20F. It had been previously assigned to a Beechcraft Bonanza (specifically, the aircraft in which Buddy Holly was killed). Also note that an individual aircraft may be assigned different registrations during its existence. This can be because the aircraft changes ownership, jurisdiction of registration, or in some cases for vanity reasons.

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  1. Stu-B

    Registration Inspection Event

    Got letter from GS last month asking me to attend a registration inspection event, it was yesterday held at a local hotel conference room. Basically a power point presentation session with a small assessment at the end, all based around IGEM/G/11 unsafe situations procedures. About 25 fairly...
  2. B

    Gas safe course registration

    Does anybody know how long the course is in UK for gas safe.thinking about getting gas registered. I'm based in northern Ireland, the course over here takes 3 month
  3. D

    Registration and Notification Process

    I'm doing some research into the current processes involved in the Gas Safe Register and building regulations in general. I wondered if anyone on here had any significant issues or areas of improvement that they wanted to highlight to hopefully be changed in the future. This could range from the...
  4. J

    Gas safe registration

    Hi I am new here. I am an lpg engineer. I originally did my acs around 6 years ago. I have recently registered myself with gas safe as I no longer work as an employee for the company I originally qualified with. I am now also an employee of another company as I carry out other engineering...
  5. J

    Vailliant boiler registration

    Hi All, My first post. This is partly my fault for now keeping tabs on this. Around 3 years ago, I had two boilers installed on two rentals houses. Unbeknown to me the installer did not register either of them. So I contact the installer, he claims he has an issue with the Vaillent portal...
  6. B

    Established company, but new to Gas Safe

    We run an established plumbing company, but specialise in bathroom refurbishments and general plumbing. We are looking to grow and expand in other areas, and we have an opportunity to work with a gas safe registered plumber. The GS plumber wants to stay self employed (subbie) and he has his...
  7. C

    Registration on the GS register? or not?

    How do you find out if someone is on the gas safe register if: a: you dont know their registration number, and havent seen their id card b: they are not listed on the GS website register Is the website a voluntary thing? I dont want to go and ask the guy direct, but his name or...
  8. M

    Gas safe works??

    Hi all. I have asked this previously but still unclear. I am doing my acs in the new year and I will be eligible for Gas Safe registration all being well. I'm confused about how I m able to do gas works I. E. Boiler installs and services, and sign them off and register the products. I work for a...
  9. T

    Gas Safe Registration Fees

    The initial fee is around £365. How long is it until you need to renew it? I've tried finding this on the gsr website and I'm sure it's there but I can't see it.
  10. M

    Do I need to renew my gas safe registration?

    Hi, Been subbing for a company for a little while and have been added as an engineer on their gas safe account. so do I need to renew my personal registration? Would I have to have it got privates? thanks to all helpful replies Mo
  11. S

    gas safe card

    hi i am gas safe with the company i work for but also want to do my own private work on the side. i hear from another engineer it is possible to get a gas safe number/card for work on the weekends/ evenings at a reduced anual cost, is this correct? anybody got any links to this?
  12. D

    Plumbers Arms

    Can I join? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  13. M

    Vehicle Gas Safety Signs

    Hi, Do any of you guys have these stickers on your van? And if so, have you got your registration number on it? I bought some the other day with my number on, and then got told it was a silly idea by the guy who taught me. As people could use my number falsely. Have any of you experienced this...
  14. B

    Working evenings & weekends

    Hi all im new to this so sorry if I have posted in the wrong section. I am currently in full time employment as a domestic gas instalation & service engineer for a local company. I work under their gas safe registration, I want to get out on my own in the next couple of years but am finding it...
  15. R

    Gas Safe Registered Company?

    Hi all, My name is Lee and I have joned the forum for help and advice about starting a new company. The company offers electrical and central heating installations. My question is regarding the CH side of the business and in particular, Gas Safe registration. Currently the company employs...
  16. R

    Couple of Gas Safe registration questions

    Right so, after advice from this forum I this week completed my CIGA1 commercial Boiler servicing and installation course. I knew I would need it, and went and got it - So thanks to everyone for that. Anyway, I can now get myself on the GSR, but Im taking on a job in two weeks with a massive...

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