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radiator advice

  1. O

    One radiator always on, boiler and boiler room always warm!

    My apologies as this question has probably been asked loads of times. We moved into a new house in Jan which has an oil boiler, the room that houses the boiler is always warm, sometimes like an oven. The radiator that's directly above where the boiler is is always on, mainly warm but sometimes...
  2. P

    URGENT Radiator Problem

    Hi, we’ve just had a new large vertical radiator added to a previously fully working heating system. This new radiator only gets hot when all the other radiators are off. When the other radiators are on, the new radiator remains cold. All radiators have been bled. Our plumber is suggesting...
  3. R

    New rad sits out 10mm more than old pipes. Any solution?

    I'm trying to put in a new rad. But the rad sits about 10mm further from the wall than the old pipes come out of the ground. I've tried taking away a bit of tile to push the pipes back but they are locked in place. What I probably need is a copper pipe with a very small, 10mm, bend in it...
  4. T

    Radiator divert advice

    Hi we have recently had new rads and combi boiler and fit the Drayton wiser smart TRVs we brought with us from our old house (i.e. each rad has a thermostat and can call for heat independently). We have the hallway radiator without a TRV at the moment as recommended by the installers that one...
  5. P

    Removing lockshield extension tail

    Hi, I have a standard radiator (1/2" female bsp) on which I'm installing a new lockshield/TRV kit. The lockshield is similar to this: What happens if I remove the nut and everything on its left in the pic, and screw the valve directly into the radiator (with PTFE)? This would simplify my space...
  6. K

    Clicking / banding radiator pipework under floorboards

    Long story short - the pipework in all my upstairs bedrooms are now suddenly ticking / knocking under the floorboard when I switch the heating on (for a good few minutes) and the same again when I switch it off (lasts longer) Nothing has changed since a few years ago when we changed the...
  7. I

    Move/replace radiator with 10mm push fit

    Hi, Looking for advice on easiest way to move a radiator (only needs to move 10-15cm to the left). I have a unvented indirect cyclinder, fed from a standard boiler. All my pipework runs down from the loft (its a bungalow), through the walls and each radiator has a centrally located outlet on...
  8. M

    New Rad not getting hot, single pipe CH system (partial)

    Hello, i've posted on here as it seems there are a few single pipe experts. I've installed a big column rad with normal valves (no TRV) on a single pipe system, i have done this in 2 other rooms with good success and continue to get very hot. The rest of the house is on a 2 pipe system and...
  9. R

    Heating pump Circulatingpumps

    I have this water pump. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between Min, Med, Max and C1, C2, C3. And what do the Icons mean above them? I have tried reading manuals but they don't really say.
  10. D

    Rad Replacement Advice is BTU or Type King!

    Hi Guys So purchased my 1950ish ex RAF house in 2014 and it has a mix of single or double panel, no convector horrid looking Rads. They also perform crap. Sure they get nice and hot, almost scolding in some cases as I've wound the TRVs wide open as they simply don't heat the whole room very...