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The national qualification frameworks in the United Kingdom are qualifications frameworks that define and link the levels and credit values of different qualifications.
The current frameworks are:

The Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) for general and vocational qualifications regulated by Ofqual in England and the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) in Northern Ireland;
The Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales (CQFW) for all qualifications in Wales regulated by Qualifications Wales;
The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) for all qualifications in Scotland;
The Frameworks for Higher Education Qualifications of UK Degree-Awarding Bodies (FHEQ) for qualifications awarded by bodies across the United Kingdom with degree-awarding powers.Credit frameworks use the UK credit pioneered by the Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme, where 1 credit = 10 hours of nominal learning.

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  1. A

    Plumber Qualifications Query

    Hi. I have an elderly neighbour getting quotes who has asked for my help and opinion, I don't really have a good one as it is not my area of expertise but I am trying to help. The quotes are all similar prices but She seemed to like one person and quote more than the others and I noticed that...
  2. B

    What qualifications must Plumbers' Mates have?

    I would like to know what official qualifications the typical Plumbers Mate of today need to have to get hired.
  3. M

    Advice on Italian Qualifications in the UK

    Hi, my nephew (18 yrs) has completed an apprenticeship as a plumber/gas engineer in Italy and is fully qualified with a couple of years experience assisting an established plumber/engineer as part of his course. He would like to come and work in the UK as he is struggling to find work and he...
  4. L

    What qualifications will I need when I entering the us for work?

    Hi, I’m a uk resident with plenty of plumbing and heating qualifications. However I was wondering what kind of qualifications are required for installing and servicing your warm air heaters? Thankyou in advance!
  5. marvoni

    ASHP Installation Qualifications

    I saw in the news the latest craze in the UK is heat pumps for hot water and heating. I wondered if a heat pump installer in the UK needs an F-Gas qualification to do this type of installation in a domestic/commercial environment and to sign it off.
  6. OffshoreGas

    Electrical qualifications

    Most electrical work required for plumbing/heating does not seem to be notifiable under building regulations. What electrical qualifications do most have for basic electrical work such as installing/fault finding heating controls or adding a fused spur for a boiler.
  7. M

    Advice on plumbing qualifications

    I completed a C&G 6129 technical certificate in plumbing around 5 years ago as a mature student. From searching the web i understand this qualification no longer exists and i am now pursuing a career in plumbing. I am aware the 6129 wasn't an NVQ and so wouldn't be accepted as a qualification...
  8. M

    Boiler Installation (Qualifications)

    I had a new combi installed recently. Great job, very clean install and everything working fine. I have noticed on many occasions on this forum the attention paid to qualified labour being essential. Mine was a two man job and although I had no reason to doubt his ability the second man (...
  9. Stants

    Certificate and Qualifications for Central Heating

    Hi I'm changing my old Vented heating system to an un Vented pressurised system ( loft Con ) I've been in contact with a plumber he's sounds ok but if I agree to get him to do the work what qualifications should I be looking from him regarding gas etc and should I get some sort of certification...
  10. S

    Advice for my son please?

    Hello Everyone, I am new to the forum, but hopefully wont be a pain! I have searched the forum, and know that there are a lot of helpful and smart folk on here! I havent found the answer to my question, but i apologise if it has been asked before! My son, is currently a teacher, but is desperate...
  11. R

    Domestic gas qualifications

    Alright lads, Im Time served plumbing and heating, but I drifted into commercial and eventually industrial and offshore. My gas tickets have ran out and it's been years since I've put a gas line in a premises. Circumstances have changed and I can't be away from home any more, so I'm looking...
  12. M

    Query about Level 3 qualifications.

    Hey folks. I noticed when looking at my level 3 certs it said something along the lines of 'water regulations and unvented qualified' does this mean I can apply for the cards to show I'm qualified for these? No idea how it works by the way. Cheers.
  13. D

    Have some experience, need qualifications

    Hi all, short back story. I'm London based and got a taste of plumbing when I was 19 and did it for about 18 months. Really enjoyed it but things didn't work out at the time. I'm now 27 and have been constantly applying for jobs since. Still had no luck, would love to get qualified and was...
  14. G

    Advice on courses and qualifications to take?

    Hi all, I'm new here and I've found people here to be helpful thankfully. I am wondering as I will be enrolling and taking a course in lvl 2 plumbing as I'm a total novice then move onto lvl 3. Apart from these qualifications are there any others I should do or look to get into? I have...
  15. U

    Necessary Quals to start my own plumbing business

    Hi, Looking to start my own plumbing business in the UK. Know the job very well through years of work but hold no qualifications as I have worked abroad. Would I need any qualifications to work on site? What sort of quals are required? And do constructions sites require you to be qualified as a...
  16. Stigster

    Are these qualifications recognised/worth anything in the UK?

    I'm asking basically out of pure interest as things are good here in Guernsey and I have no intention of leaving. I am however interested as to what employers think of these qualifications and whether they are valid in the UK? The course I took is about to expire and all of our apprentices are...
  17. A

    ACS to C&Q Info needed I am ACS Engineer without c&g

    I am and Acs engineer working for a reputable heating firm. my role now is diagnostics and repair on domestic instillations. Although i have had industry experience since leaving school i only gained my ACS a couple of years ago. This is why as an experienced, proficient engineer i now is to...
  18. Jay The Plumber

    qualifications for an old boy ?

    Right, I got a question for you lot. I have been working in the plumbing / heating business since the 80’s and have done commercial screwed iron / commercial boiler rooms as well as the usual domestic. For me this has been an on/off career and I have worked sporadically in plumbing/heating...
  19. S

    Hi, I'm 20 y/o and have my level 3 qualifications. I also have 7 mnths on site exp..

    ..But I had to be recently let go by my ex-boss because his work load wasn't too good, so he couldn't afford to keep me unfortunately. I'm wondering if there's anyone willing to take me on and continue to teach me. Long, long days aren't a problem (having previously worked 17 hour days at...
  20. L

    Qualifications needed to work on a commercial property?!?

    So I'm a self employed domestic plumber that specialises in bathrooms. I have a friend who owns a small office block in London. He has two toilets in this office block and wants them to be completely changed. Other than the fact my public liability insurance probably doesn't cover it. Would I be...
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