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pump problems

A pump is a device that moves fluids (liquids or gases), or sometimes slurries, by mechanical action, typically converted from electrical energy into hydraulic energy. Pumps can be classified into three major groups according to the method they use to move the fluid: direct lift, displacement, and gravity pumps.Pumps operate by some mechanism (typically reciprocating or rotary), and consume energy to perform mechanical work moving the fluid. Pumps operate via many energy sources, including manual operation, electricity, engines, or wind power, and come in many sizes, from microscopic for use in medical applications, to large industrial pumps.
Mechanical pumps serve in a wide range of applications such as pumping water from wells, aquarium filtering, pond filtering and aeration, in the car industry for water-cooling and fuel injection, in the energy industry for pumping oil and natural gas or for operating cooling towers and other components of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. In the medical industry, pumps are used for biochemical processes in developing and manufacturing medicine, and as artificial replacements for body parts, in particular the artificial heart and penile prosthesis.
When a casing contains only one revolving impeller, it is called a single-stage pump. When a casing contains two or more revolving impellers, it is called a double- or multi-stage pump.
In biology, many different types of chemical and biomechanical pumps have evolved; biomimicry is sometimes used in developing new types of mechanical pumps.

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  1. iCannon

    Flow issues with a Potterton Heatmax Combi 28 HE

    Hi I have a Potterton Heatmax Combi 28 HE that was installed in 2014. Over the past year or so it has slowly had more trouble heating distant radiators. It was serviced in February 2022 and given a clean bill of health, however since then it now only heats the two nearest radiators and at a...
  2. S

    C plan system airlock

    Hi guys, we moved into a place last Dec with an old Grant Euroflame oil boiler with 4 pipes, one set with a Grundfos pump on it and the other set running upstairs to a HW cylinder. We've never been able to get HW generated from the boiler for a sustained period, the water doesn't seem to flow...
  3. R

    URGENT New Hot water pump still running constantly after boiler cuts off

    Scottish Power fitted new pump and claim fault in the tank?? Scottish Power engineer claims fault with sensor in tank however the central heating pump switches off when rads at temp. A Bastian pump was fitted in place of the Grunfos one - I've insisted he returns to fit a Grundfos one as I...
  4. B

    Shower Pump Pulsing!

    Hello everyone. Could someone please advise on a fix for this annoying problem? I have a shower pump feeding our master ensuite which occasionally pulses once the tap or shower is turned off. This will continue to pulse until you turn the tap back on and the REALLY slowly turn it off. Or as my...
  5. N

    Grant Vortex 26 combi boiler help!

    Hi all, new to this forum and hoping to find some advice on my Grant Vortex 26 external combi boiler, Basically the heat exchanger sprang a leak, dripping on to the terminal box of the hot water pump below causing a short. I replaced the pump and the fibre washers on the heat exchanger, problem...
  6. F

    Shower pump problems....

    Hello, just wondering if anybody could help me? I was recently called to a job where the customer said they were only getting luke warm water to their bathrooms. The house has 3shower rooms all running off a Monsoon pump, hot inlet to pump is off a Essex flange and a seperate 22mm feed from the...
  7. J

    Shower pump problems

    Hi, I have just moved into a house that has been empty for 3 months. The shower and bath are fed from a shower pump (Wickes 2 bar 410036 unit). When I went to use the shower, the pump would not start. It just made a humming noise and there was an odour coming from it. I tried turning on both the...
  8. B

    Shower pump problems?

    Hi I have cut into existing shower pump pipes to add another shower while an ensuite shower is isolated. The new shower is a traditional one with a. rigid outlet. The problem is that the pump only kicks in when the bathroom taps are turned on. It works fine if you disconnect the inlet pipes...
  9. G

    Help!!! Shower Pump Problems

    Hi there I have been to a job with a shower pump issue. The property is a town house and the cylinder and single impeller negative shower pump is installed on the first floor. They have a bathroom on the first and second floor. Basically when they used the hot water the pump would kick in and...
  10. R

    Pump problems

    Hi guys! I'm new here, so pls be gentle! I have installed a showerforce 3 bar pump. I have not fitted any non return valves etc to it. When it's not in use it switches on and off!! Very annoying as this has been hardly used. I would really appreciate some help as I have had to switch it...
  11. R

    Shower pump problems

    Hello all, I have installed a showerforce 3 bar pump in my bathroom due to lack of water pressure. The pump works really well and pumps out great. The only thing is that when the pump is not in use (plugged in) it switches on and off constantly unless I switch it off. This is a real pain, as...
  12. J

    shower mixer pump problems.... i think?

    Hi. I have a mixer shower with a pump on in the airing cupboard. The old pump packed in and we replaced it with a new one not identicle but close. Now we can't get the shower to mix to a nice temp. It's either nuclear or subzero no inbetween!! Can any one help?
  13. D

    Wickes 1.5bar twin impeller shower pump problems!!!

    Help!! I have just replaced a worn out shower pump with an equivalent spec pump: Wickes 1.5bar twin impeller, in a conventional gravity fed hot water system. I thought it would be a straightforward swap, but having been through all listed trouble shooting tips and checked for air locks, correct...
  14. R

    Radiators Cold upstairs Pump Problems or sludge?

    Hi. 3 out of 4 upstairs radiators are stone cold I will try to give as much information as I can. Boiler is a Glowworm Micron on a S plan. Both zone valves were replaced last weekend as they were leaking through the valve body but this was a existing problem. All the radiators that are not...
  15. N

    Can I install a pump on horizontal pipes?

    I have a DAB circulating pump attached to horizontal pipes in my basement. It is located about 3 feet below the boiler, and on the floor underneath it are 2 old Grundfos pumps. From this I deduce that the previous owners have had pump problems in the past. The reason I had to check it out is the...
  16. A

    How to re- train at 55

    Hi oldplumber I have just read your thread and thought you could help me please. Getting training of plumbing and gas safe through training centers is worthwhile or a waste of time as I have discovered in Goggle tonight? There are all negative comments about these centers, otherwise at age 55...
  17. E

    Water pump doesn't always kick in.

    Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I have a waterpump donwstairs for the en-suite bathroom and it kicks in everytime I turn on the tab, shower or flush the toilet. However, sometimes it does not kick in at all, and i end up waiting for hours and keep trying before i can have pressure...
  18. I

    Circulating pump problems on primary circuit

    I have been plumbing mainly on bathrooms for sometime, and lack experience in heating systems. I am hoping someone can help me out. I am working on a boilermate 2 thermal storage cylinder. There was a leak from the vent pipe between the top of the cylinder and the header tank. I drained...
  19. T

    Loud banging from central heating pipes

    Hi there, have searched on here, but cant find anything that really matches my problem, so here it is. Yesterday I was working in my kitchen (changing sockets, tiling etc.) after turning the electrics off and on a couple of times I noticed the boiler was making a funny noise. It would fire...
  20. M

    Shower/house pump problems

    Hi , I am new to the forum and would really appreciate some help with a job we are currently doing. I have installed a new bathroom(where an existing was already) for a client and during the works they have got their plumber in to supply a pump to boost the supply to the hot and cold in the...
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