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A computer programmer, sometimes called a software developer, a programmer or more recently a coder (especially in more informal contexts), is a person who creates computer software. The term computer programmer can refer to a specialist in one area of computers or to a generalist who writes computer programs.
A programmer's most often-used computer language (e.g., Assembly, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, Lisp, Python, Java) may be prefixed to the term programmer. Some who work with web programming languages also prefix their titles with web.

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  1. J

    Boiler firing when programmer is set to off

    Please help, I'm losing my mind. Over the past week my boiler has been coming on even when the programmer is set to off. It doesn't matter if I change it to off or if it's set not to be on because of the timer. Was working as expected up to that point. I've done a factory reset on the...
  2. J

    Mid Position Valve Programmer

    I've often seen this wiring diagram for Y plan but is the cylinder stat wired correctly?, should the cylinderstat terminal1 go to the boiler+circpump, terminal2 to the MPV grey wire and terminalC to (from) the programmer "HW OFF"?. The below wiring suggests to me that with "HW Off" and with the...
  3. D

    Replaced CH programmer, but heating doesn't work

    I have got a 25 year old Potterton Profile boiler, quite basic and very reliable, on a fully pumped system. It has worked happily with a Glow-worm Mastermind RWB2 programmer, but just recently the programmer occasionally misses a switch-off. So I thought I’d replace the programmer and bought a...
  4. P

    Central Heating programmer with WiFi

    Hi all, I was wondering if someone ever heard of a system boiler programmer with WiFi. My niece lives in social housing and has gas central heating with system boiler and copper cylinder for domestic hot water also she has a room stat in her hallway and a 2ch programmer in her kitchen and she...
  5. Bogart

    Backlit programmer required

    I need a 2 channel programmer that has a backlight. I have a couple but the backlights are not particularly brilliant, from the point of brightness and text size. Can anyone recommend a decent one with a good level of illuminated display and a good sized text.
  6. J

    Hot water stays on, even when programmer says it's off

    I have a conventional heating system. Gas boiler with radiators and a hot cylinder. Heating has a single thermostat in the hall and the water, a thermostat on the cylinder. There are two zone valves (Drayton ZA5), one for the hot water and one for the radiators. The problem is that the hot...
  7. R

    3 wires from cylinder stat to programmer wiring help with pics

    Hi Just had a new boiler system and smart programmer fitted (salus IT500) Plumber wasn't to sure if the stat was wired correctly as he wasn't clued up on smart programmers . Everything works fine on the new system apart from when it calls for heat it don't like it and I have to put it on...
  8. J

    drayton rf902 dual channel rf - hot water control

    I'm looking to reduce my bills in a rented property, which has an ancient boiler, standard old-style hot water tank with thermostat, and an LP722, no room thermostat. So I want a programmer with a wireless thermostat, which is a drop in replacement for an LP722, as I can't fiddle with the wiring...
  9. S

    Replacing DT10RF Optimising Programmer that's faulty

    Hi My 8 year old DT10RF's screen is failing and becoming difficult to read. My 8 year old boiler is a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 34CDi Classic. I have been thinking of replacing with a wifi controller that I can use over the internet and smart radiator thermostats (Smart TRVs). Is this...
  10. B

    EP2 replacement programmer for EP2002

    Could someone confirm if the Potterton EP2 programmer is a DIRECT replacement for the EP2002? In other words the one programmer is unclipped and the other is clipped on without any rewiring? I have read differing reviews that indicate if my EP2002 acts as a wiring centre it is not quite as...
  11. L

    Honeywell ST9400C Programmer

    I’ve successfully installed the programmer and it’s working fine. Unfortunately due to lack of space I can’t access the two small screws on the bottom that secure the unit to the wall plate. It seems secure enough without them but is it ok to leave it without the screws? Thanks. Len
  12. T

    Danfoss programmer model?

    Hi Can anyone put a model number to top programmer in the image attached please?
  13. W

    Boiler ignoring the programmer

    Hello I have an oil fired Worcester regular boiler which suddenly has a mind of its own. Programmer totally off but the boiler is firing up. I’ve noticed that the valve doesn’t move when I turn on the programmer and click the thermostat to on. Should it? The DHW valve doesn’t have a visible...
  14. J

    Make/model of this programmer?

    Hi all, Don't suppose anyone knows what make/model this programmer is? Thanks Jennie
  15. P

    Recommend wireless replacement for Horstmann Plus 4 Channel Programmer

    Hi All. I have an old controller that I want to replace. I have 3 heating zones in the house (outside oil burner/seperate internal water tank)and want something that can replace this controller and give me wireless control of hot water and switching on the zones with a mobile device. I hope...
  16. O

    Problem with Center programmer

    Hi All , Some advice please , We have not had the heating on for a bit but decided to put in back on today for a bit However when I went to the programmer and peers the Manuel to come on , it wouldn’t come on ?It’s a combi and the hot water is all working ok Display way showing a triangle...
  17. A

    Honeywell programmer goes on and off

    Hi gents You helped me massively before so I thought I'll give it another go as is Saturday evening and I'm totally stuffed with my Honeywell programmer. The problem is it doesn't stay in just click on and off. Lights off and back on when I try to set it to water heating or central heating...
  18. N

    Help identifying programmer

    Hi there, I’ve just bought a flat and it has an Ideal Response 120 combo boiler with a funny little programmer in it that keeps overriding the room thermostat and I cannot figure out how to use it for the life of me. I have the boiler manual/user guide but they mention nothing about...
  19. B

    Water heater Programmer question

    We recently moved into a new house & the hot water timing is programmed by a Honeywell ST9100A. I have set the on/off timer OK but am struggling to set it so that it switches on an hour later during weekends ie Saturday & Sunday mornings. I am wondering if I could ask for some simple advice re...
  20. davidw

    wi fi programmer to replace old switchmaster SM600

    Hi All, Merry Christmas and a great New Year. I want to change my old Switchmaster programmer to a newer easier to use wi-fi controlled model, something I can adjust from my phone or laptop and not have to crawl about in my airing cupboard! ( I'm too old for that stuff). Can anyone recommend a...