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Fine print, small print, or "mouseprint" is less noticeable print smaller than the more obvious larger print it accompanies that advertises or otherwise describes or partially describes a commercial product or service. The larger print that is used in conjunction with fine print by the merchant often has the effect of deceiving the consumer into believing the offer is more advantageous than it really is, via a legal technicality which requires full disclosure of all (even unfavorable) terms or conditions, but does not specify the manner (size, typeface, coloring, etc.) of disclosure. There is strong evidence that suggests the fine print is not read by the majority of consumers.
Fine print may say the opposite of what the larger print says. For example, if the larger print says "pre-approved" the fine print might say "subject to approval." Especially in pharmaceutical advertisements, fine print may accompany a warning message, but this message is often neutralized by the more eye-catching positive images and pleasant background music (eye candy). Sometimes television advertisements flash text fine print in camouflagic colors, and for notoriously brief periods of time, making it difficult or impossible for the viewer to read.
The use of fine print is a common advertising technique in certain market niches, particularly those of high-margin specialty products or services uncompetitive with those in the mainstream market. The practice, for example, can be used to mislead the consumer about an item's price or value, or the nutritional content of a food product.
US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations state that, for an advertised offer to be lawful, the terms of the offer must be clear and conspicuous, not relegated to fine print.

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  6. M

    complaints procedure oftec

    Hello I need to have a complaints procedure to satisfy oftec the inspector says theres one in the technical section on the oftec site? I can't find it anywhere maybe its called something other than "Complaints procedure" Anyone know if there is one to print out and put my name on it (That...
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    Van insurance £111.00

    Just had renewal through 1st price £195. quick phone call to them, saying had better price from Post Office and they reduced it to £111.00, Maybe next year they will pay me to use them !!
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  9. M

    Gas analysers?

    Hi all. I'm in the market to purchase my first analyser and I'm struggling to know what's best for me. With my last employer we used the Anton sprint v2 but I also like the Kane 455. What's puzzling me is whether I need all the kit that you can get with them. I.e sniffer, temp clamps and...
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    Boiler installation/service due stickers

    hi, im after some stickers to put on boilers i install with my company logo on it with a service due date on it. does anybody use these? if so could you recommend a decent website that you use, thanks
  11. J

    Worcester danesmoor 20-25 oil boiler low water temperature.

    Hi everyone I have an oil fired boiler in sealed system supplying underfloor heating and a megaflow hot water cylinder, the system is sealed and controlled by 2 motorised valves. The underfloor heating manifold is from IHS and the temperature is controlled / reduced here by a temp / flow...
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    Potterton Performer 28i not working on heating

    A customer has just called me about this boiler. Am going to look at it tomorrow. Has anyone dealt with this problem before? Its a combi is it worth me buying a diverter valve to take with? Or should i just diagnose fault first and then hunt down parts? Do boilers have different thermistors or...
  15. H

    Gas Safe t-Shirts-Where did you get yours from?

    Hi there everyone, to all the Gas Safe Engineers who have gas safe t-shirts where did you get yours from?, ive bought 2 already one from corgi direct and ended up returning it cause it was nasty material, and the other one from gaswear(wouldnt recomend to anyone) as they had no contact with me...
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    0% Finance on Flue Gas Analysers

    Does anyone know where i could get a flue gas analyser on 0% finance? Its a lot of money to fork out all at once. I'm a sole trader and consider it a major purchase. (its alright 4 you lads who get em bought 4 ya :smile: )