1. S

    Losing pressure heating

    Hi all not a plumber but am an engineer I have pressure drop in the system Worcester Bosch came back after repressureising the expansion vessel and he replaced the heat exchanger element. The boiler is coming up for 15 years old. The boiler was going below one bar and not increasing when...
  2. RenzoPan

    What is the pressure in this cylinder expansion vessel?

    I was told by the plumber to keep an eye on the pressure, to ensure it stays above 1.0. The red one is… but the black one is not…. What do the two mean?
  3. P

    Reduced Water pressure on forward bowl set

    Hi All, I replaced my existing washbasin bowl set with new Shaw and Mason forward bowl set spindles and chrome handles. The water pressure has reduced tremendously. when I opened the tap and tried running water directly it comes with full pressure. Also, if I open the spindle from the basin it...
  4. P

    Water pressure is reduced with a new forward bowl set.

    Hi All, I have replaced my existing Shaw and Mason chrome set with the Shaw and Mason forward bowl spindles/ Handles. I have kept the same tap or the water dispensing unit. The water pressure has reduced after I made the changes. I installed the original spindle back but same low pressure. If I...
  5. B

    Combi Boiler pressure refill?

    Hi, Just had a "Main Eco Compact" combi boiler installed as the Biasi one failed. It seems to work fine, gives a hot bath, i dont ever use the radiators or kitchen hot tap. (no point in upping the landlords gas bill for no reason) On day 4, the pressure is below 1. I filled it back up to >1, but...
  6. J

    Cant adjust Danfoss pressure am I using correct ports?

    I have a SIP space heater and fitted a new matching spec oil nozzle as part of a service on it. I wanted to check the pump pressure with the new nozzle and its difficult to be sure what port to connect to. And that these pumps are definitely adjustable! I turned an Allen screw which is not...
  7. S

    central heating unvented losing pressure

    Can central heating / gas engineer expert help me with below issue. During winter time only, I have been having issue with low pressure or pressure dropping with unvented hot water cylinder system. During summer time there is no usage of central heating so the pressure at unvented system is not...
  8. B

    How to balance water pressure in taps

    Hi everyone, Gas combi Boiler Mains fed in all taps and shower How do I balance the water pressure in all faucets in my flat. Every tap/water faucet is mains fed but the cold water is really strong in every tap that if I open the tap fully it flies out like a fountain but the hot water is not...
  9. D

    Boiler Losing Pressure Issue

    Hi, Looking to see if anyone can give some advice please. My Baxi boiler has been losing pressure and I am having to top it up approx. every 4 hours from 0-1.5 bar each time. This has been going on a week now. I have also started to notice small drips running down my condensate pipe...
  10. J

    Hot water element repaired without checking pressure?

    Hello, hoping someone can advise me. My boiler stopped working - no hot water or central heating. Called out a company who came and assessed the problem as being that the hot water element in the immersion tank needed replacing. (I don't know exactly what it is called as the company has still...
  11. J

    Is Pressure checked at same time of hot water cylinder repair

    Hello, hoping someone can advise me. My boiler stopped working - no hot water or central heating. Called out a company who came and assessed the problem as being that the hot water element in the immersion tank needed replacing. (I don't know exactly what it is called as the company has still...
  12. N

    Intergas Boiler pressure dropping

    Intergas Boiler (only 2 years old and serviced each year) pressure dropping to 0b after just 1hr of running - can anyone help? No leaks anywhere
  13. S

    Pressure Relief Valve Behind Washing Machine Problem

    Hi, all. I have a leak problem behind the washing machine. It's a pipe that is leaking directly into a drain. It used to drip but now is leaking a steady stream without stopping. Seems to be coming from water heater but I cannot tell. It is cold water. When I turn off the main water supply, it...
  14. RedYellowLorry

    Worcester Keyless Filling Lever Not Moving

    Hello, I'm trying to top up the pressure on my Greenstar 30i ERP but the blue keyless filling lever won't move. It doesn't feel stiff, it feels as if it has been locked some how. Do I have to do something to get it to move? If anyone has any suggestions I would be very grateful. Thanks...
  15. W

    Pressure reliefe pouring out of unvented immersion heater.

    Hi all. So I have an OSO Super SXD 180 immersion heater and it is pouring a huge amount of water out of the cold water pressure relief valve regardless of whether the tank is heating or not. We're talking litres a minute currently. I have replaced the valve which changed nothing. I have...
  16. B

    PRV and water pressure query

    Hi everyone, Just wanted some confirmation regarding a PRV fitted to the mains supply in my building. All 6 flats in the building are now connected to the mains water feed supply and the water tanks in the attic have been disconnected (each flat has a combi gas boiler). I can see there are 2...
  17. H

    Constantly losing hot water pressure from Direct Vented Cylinder

    Hi, I have a hot water cylinder which feeds 3 outlets (kitchen sink, basin in bathroom & bathtap) which has never had very good pressure (probably because of the set-up) but last year got so feeble that a guy suggested fitting a pump alongside the cylinder. This can work fine but then all of a...
  18. I

    Can I do anything to boost flow rate into my Roca cistern?

    Hello, First post, be gentle! Anyway, here's my issue. I have a Roca The Gap D-Trit close-couple toilet with integrated macerator in my secondary bathroom. In all it's a great solution for a problem location for a bathroom. However, the cistern has a typical european style side inlet pipe, and...
  19. L

    install mini tap pair and pressure limiting value

    Need supply and install of mini tap pair and pressure limiting value 350 KPA for dishwasher, I have got a quote for $1000, is this price justified ?
  20. S

    Boiler pressure loss🙄

    I have an 8 year old Potterton HE Gold combi boiler losing pressure. I have isolated the central heating to leave just water heating and it is fine. As soon as the central heating is introduced the pressure drops to zero within an hour. I have had floor boards etc up but cannot find a leak...

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