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power shower

  1. DIY newbie

    Mira Event Power Shower hot feed stopped working

    I have a Mira Event XS Thermostatic power shower which I installed about a year ago. Today it has stopped working properly, as if it is only receiving water from the cold feed. The pump is working and water is coming out with good pressure when the thermostatic control is on cold. As soon as I...
  2. S

    Best Pump for gravity fed shower shower?

    Hi - I have bought a Grohe thermostatic shower to fit to my main bathroom. I have a gravity fed heating system, therefore I'm looking for a pump to give me decent pressure to the shower. I really like it to be powerful, therefore what would you suggest? I have been looking at this...
  3. G

    Power shower failing to kick in on new shower

    Hi, I have a Stuart Turner Monsoon that has been in and working fine for 10 years and still successfully feeds 2 showers. I am updating the third shower in the house that also worked fine on the pump and was fed by 22mm copper pipe, stepping down to 15mm close to the mixer valve. My new shower...
  4. S

    gravity or booster or power shower

    Hi all, For new affordable 2 storey 100m2 3 bedroom semi detached with air to water heat pump and system mixing valve, which should I go with: Option 1: gravity domestic water with pumped shower (mira vigor) Option 2: whole house / stuart turner monsoon - which model Option 3: whole house /.
  5. J

    Power shower

    hi there. We have just moved house and the shower is not great. We have a old Mira event shower which sometimes is ok and other times just turns into a dribble. It’s fed from a hot water tank system in the airing cupboard, the bathroom taps seem to have an ok amount water coming out of them...
  6. B

    Power shower stops for seconds

    I’ve got a power shower in the ensuite bathroom. The hot water comes from the gas-heated hot-water cylinder. In recent weeks I’ve noticed that a few seconds after switching the shower on the flow stops completely and then resumes after a few seconds. What is happening?
  7. D

    Electric to power shower help!!!

    I am a pain in the arse woman - suprise suprise!!! We currently have two electric showers a mira which is fine for the main bathroom. But the ensuite is a Triton and it is useless!!! We have decided to install a power shower. I have been using an aqualissa aquastream at the house we are...
  8. Ted808

    DO i repair or replace?

    Anyone recognise this power shower? Has drip after turning off. Customer wants to know how much to repair! SO, question . am i right in saying the electrics need an electrician to install a new shower- power supply with a dedicated RCD ? It's gravity system, and all on the ground floor. Thanks
  9. P

    Power shower too hot!

    Hi All, First post here, so hoping someone can help me. I'm not a plumber, but an avid DIYer and keen to work out things for myself. Our house has two power showers fed from the same pump in the airing cupboard. We have a hot water tank in there and two cold water header tanks in the loft...
  10. J

    Protect new power shower from scale?

    Hi all, I'm due to install a power shower, in a hard water area. Currently, the property has a 'Water Elf' electronic water conditioner on the cold mains by the stoptap. The home owner would like a water softener fitted. The only place it could go is in the kitchen cupboard by the stoptap...
  11. F

    advice on moving pipes for power shower

    hi we are retiling our ensuite in our new house. no valves have been fitted to our power shower in the room so i have had to fit these to get the shower off the wall (with difficulty, i used freeze spray to avoid draining the system, none of the stop cocks appear to stop any water what so...
  12. W

    300 litre Cistern has 15mm pipe to supply power shower .

    Hi All I have job to do . Hotel has 4 cisterns x 300 L water each cistern supplying two rooms with electric power shower 8.5 kW power that need to have min. 8m/min water flow . Power shower no heating water. Flow rate is below 7-7.5 No chance for pumps because system is complete mess . So...
  13. P

    Quite Power Shower

    Hi all, installed a triton power shower today for a customer, first power shower i have fitted, rest normally just lecy ones, however the noise from the pump is terrible...cust not happy and to be honest, can't blame them. Going to see if i can source anther one that is quiter, if not, will...
  14. S

    Power Shower problem

    Hey This morning our shower was working fine and then all of a sudden the water stopped but the pump kept going. The shower head is clean so I cleaned the filters (ony a very tiny amount of dirt) and put them back in. I used the commissioning chip again to purge the air. There was a small...
  15. P

    Power Shower

    I am thinking of buying the mira platinum shower. They say it has a max flow rate of 16 litres per min but could not give me a bar rating. At the moment i have a 1.5bar new team power shower which at normal temperature seems to give 12 litres per min. My question is will the platinum give the...
  16. G

    power shower replacement

    Hi everyone new here , i am looking to replace my power shower but my trouble is my old one has the hot / cold feed is on the right hand side and the new replacement has the feed on the left hand side . As the old unit was installed first and tiled up to , do i need to re-tile the shower cubicle...
  17. A

    removing power shower / installing electric shower - need help please

    As the title says im removing a power shower and installing an electric shower tommorow, its the first time ive done this, it would be very helpful if someone could give me a quick overview or guide in how to do this?
  18. P

    Can I fit a power shower to this system??

    Good mornings, I'm in the middle of quoting my first Power Shower, the customer has his heart set on a Mira Event XS Thermostatic to replace the old thermo mixer unit. Its a bungalow, dedicated tank feed hot/cold (proven), good pressure, hot water cylinder and cold water storage cylinder of...