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  1. G

    Cooker igniter at risk or if?

    Freestanding cooker with 4 gas rings has had the fuse taken from the plug so no electronic ignition for the gas rings. Is the sparker a safety control?does the lack of spark make this at risk or ID?
  2. mrb1972

    Random bath plug hole smell and gurgling

    Hi, We moved into a new house a few months ago, we have a main bathroom (which is not used) it has a problem with the bath plug hole emitting a sewer/egg smell about every 7 days, running water down the plug hole clears the smell but only for about 7 days then it comes back again. Now a second...
  3. A

    Swivel plug stuck with grit

    Hi, New here. I'm a freelance Web Designer so not a Plumber so please excuse my naivety - well that's that covered, lol. I have a couple of issues. We had a new bathroom refurbishment in 2015 but have had a few issues and the original builder just wasn't interested in assisting or advising. We...
  4. A

    Plug a 17mm OD Copper Pipe

    Hello, I found a 17mm OD pipe, which looks steely, in the walls of our house. It's disconnected, but don't know where the other end connects to. I want to plug it and plaster over it, any idea how to cap a 17mm pipe? Many thanks, Adam
  5. J

    Radiator blanking plug size

    Hi, ive bought a flat panel aluminium rad off ebay and one of the 4 outlets is slightly larger than the other 3 by about 1 mm. Has anyone come accross this before and so what is the solution. Cheers
  6. M

    Plug waste pipe hole - kitchen sink

    Hi - looking for something suitable to simply cover the hole for the sink overflow. I don't need it connected up to the waste so just want to use somehing to fill it and make it look nicer. Could anyone recommend something? The hole is approx 30mm wide. Many Thanks
  7. Q

    Anyone using a WiFi plug as a smart programmer?

    Hi, I'd like to replace my Baxi 105e built in programmer with a smart option. I do not need a room stat as my trv's manage the temperature. I use WiFi plugs around the house that have all the characteristics of a programmer, on/off multiple time/day setting, manual on/off options even outside...
  8. T

    Trouble removing plug release/ overflow cover.

    I can’t seem to remove this plug release/ overflow cover. I need to tighten the screw which makes the plug pop up, there is no access through the cover, I have tried prying it off and twisting it, am I missing something obvious or just need more brute force? When I apply pressure it does pull on...
  9. T

    forenza bath pop up plug

    Hi I've just had a forenza bath installed. I would like to use the bath but for some reason the water won't stay in. It seems to slowly drain through this pop up plug. Does anyone know how this bath plug works? I've tried turning the round leaver to fully close so water doesn't drain...I've...
  10. D

    Replacement plug mechanism, help!

    Hi the plug mechanism in my bath is broken. It's a "push to set/push to release" type and has come apart. There's a rectangular plate that you push that should be attached to the circular tube which fits in the plug hole. Don't think its fixable so I'd like to buy a replacement however I've...
  11. L

    Replacement part for push/pull lever sink plug.

    Hi there, My nephew pulled off an already slightly coroded under sink connection rendering our pull/push lever sink plug useless and leaving us with a hole under the sink which leaks if water is run in to the basin. I've got several photos showing the mechanism and i'm hoping someone might be...
  12. A

    Removing rotating overflow case (attached to pop up plug)

    I'm fitting some new bath taps, but the overflow tube is getting in the way of my vision and tools. The rotating front case of the overflow case (which controls the up and down motion of the main plug below) has a small hole with a screw inside, which I have removed. Despite quite a lot of...
  13. A

    Changing a sink plug - some basic questions

    Hi - this maybe a bit basic, but I have a clickable sink plug that is broken and needs replacing. The part is a BRISTAN, part number W BSN CLICK C. See attached Image. I found out this is now discontinued, and the new part needs the waste pipe to be changed as well. The new BRISTAN part code...
  14. R

    weird customers and requests.

    everyone gets some right weirdoes at times dont they?. i had a call to go and give a quote (well i opted to call around as i couldnt understand the broken english of the indian gent). when i arrived the customer wanted to know how much to change his basin taps to a monotap?. i told him that...
  15. J

    Toilet bowl fails to empty

    I have a downstairs toilet which has a 90 degree pan connector with boss, and until a few months ago also had the washing machine outlet connected through the boss. I rerouted the washing machine, and I think, but am not sure, that about that time I started having flushing problems. The toilet...
  16. P

    pipe diamiter

    what is the minimum pipe diamiter i can use for a durgo for a down stairs toilet and basin
  17. W

    coal fire heating

    i dont know if this is the right place to post this but here it goes, i have a coal fire and oil heating the oil heating works fine to heat the water and rads but the fire will only heat the water and when it is lit the water is pipein hot but it wont feed the rads so i had a look and after a...
  18. P

    Changing of radiator valve!

    I'm changing a radiator valve, I'm hoping the nut already on the pipe will thread onto the new valve, if so how is best to get a good seal around the old olive? PTFE tape maybe? Just I can't change the pipe because minimum bit coming out of the wall already. Help please!
  19. D

    Henry's died - RIP Henry

    Pneumonia I think from the back of the van.:( He was only two months old and he hadn't even celebrated his first bag change. Luckily I still have the receipt and I think I've also got the box.
  20. B

    Help please!

    Hi guys. A bit of guidance if you please. Yesterday the upstairs bathroom sink and bath started draining exceptionally slow. When draining the sink it backs up into the bath a bit. Toilet flushes fine and the donstairs sink appears fine. It would appear I have a blockage somewhere within the...