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Within industry, piping is a system of pipes used to convey fluids (liquids and gases) from one location to another. The engineering discipline of piping design studies the efficient transport of fluid.Industrial process piping (and accompanying in-line components) can be manufactured from wood, fiberglass, glass, steel, aluminum, plastic, copper, and concrete. The in-line components, known as fittings, valves, and other devices, typically sense and control the pressure, flow rate and temperature of the transmitted fluid, and usually are included in the field of piping design (or piping engineering), though the sensors and automatic controlling devices may alternatively be treated as part of instrumentation and control design. Piping systems are documented in piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs). If necessary, pipes can be cleaned by the tube cleaning process.
Piping sometimes refers to piping design, the detailed specification of the physical piping layout within a process plant or commercial building. In earlier days, this was sometimes called drafting, technical drawing, engineering drawing, and design, but is today commonly performed by designers that have learned to use automated computer-aided drawing or computer-aided design (CAD) software.
Plumbing is a piping system with which most people are familiar, as it constitutes the form of fluid transportation that is used to provide potable water and fuels to their homes and businesses. Plumbing pipes also remove waste in the form of sewage, and allow venting of sewage gases to the outdoors. Fire sprinkler systems also use piping, and may transport nonpotable or potable water, or other fire-suppression fluids.
Piping also has many other industrial applications, which are crucial for moving raw and semi-processed fluids for refining into more useful products. Some of the more exotic materials used in pipe construction are Inconel, titanium, chrome-moly and various other steel alloys.

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  1. S

    Boiler bypass pipework – correct design?

    A plumber recently told me my bypass pipework is poorly designed as it’s offering a low path of resistance v the motorised valve T junctions, and therefore is passing water constantly. I have noticed that, some minutes after the CH starts up, this bypass pipe gets hot along its entire length up...
  2. McDoosh

    Vaillant EcoTec - 10mm pipework to radiators?

    Hi, just about to bite the bulklet on a new boiler and radiators, Vaillant EcoTec Plus 32kW. Is 10mm pipework to the radiators sufficient? Thanks
  3. M

    Where should I connect my garden tap pipe?

    Hi everyone, I'm about to install a garden tap pipe on a new build, but I'm a bit confused with the pipework I'm seeing under the kitchen sink. Here is a picture of what I'm seeing: Pipe A - Cold water pipe. Pipe B - Behind the wood plank, B connects to a valve that shuts down the entire...
  4. chloeradhsaw

    Cutting Barrel Steel Pipework For new cylinder

    I have a hot water cylinder which has low carbon steel pipework to it - I have tried to add some pictures I need to replace the cylinder because it is leaking and I am not able to find anyone who is comfortable to work on this this because it is barrel steel - Has anyone worked on this kind of...
  5. M

    28mm to 22mm pipework

    Hi All, I am in the process of renovating a property and have the floorboards up installing cabling etc, however it is the plumbing that I have to question and would like some advice if possible. The issue has been bugging me for ages as the house is my later fathers and I have always wondered...
  6. X

    Pipework in ceilings & building regulations UK

    Hi, Looking for some assistance please. We're having some renovation work done on our house (1970s ex-council). I have just been contacted by out contractor to say they are concerned that the water pipes are plastic rather than copper and that they run through the ceilings (i.e. above kitchen...
  7. P

    Pipework behind built in oven

    Hi I wondered if it is possible to have pipework from a dishwasher running behind a built in, under counter, electric oven? I want the order of appliances for my new kitchen to be - left to right - freestanding dishwasher/built in oven/sink/washer dryer. The plumbing currently comes in behind...
  8. J

    UFH and Rad Pipework Layout From Combi.

    Hello I'm new to the forum and wanted to ask a question after having a good read. House is undergoing a complete renovation and new pipework needs to be installed for the heating system. The current boiler is a WB Greenstar 34CDI combi boiler and is not very old so I wanted to reuse this in a...
  9. E

    Shower Pipework advice needed please

    Hi All I found this forum quite by chance this afternoon whilst looking for an answer to a plumbing question that I have following a rebuild of an annexe at our house. The annexe has a small ensuite containing a shower, washand basin and WC. The builder completed the work just prior to...
  10. M

    Changing radiator and pipework - checking the steps

    Hello I want to replace the old single panel rad in the bedroom with a K2 double panel Stelrad one. I think I'm OK in general and relatively sensible (!) but I just want to check the steps involved to make sure I'm not missing anything before starting. System info- Steps (I think)- 1. Turn...
  11. C

    Discharge pipework in press

    Hey guys not sure whether this has been answered elsewhere, I'm g3 but don't have access to the unvented section of the site. Just wondering whether pressfit is okay to use on discharge pipework, I can't find an answer for that, also someone said press fittings are treated as mechanical and...
  12. A

    URGENT Heating pipework size

    I am doing a 3 garage conversion into a annexe. I am doing it all in push fit plastic. I don't want to have any joints in the ceiling to minimize any chance of leaks damaging at any point in the future. My question is can I run from the boiler each individual radiator off a mainifold. Pipes...
  13. B

    Advice on shower pump pipework

    Hi all, Missus has decided to upgrade the shower to one with a rainfall head, and so naturally it's another job added to the list for me I'm trying to work out how much change to the existing pipe work I'm going to need to do, and would be grateful for any advice. Currently it's a power shower...
  14. S

    Safely concrete over pipework

    Good morning All I’m having a new boiler fitted in my kitchen and having the floor level raised. What is the safest way to protect the copper pipework when covering it with concrete to allow for pipe expansion.
  15. F

    Help on pipework from boiler to manifold.

    Hello, I need some advice. Can anyone tell me if this installation is done correctly? We had a plumber who installed the UFH. Then couple of weeks later different plumber came to do boiler service. Straight away said that the pipe work is wrong. I don't have any knowledge on this so I would...
  16. H

    rayburn pipework direct to rads

    Can i connect on a woodfired rayburn suppreme's radiators central heating pipes flow and pumped return direct into the rayburn's flow and return hot water tank plpes and should i fit a injector tee and if i do would it be better as close to the rayburn itself
  17. N

    Heat pumps and pipework

    So with all the news about heat pumps I just started idly thinking about investigating in more detail. So I came here and browsed a bit and from what I understand heat pumps are just not going to work for me. I have two houses: Early 1980s, 4 bed detached, copper microbore pipework...
  18. A


    NOISY HEATING SYSTEM. Morning all, I have a heating system, installed about 3 years ago and its quite noisy, boiler is first floor above lounge and when sat with the system running the pipe work seems to generate a fair bit of noise, so my question is if I lag the pipe work would that help...
  19. M

    ASHP not compatible with existing CH (cast iron) pipework?

    Hello, We were due to have an air source heat pump installed on a grant scheme on Monday, with radiator size upgrade, but retrofitting using the existing pipework. The calculations have been done to show it's viable etc... However their engineer has just (!!) looked at the photos taken by the...
  20. S

    Shower tray waste pipe fitting

    I am really struggling with how to do the waste pipework from a shower tray and would appreciate any advice on the best approach to take. The tray will be sitting in a three sided recess which really complicates things. A further complication is that the soil pipe is very close by and so there...
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