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L - Part one of L.O.V.E is the first EP in Sofia Talvik's four album saga, and was released 2011. Along with three new songs, the album includes a new performance of "Ghosts", which originally appeared on Blue Moon.

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  1. Uheat - Jacob

    Uheat are here to help you comply with Part L and BS 7593:2019

    Our Adey product range includes an assortment of award-winning filters, chemicals, and water testing solutions. These products, trusted by heating engineers worldwide, are designed to shield your heating system from boiler breakdown, decrease carbon emissions, and ultimately, reduce energy...
  2. M

    New part L regulations for plumbers.

    Hi all. Just need to clear my head around these changes. I am guessing we do not need to put in new radiators when just replacing a boiler?
  3. I

    New build heating Zoning part L

    Hi , recently moved into a DWH Barrett home , 3 bed house . The heating is zoned but in one bedroom only upstairs with the other bedrooms controlled by downstairs . Totally pointless system . Have contacted NHBC building control who signed this off and investigating as i feel they are not in...
  4. M

    New part L 55 degrees flow?

    Stumbled across this when researching heat pumps surely this can't be true for gas boilers? And un-enforceable..
  5. D

    Part l and range rating boilers

    Do we have to range rate boilers
  6. P

    Part L compliance of a new boiler

    Hi All, I've been asked to quote to replace a central heating boiler in a block of flats, the current system is a 50kW boiler on a timer and the occupants of the flats use Trv's to adjust the temperature in their flats so there is currently not a single thermostat in the building. To comply with...
  7. Peckerman

    Part L on a new build.

    This is my first post so please go easy on me!! I've been asked to price for a complete heating system with a combi and new hot and cold pipework throughout on a new build project, I've not really done new builds before so I just wanted to check on the latest regs for Part L, it's a 3 story...
  8. S

    part l test

    having swerved it for years i now need to take this im trying to read through the paperwork but its heavey going anyone taken this recently give me any pointers to some sample questions seems to me that a lot of the paperwork is more for builder than plumber help
  9. M

    part L

    Are there any companys in west yorkshire that do part L?
  10. S

    Part L energy efficiency how long does it last

    Lost my Part L certficate which i took in 2006,does it only last for 5 years,remember the course as it was a complete waste of time and a partionally trained chimp could have passed it.
  11. D

    Part L

    Having got hacked off with service and repair, I have been looking at getting into installations but everything that comes up contracting wise, needs Part L, its only a day course but I cant seem to find one before september. Anyone know where I can get it quick smart?
  12. N

    NEW ZONING Rules for PART L

    I did a honeywell course recently and i i understand in new build housing you have to zone upstairs and downstairs heating circuit with room stat etc but in existing properties what is everybodys take on this.. when changing just the boiler and system upgrade etc. we cant surly have to start...
  13. J

    TRV's and Part L Regs

    Hi I've been to survey for a new boiler in a customers house today. During our conversation I mentioned about the need to upgrade his existing rad valves for TRV's to meet the Part L regulations (timer and stat already present). The guy went through the roof. I believe he thought I was trying...
  14. P

    Part L confused

    can someone please explain do we need to be part l now or not ? because i have been reg boilers with gas safe and never been asked ? someone on here said it dont matter no more, I know someone on here will know lol
  15. L

    Building regs part L

    Hi again Just posted about these regs and have just read this All new systems in dwellings that aren’t open plan must have at least two heating zones, each controlled by a thermostat and zone valve. In addition, all radiators must have Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) fitted except those in...
  16. L

    New part L regs

    Hi does anyone know a simple guide on part L regs and what to implement when upgrading someone's heating system. I have had a look at the regs but find very little detail. ie are trv's compulsory etc any help appreciated
  17. kozak1968

    Part L Again

    Has Part L changed alot in 5 years? I got a reminder that its due and I am wondering if i need to renew it considering its about £150 plus a lost days money.
  18. S

    Help with Part L zoning requirements for new build

    Hi, Do any of you guys work regularly on new builds? Just staring my first ones (six) since the revised part L came into force. I'm just looking for some clarification on zoning requirements, before i go and make a fool of myself. The total useable floor area is less than 150 m3 (actually 120m3)...
  19. O

    Part L heating zone compliance??

    What is the best way with boiler upgrades etc to comply with zoning requirements of part l, programmable trv's etc......
  20. S

    Part L

    Does anyone know a link where I can download part L regs for boiler replacements?
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