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    CORGI direct - The Home of Technical Paperwork For Professional Engineers

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  7. B

    Boiler was not commissioned.

    Hi, This is my first post, and I have a genuine issue so hoping for some assistance. I am based in Edinburgh and about 7 or 8 years ago, I commissioned a guy to carry out a number of jobs on a conversion of my flat from a 1 to a 2 bed property. I paid him cash. Though he did a good job, it...
  8. S

    Reassessment passed but how long until gas safe are notified???

    Passed my reassessment on 12th June Assuming gas centre sent off paperwork to where ever on say 15/16th. How long is it until gas safe are notified?? Assuming this is done automatically?? Or do I have to call them?? Cheers
  9. B

    What parerwork to issue?

    Hi, I have worked as a heating engineer for 9 years for a housing association where we have to fill out 4 forms every time we install a boiler. The reason for this post Is I want to know what I need to buy and what I need to fill out to operate correctly as i have just got my own gas safe...
  10. C

    Biomass RHI

    Afternoon folks, advice needed, I want to head my company down the biomass install market at the moment, I've been involved in district heating and biomass install but I want to be able to certify and be involved in the whole project rather than just parts, what's required by my company to...
  11. L

    Approaching Councils direct for Boiler installs

    I heard on the grapevine that you can approach councils direct and get a slice of there of Boiler installs as they are trying to save money by not dealing with large companies and subbing it out to sole traders. Im based on the coast in hampshire and thinking of doing it this year. Any...
  12. GQuigley67


    what system do you guys have in place to keep ontop of the mountain of paperwork we have to deal with mostly receipts. I have a big pile of paperwork to go through and its going to be a nightmare !!
  13. E

    MCS Accreditation

    Hi Guys, Just thought I would start this thread if anyone want's any advice or has any questions on the MCS Accreditation process. We are specialists in MCS Accreditation Support on Quality Management Systems so if anyone want's to run through the Quality side of MCS on Heat Pumps, Solar...
  14. M

    comissioning a combi boiler

    Hi im a newly gas safe registered engineer but been a plumber for a few years. iv just installed my first combi boiler and i need to comission it and fill in the relevent paperwork. i know how to comission it but im not 100% sure can someone please help me and tell me the full procedure and...
  15. T

    able group

    anyone do or done any work for able group? what they like to work for and are they good payers etc
  16. D

    Balancing a new system & other questions

    Just had a new complete system installed and now have a few questions and observations. Baxi duo-tec 28 HE A, 2 bed maisonette with 6 rads / 5 TRV's. CM 927 programmer. The installation was a nightmare for both me and the installers. Asbestos suspected in the ceilings, gas supply...
  17. D

    Henry's died - RIP Henry

    Pneumonia I think from the back of the van.:( He was only two months old and he hadn't even celebrated his first bag change. Luckily I still have the receipt and I think I've also got the box.
  18. A

    Need some advice on gaining my nvq or c & g certificates

    Hey guys, I have been in the trade for 13 yrs but started as a pipefitter's mate and didn't go to college. I want to do my acs and become gas safe, is there a way i can get my certificates without doing these courses and have some guy telling me how to suck egg's. I've heard i may be able to...