The Vocational Panels are one of three methods by which members are elected to Seanad Éireann, the upper house of the Oireachtas (parliament) of Ireland.
The composition of Seanad Éireann is defined in outline by Article 18 of the Constitution of Ireland, which provides for 11 appointees of the Taoiseach, 6 senators elected by the universities, and 43 senators elected by 5 vocational panels.
The composition of each panel and procedures for the election are laid down by the Seanad Electoral (Panel Members) Act, 1947.

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  1. M

    Corrugated cardboard wall panels

    Hi all. I am renovating a bathroom at mo and today while removing the tiles and boarding I have discovered what looks like corrugated wall sheets from cardboard. Anyone ever come across these before? Cheers
  2. Sid Viscous

    Shower tray riser panels

    Evening all, where on earth does one get shower tray riser kits & panels that lift a tray 240mm? (I know, right!). There's a whole estate near me with these fitted & some of the panels are going brittle & cracking. I haven't been able to find anything over about 120mm.
  3. T

    Bath/shower wall panels

    Whats people experiences with bath/shower panels ? Looking to replace the tiles around the bath with possibly panels. Opinions on WPB laminated boards such as mermaid or 10mm PVC panels ? Any good places to source materials from ? Any other tips etc when installing them? Ive seen...
  4. S

    Potentially moving to house with solar panels - advice?

    Hi! :) I'm on the hunt for a house and one of them which looks incredibly promising has a solar installation - I don't know a whole lot about these so I was hoping to get some advice on 'best practices' with solar panels. I'm also wondering how putting power back into the grid works - does it...
  5. M

    Prepping walls for Nuance Panels

    Hey, Appreciate any pointers or advice. I'm fitting my bathroom at the moment. The shower area's currently studdec out and the area will eventually be clad with Nuance Bushboards. What is the best material to put in between the stud work and the panels? I read Nuance panels can be fixed...
  6. andyplumber

    Wetwall panels corner profile

    Hi guys I’m in the middle of installing a wet room with vinyl flooring and wet wall panels. Has anybody got any experience with Wetwall and is it possible to install them without the corner profiles, I ordered the plywood T&G panels hoping to create a flush look and not see profile strips...
  7. P

    Installing Mermaid laminate panels

    HI I am installing Mermaid laminate panels instead of tiles over a bath. The instructions look very straight forward as long as the walls are flat and square. Has anyone had experience of installing these panels and if so are they are tips or things to look out for?? Many thanks Paul
  8. G

    Acrylic Shower Panels

    I'm planning to refurbish my shower, as the whole thing is now looking pretty tired. I installed it in 1990, so it's lasted pretty well! It's a standard 760 x 760 tray with pivot door and side panel and I'll keep the tray size and door type the same. I was wondering about using full height...
  9. H

    GEO Panels too delicate for purpose?

    I recently fitted out a bathroom with GEO panels at the customer's request. Sounded like a good idea until I started to fit them. In a very constricted bathroom I soon found out that the panels mark very easily. Marking out cuts with a pencil broke through the surface and even using a fuji to...
  10. JCplumb

    Adhesive for ceiling panels?

    Got a mates rate job on Monday sticking some 250mm wide ceiling panels over a lowered wooden ceiling in their bathroom. I've done wall panels with pink grip and even used silicone very successfully, but not glued ceiling panels up before. Is there a decent adhesive that will do this? Preferably...
  11. N

    what do you guys think of Teslas Solar Roof Tiles?

    Hey Guys what do you guys think of Teslas Solar Roof Tiles? are they viable in the UK? is it something you will offer your customers? here is a youtube video
  12. A

    900 x 900 Quadrant - Replacement screen / doors

    Evening all My mother's current shower cubicle is 900mm x 900mm quadrant with 2 x sliding doors and 2 x fixed panels - standard arrangement. Her mobility isn't too good and I wanted to change the current setup to 2 x opening doors, no fixed panels, as per the attached picture (its from an...
  13. rpm

    Solar panels on a canal boat

    Hi guys, Sister is here for the holidays and looking at solar panels for her canal boat, anyone done it? recommendations etc, fixed or tilted? any input gratefully received thanks.
  14. S

    Oil tank fire protection

    What types of fire protection does anyone on here use for the 30 min fire protection. ? Sourced some panels but prices are very expensive
  15. M

    What is the usual height of a bath waste to the centre of the trap oulet?

    What is the usual height of a bath waste to the centre of the trap oulet? When using a mcapline sm10 anti vac bath trap?
  16. B

    solar hot water

    Hi everyone , just like to ask a couple of question re solar hot water , i am in the process of buying a new build with solar hot water and was wondering what i can expect to get in terms of hot water without boiler coming in , the second question for my own mind is how does the boiler know when...
  17. B

    Help! How to insulate a fortic / combination cylinder

    Hello all. I was wondering if anyone good give me some good advice on how to go about insulating a Fortic / combination water cylinder. A problem I have is that a "standard" cylinder jacket isn’t long enough. The panels barely cover the full length of the cylinder and there's nothing left to...
  18. V

    solar panels for flat roof

    Have to price a job for solar panels . Have fitted a few worcesters before. What do you lot think of vokera or valliant panels as comparison for performance ? ease of fittng etc? cheers steve
  19. S

    Complete solar cylinder systems

    Hi, I'm about to do an installation on an old Edwardian house, will have 2 bathrooms and an ensuite, 24 radiators (inc towel rails). It's only a 3 bed but the rooms are so big they need 3-4 rads each in some. The customer would like a hot water cylinder, off solar panels and a boiler...
  20. N

    deeper shower mixer pipe collars?

    Hi, We've just had a new shower enclosure fitted but retained the bristan artisan thermostatic shower mixer. We removed the old tiles and our joiiner installed shower panels. As the panels are more shallow than the old tiles the shower pipes protrude further and the pipe collears are a couple...
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