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  1. L

    Soil pipe going outside.

    Hi, I've not posted for a while, not a plumber, but a keen DIYer who likes to try and do things without bodging if I can. Basically I'm wanting to create a cloakroom toilet in our utility room, theres already hot and cold feed so thats one job made slightly easier, thankfully. The problem I'm...
  2. T

    Prevent Outside Tap Feed Freezing

    I had an outside tap fitted by a professional plumber last autumn. During the recent cold weather the feed pipe under the kitchen sink froze and the compression joint where the pipe enters an isolation valve now leaks. The outside tap was covered for the winter by an insulating blanket. I...
  3. J

    Is this my outside stopcock

    I cannot isolate my toilet water supply for a quick-fix, as the valve/tap is buried beneath tiling by whoever built the place. All other taps in the flat just isolate the kitchen. Is the green switch next to my water meter in this blurry photo a stopcock? It is underwater because there seems...
  4. C

    Can't isolate outside tap

    I have been trying to turn off my outside tap for winter. When I turn the valve under the kitchen sink, it fails to stop the outside tap from running. This valve does seem very stiff. I am assuming I have to turn the value clockwise since if I turn it anti-clockwise it actually starts dripping...
  5. F

    Blended hot outside tap from gravity

    Customer wants an outside tap for dog washing so needs to be blended. The hot water is gravity and its a bungalow so little head at the point of installation. I can't get a cold from the storage cistern to the utility so it has to be mains cold. Can pressure reducing valves be taken down to...
  6. B

    Blocked outside drain

    We had a blocked outside drain .Got the same guy out again to unblock . Sewage is coming through the drain . How do you tell if you have shared drains? We have a drain at bottom of yard a little square one that seems to always get blocked.
  7. J

    Outside tap soldering

    Hi all, keen DIYer here. Installing an outside tap and have tried soldering the joints leading from the 15mm copper pipe to the mains pipe. My question is a bit random but as I was soldering, the copper pipe going through the wall obviously got very hot, and got me thinking, could the heat...
  8. G

    New boiler fitted - light visible around pipes going to outside.

    Hi, had a new boiler fitted, didn’t notice at the time of fitting. you can see daylight around the overflow and condensate pipe, not an issue at present but should this be sealed to stop cold air coming in?
  9. B

    Plumbing in outside tap - Query

    Hey Team Looking to fit an outside tap, gone to see what I'm working with under the sink and as you can see from the imagery I've got 2 Hose union outlets already sat waiting for me. https://i.*********/uyUCb6s.jpeg - Image Is it as easy as connecting those to the outside tap pipe, via hose...
  10. D

    outside oil boiler fitted not correctly what to do next

    we had a grant condensing boiler fitted last year, the lad works for a heating company and said would fit it. when he did he put the pipes all through the flue hole of the last inside boiler we had copper pipes all laid on top of each other. there was an electrical cable running through a...
  11. C

    Outside sensor slope vs room temperature setpoint

    I recently installed weather compensation on my Ideal Vogue Max and I'm very confused by the settings menu item called "outside sensor slope", which lets me select a number between 0 and 40. The manual states that this adjusts boiler performance relative to the building insulation, but doesn't...
  12. L

    Outside temperature sensor - weather compensation. Viessmann

    Morning all Viessmann Vitodens 200-W 35kW combi Outside temp sensor probably failed with boiler reporting incorrect temps. Corrosion on Thermistor. To replace the sensor, does it have to be the exact model showing on the manufacturer’s website, or would a slightly older (but same spec) sensor -...
  13. C

    intergas OV boiler convert to outside temp compensated

    i currently have an intergas boiler on an OV S plan setup. i want to add the intergas outside air temp sensor and cylinder temp sensor and then wire to suit the current 2 valve setup. any wiring plans or guides please.
  14. Be kind

    Can my flue be fixed from outside wall

    My boiler flue isn’t angled slightly towards boiler. In case of water. Can this be corrected from the outside of flue?
  15. Be kind

    Renew outside flue terminal

    If I’ve had a whole new flue fitted to my boiler and going outside through wall. Should the engineer fit a new outside terminal as well. Or is this not needed?
  16. M

    How to fix outside tap

    I have this outside tap and a while ago it stopped turning off completely. The water almost stops flowing but then it'll click and the water is back to full pressure, no matter how much you turn the tap to the off position, it just keeps spinning. As you can see from the photo, I've had to put a...
  17. W

    Install boiler piping outside

    Hi there what’s the recommendations( also the type of insulation) for laying pex boiler pipes outside underground. And how do account for expansion over the length of about 15 metres. Thank you.
  18. Barisk

    I need infor about these pipes

    Hi , I was going to install an outside light when i got onto leader i seen pipes cracked and cut , I’m not sure what these pipes are for and still in use. Does anyone know if they need to be replaced please? The crack is below light
  19. EasyGoingPat

    What do I need to fit an outside tap?

    We have an outside tap that is about 50 years old and has just literally exploded. (Fortunately, I had already fitted an isolation valve when we moved in.) I am going to have to saw the tap off. This will leave too little copper pipe poking through the wall to fit a new tap. So I am going to...
  20. A

    Rad pipes chased outside??

    Hi all, Background situation… I’ve refit our new bathroom from scratch, re-located toilet waste, all new plumbing for wastes and supplies within floorboards etc and new shower valve pipe work etc chased in to internal wall. So I have had to do a lot of research, and I’ve muddled along ok so...
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