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  1. surfsup

    Outside tap lost pressure since cold snap

    My outside tap has had really low pressure after the cold weather a few weeks ago. Its connected from under the kitchen sink, and can be isolated from turning a flat head screw type thing a quarter turn. Any help or advice would be much appreciated!
  2. T

    Prevent Outside Tap Feed Freezing

    I had an outside tap fitted by a professional plumber last autumn. During the recent cold weather the feed pipe under the kitchen sink froze and the compression joint where the pipe enters an isolation valve now leaks. The outside tap was covered for the winter by an insulating blanket. I...
  3. N

    Service/isolating valve for outside tap -- need advice

    Hello guys, a couple of months back I installed a new shower and sink into a part of the house that hadn't previously been plumbed in. This forced me to run some pipes outside the walls, so I put in stopcocks at the point where the new pipework joins the old Just In Case. I used copper pipe and...
  4. C

    Can't isolate outside tap

    I have been trying to turn off my outside tap for winter. When I turn the valve under the kitchen sink, it fails to stop the outside tap from running. This valve does seem very stiff. I am assuming I have to turn the value clockwise since if I turn it anti-clockwise it actually starts dripping...
  5. F

    Blended hot outside tap from gravity

    Customer wants an outside tap for dog washing so needs to be blended. The hot water is gravity and its a bungalow so little head at the point of installation. I can't get a cold from the storage cistern to the utility so it has to be mains cold. Can pressure reducing valves be taken down to...
  6. L

    Old outside tap hosepipe connection -which size ?

    Hi everyone - I have an old outside tap with male thread but struggling to find a right hosepipe connection after the other one broke. The top of the old broken connector still screws on but the 3/4 ones I've bought don't fit. I've thought of buying female brass hosepipe connector might solve...
  7. C

    Plumbing help with outside tap

    Hi I have an outside tap that has suddenly stopped working. Tap has been taken off and there is no water flow and has not been turned off under the sink it’s all on as it should be. Has t been used over the winter but now wanting to use ready for spring/summer. Any ideas?
  8. O

    Problem with cracked pipe from bathroom to outside tap.

    Hi, the property I live in appears to have had a pipe to an outside tap run from the cold water pipe under the bathroom sink. Yesterday the outside pipe cracked where the tap connected to it and water was gushing out! For the life of me I cannot work out how to stop the flow of water. The...
  9. M

    How to fix outside tap

    I have this outside tap and a while ago it stopped turning off completely. The water almost stops flowing but then it'll click and the water is back to full pressure, no matter how much you turn the tap to the off position, it just keeps spinning. As you can see from the photo, I've had to put a...
  10. M

    How difficult would it be to install an outside tap?

    As the title suggests i'd like to install an outside tap. I've only got 1 location for it really but i just wanted to know how difficult it will be? Because it's the right weather to have one fitted and having a hose is easier for certain tasks instead of using a watering can all the time. I...
  11. O

    Outside tap replacement

    We have a outside tap that's dripping. We have bought another to replace it. The stopcock does not cut off the outside tap only internal taps
  12. EasyGoingPat

    What do I need to fit an outside tap?

    We have an outside tap that is about 50 years old and has just literally exploded. (Fortunately, I had already fitted an isolation valve when we moved in.) I am going to have to saw the tap off. This will leave too little copper pipe poking through the wall to fit a new tap. So I am going to...
  13. P

    Dead leg problem? Outside tap removal, but pipes are underground...

    Hi all Got a very old looking outside tap at our house which is not in use. A plumber is visiting soon to do a bathroom refit, and whilst here will remove the tap and cap it off. I asked whether this would cause a problem with a "dead leg" and he said no, but I want to check with you guys...
  14. C

    Why has pressure dropped throughout the house after fitting an outside tap?

    Hi, I fitted an outside tap kit yesterday, it works fine but pressure has dropped a lot in all other taps?
  15. B

    Quick question - Can i screw a 1/2" BSP outdoor tap onto this?

    Hi All Looking to replace this so i have a standard threaded end outdoor tap, looks like they have managed to fit an indoor tap outside as is? Will a standard 1/2" outside tap like this screw on where the union is? https://www.screwfix.com/p/outside-tap-with-double-check-valve-15mm-x/37241...
  16. B

    Approx cost of replacement outside tap

    I had to call out an emergency plumber last week. My outside tap was leaking through its check value. The leak, then became a fine spray. I turned off the water, then 'phoned the plumber. He visited within 30mins with a new tap and replaced the old one. What would be the approx cost of his...
  17. D

    Outside tap mystery

    Hi all, I'm completely confused by my outside tap. If I open it quarter of a turn, I get high pressure (as expected) but also high flow (I can fill a saucepan in about 5 seconds). If I continue to turn the tap, the flow suddenly slows to the point it takes about 25 seconds to fill the same...
  18. J

    temperature control of hot outside tap

    Is there thermostat that can located internally that has a hot and cold hot feed(obviously) to control the temperature of the outside hot tap? In essence it would be like a shower control but is there any product specific to controlling the temperature of the outside hot tap? Any comments or...
  19. A

    Installing Outside Tap To Front of Terraced Property

    We are currently looking at the possibility of purchasing a new build terraced property. The outside tap is located at the back of the property. How easy would it be to install a outside tap at the front of the property? Ideally it would need to have its own valve inside so knowbody else could...
  20. A

    Pipes clanging after renewing outside tap.

    Newbie on this site...first post. Just replaced old outside tap, turned off water supply under sink and completed job. However since then, when I turn off the indoors cold tap including flushing the toilet I hear a fairly loud clang as though there may be air in the system. If that is the case...
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