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In phenomenology, the terms the Other and the Constitutive Other identify the other human being, in his and her differences from the Self, as being a cumulative, constituting factor in the self-image of a person; as his or her acknowledgement of being real; hence, the Other is dissimilar to and the opposite of the Self, of Us, and of the Same. The Constitutive Other is the relation between the personality (essential nature) and the person (body) of a human being; it is the relation of essential and superficial characteristics of personal identity that corresponds to the relation between opposite, but corresponding, characteristics of the Self, because the difference is inner-difference, within the Self.
The condition and quality of Otherness, the characteristics of the Other, is the state of being different from and alien to the social identity of a person and to the identity of the Self. In the discourse of philosophy, the term Otherness identifies and refers to the characteristics of Who? and What? of the Other, which are distinct and separate from the Symbolic order of things; from the Real (the authentic and unchangeable); from the æsthetic (art, beauty, taste); from political philosophy; from social norms and social identity; and from the Self. Therefore, the condition of Otherness is a person's non-conformity to and with the social norms of society; and Otherness is the condition of disenfranchisement (political exclusion), effected either by the State or by the social institutions (e.g. the professions) invested with the corresponding socio-political power. Therefore, the imposition of Otherness alienates the labelled person from the centre of society, and places him or her at the margins of society, for being the Other.
The term Othering describes the reductive action of labelling a person as someone who belongs to a subordinate social category defined as the Other. The practice of Othering is the exclusion of persons who do not fit the norm of the social group, which is a version of the Self. Likewise, in the field of human geography, the action term to Other identifies and excludes a person from the social group, placing him or her at the margins of society, where the social norms do not apply to and for the person labelled as the Other.

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  1. B

    Radiators hot at one end and cold at the other.

    Hello. I need a bit of advice please about getting heat through to 2 radiators. All the others are piping hot but these 2, in adjacent rooms (bedroom & en-suite) are piping hot right the way up at one end and stone cold at the top at the other end. There's a hot band for the bottom third of the...
  2. F

    Issues with central heating policy and other shenanigans ..

    Howdy First time poster here:) Trying to be as brief as possible : Glow worm Flexicom 30 Cx boiler . Moved into home March 2017. Got boiler checked by local heating co. The engineer made a good impression . Around jan2018 , boiler started playing up in the coldest weather for years . 18/4/18...
  3. D

    Gas meter move - or other options?

    Good evening all. I currently have my gas meter on one corner of my property (front left), which serves a boiler in the garage which is on the diagonally furthest corner of the house from the meter (rear right). The pipework connecting the two is 28mm/22mm copper which is on the external walls...
  4. N

    Low pressure from one shower, the other is fine.

    I've just moved into a new (to me) house. We have two bathrooms, one with a bath/shower mixer, and another standard shower. The bath/shower has great pressure. a 5 litre bucket takes 15 seconds to fill. The stand alone shower has terrible pressure, 5 litres takes nearly a minute. The sink in...
  5. GrumpyGrampa

    Tap connectors (and other things) diameter and BSP

    Hi....I'm not a plumber but have fitted a few taps and waste water pipes. Even though I've done that, I get confused when I look at the Screwfix catalogue that say for example "Flexible Tap Connectors". They give the following... "Dia - 15mm, BSP 3/8 " and "Dia - 15mm, BSP 1/2 " I think the...
  6. F

    Vaillant S53 compared to other brands

    Hi All. For those who read my LLH thread, this question is because I'm weighing up whether my problems are just down to it being a Vaillant boiler. Quick background - I have 3 heating zones (u/s, d/s and hw). Any individual zone works fine. Multiple zones work fine when running together. The...
  7. L

    Choices: Worcester-B CDi or Si or other compact combi?

    I need a new combi boiler for a modest 2 bed flat, 1 bathroom. Priority is good build quality, reliability and after sales service. What's better between the Worcester-Bosch CDi and Si models? Or should I consider another make? Opinions very valuable at this point - need to decide! Thanks.
  8. M

    Thread dies??? For sale and other bits

    got lots of plumbing and pipe fitting material Ridgid, rothenberger, and others Will sell cheap, Garage full of spares for power tools and machinery Need it cleared Help Give us a txt or call for pics 07522964554
  9. Savva

    S- plan with one valve on the flow & the other on the return...what's going on?

    I have a customer with an open vent s-plan system. One of the 2 port valves is on the flow and the other on the return!!! whats that about? Never seen this before, both Heating & HW seem to be working. The boiler needs replacing & I really want to understand how the system works before doing any...
  10. moonlight

    Do you have a phone full of other peoples bad work?

    I was looking through my phone today, trying to clear up my storage and came across a few ringers. What pictures do you have on your phone that you don't mind sharing?
  11. M

    Drainage pipes - paving

    Possibly both a plumbing and paving query. See photos:!AutS6uK5ubo1h4wT_dUqy5hsbNNDVQ The single black pipe is my kitchen sink and the other 2 black pipes are my dishwasher and boiler. ----- I had the plumbing done in an emergency as we needed to move in and paving was...
  12. C

    Weather compensator with Nest

    Hi, I've recently had a new Worcester 29cdi classic combi installed with a Nest thermostat and would like to know if a weather compensator can be compatible with the Nest.
  13. S

    Expensive Parts! Can I Get a Generic Replacement?

    I don't want to take out wall/tiles: Is it possible to purchase a replacement shower of the same type of design with a less expensive brand(parts are ridiculously expensive from Triton) Have just replaced the thermostatic valve for £100 but the shower is still dripping.. grrr. I have one...
  14. K

    low pressure in shower with combi boiler

    Hi All, Apologies as i'm sure this question may have been asked before - but im looking for a definitive answer to the best solution. My parents want to now redo their bathroom. At present, the water pressure on the shower isnt so great - just on the verge of being acceptable. its ok, just not...
  15. C

    open fire and oil boiler

    is It possible to connect to a open fire already installed to feed gravity hot water and pumped heating , a conventional oil boiler boiler, its in my own house, never done it before , asked some other plumbers and they said that you can do it with a 3 port valve , there must be a way to do it...
  16. M

    Armitage Shanks Cottage Diverter S9678AA

    Hi All, We live in a hard water area and the Armitage Shanks Cottage Diverter S9678AA on our bath has started to stick. I have taken it off and while the spring and bottom plunger just pull out I can't see how separate the other parts to clean to clean it. Any advice on how to get it apart...
  17. M

    Gas supply not working...

    Hi. I have an ecotec24 in a new flat I have moved in to. It is a brand new renovation and I believe the developer had the gas supply reinstated. I have yet to be able to switch the boiler on as there appears to be no gas getting to it. Does the regulator on the Gas supply need resetting or...
  18. clarky101

    Good luck with that!!!!

    Was in the local Graham's today chatting with the manager & the assistant manager comes over, " can you help this lady" so I walk over to a women holding part of broken plastic WC ballvalve... " its broken & leaking how much to fix it" she asks " if local about £**" says I doing a Jim Bowen...
  19. A

    Intermitent DHW and CH problem cutting out

    Hi Guys, I hope you can help. Boiler: Ideal Mini C28 I will try and describe as efficiently as possible. First of all this problem is intermittent, sometimes the boiler works great and other times its a pain. So sometimes when running the hot tap, the boiler will fire up and I will start...
  20. J

    TRV - Radiators either Hot or Cold

    Hi - I have a bedroom where the radiator is either blazing hot or cold. It is fitted with a TRV (I have tried several different ones to eliminate the TRV as the issue). When the TRV is set to "0" the radiator remains cold. At all other settings the radiator gets hot and stays hot even when the...

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