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oil boiler

Waste oil is defined as any petroleum-based or synthetic oil that, through contamination, has become unsuitable for its original purpose due to the presence of impurities or loss of original properties.

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  1. D

    outside oil boiler fitted not correctly what to do next

    we had a grant condensing boiler fitted last year, the lad works for a heating company and said would fit it. when he did he put the pipes all through the flue hole of the last inside boiler we had copper pipes all laid on top of each other. there was an electrical cable running through a...
  2. D

    oil boiler overflow dripping

    Hi, We have a Grant oil combi boiler. Only 3 years old. Been a right pain. Already had expansion vessel replaced and the 3 bar PRV and another thing that I have forgotten name of, but it has a load of copper mini pipes is a square loop. Then when it was really cold the overflow started chucking...
  3. S

    De Dietrich oil boiler manual

    De Dietrich oil boiler Looking for the manual or draiwings of the attached De Dietrich oil boiler. I will appreciate if somebody knows the model name. Thanks in advance. Sandouraki
  4. G

    boiler locks out , complete service and parts change

    problem with my oil boiler everything has been change all cleaned out set up but still locks out , if I remove photcell and shine a light on it it runs fine replace photocell and it stops again , new cell and control box, heating engineer is beat now as well
  5. S

    Oil furnace not igniting, what can i do?

    Oil furnace not igniting, today my oil boiler tripped the central heating fuse, once reset the boiler needed reset on the furnace control box(no coloured light), once reset the boiler blower etc is running, but not firing, there is no heat coming from the boiler and nothing heating up. the...
  6. Crossfingers

    Oil boiler dripping hot water

    Please help Our Grant Vortex Pro oil combi boiler seems to have developed a drip from some sort of valve where it looks like there's a limescale build up. There is no water at all from hot tap and no pressure in the boiler. The heating works fine however. Is there something I can do or should...
  7. Crossfingers

    Oil Boiler installation

    Hi What are the regulations around installing a second hand oil combi boiler, am I right in saying they have to follow manufacturers instructions and building regs? Had people install on and it's positioned where I can't take the rear cover off to reach the condensate. The installation...
  8. MichaelGo

    Replacement for danfoss 057h202d photcell

    Looking for help identifying a photocell for an old Myson Velaire oil boiler. The current photocell is a danfoss 057h202d type D photocell, which I can’t find listed anywhere. So I would be very grateful if someone might know which current photocells might be compatible. Regards Michael
  9. Crossfingers

    Can a DIYer replace an expansion vessel

    Hi Is it possible for a DIYer to replace an expansion vessel and hose? It's an external grant vortex boiler and from what I've seen online it looks simple enough
  10. M

    Oil Boiler gets too hot

    Hello everybody! I have little issue, and hope you will be able to help: I have very old oil boiler on conventional system. What happens is: When i turn central heating on, boiler is heating for about 1 hour, what happens at the end is pipes sound really loud(loud crackling sound) and overflow...
  11. S

    C plan system airlock

    Hi guys, we moved into a place last Dec with an old Grant Euroflame oil boiler with 4 pipes, one set with a Grundfos pump on it and the other set running upstairs to a HW cylinder. We've never been able to get HW generated from the boiler for a sustained period, the water doesn't seem to flow...
  12. J

    external oil boiler question

    We are buying a bungalow with an external oil boiler. We plan to build an extension, will we need to move the boiler or can it remain where it is meaning it would be then housed in the extension Thanks
  13. P

    Firebird Silverpac External Oil Boiler suitable for internal use?

    Hello. I'm hoping to get some advice. I moved into a new build house a few years ago. A Firebird Silverpac external oil boiler (kabin pak type) was installed which is situated on top of the detached garage base - I've now decided to build the garage meaning the boiler will be now be located...
  14. old_gord

    Replace Stanley Oil Fired Cooker with Oil Boiler

    Hello we currently have an old Stanley range cooker in the kitchen and a back burner in the living room. There is also a hot water tank in the bathroom. The plan is to remove the cooker and plumb in a regular external oil boiler. Would it be fine to use the existing flow and return from the...
  15. P

    Oil Boiler water only tepid

    I have an oil boiler for the central heating. Some time ago it stopped working, and as it was during the summer I stupidly left it for quite a few weeks to try to get it fixed. It was eventually fixed and it seems the cause was a faulty photocell. Although the radiators heat up to hot, Ive...
  16. A

    Oil boiler fire after service

    Hi we had a recent service on our 40 year old Thorn oil boiler, we fire it up for the 1st time since the service todayfor got water, after 20 mins there was black smoke bellowing from the cabinet and flames inside. Going off the photos is there any obvious pointers to what went wrong? Thanks in...
  17. S

    Grant vortex eco oil boiler

    Recently needing to reset the little red button under the black cap on the boiler about 3 times a week. Always serviced annually. How can I stop this?
  18. D

    Water leaking from Myson Velaire oil boiler

    Hi - I have a Myson Velaire oil boiler which was installed in 1988. The boiler has been very reliable only needing a good service and rarely a replacement part. Today I noted water on the floor and it looks like the water jacket is leaking, can it be repaired ? I am aware most will say...
  19. J

    Run out of oil - lockout

    Hi all, I have recently run out of oil - the sensor in my kitchen is faulty so we’re completely empty. I’ve topped up my tank today to tide me over until delivery but my boiler (grant vortex eco wall hung) is still in lockout. I’ve read around and think I need to bleed the air from the system...
  20. L

    1st post here,which type of oil boiler -sysytem or heat only.

    Hi everyone-im a first time poster and after some info on what type of boiler to fit to my repiped house. I have an old large house which has currently got a 70kw oil boiler with a single pipe system and pipework is approx 4 inch threaded steel-mega inefficient with school type radiators-the...
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