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oil boiler

Waste oil is defined as any petroleum-based or synthetic oil that, through contamination, has become unsuitable for its original purpose due to the presence of impurities or loss of original properties.

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  1. S

    Grant vortex eco oil boiler

    Recently needing to reset the little red button under the black cap on the boiler about 3 times a week. Always serviced annually. How can I stop this?
  2. D

    Water leaking from Myson Velaire oil boiler

    Hi - I have a Myson Velaire oil boiler which was installed in 1988. The boiler has been very reliable only needing a good service and rarely a replacement part. Today I noted water on the floor and it looks like the water jacket is leaking, can it be repaired ? I am aware most will say...
  3. J

    Run out of oil - lockout

    Hi all, I have recently run out of oil - the sensor in my kitchen is faulty so we’re completely empty. I’ve topped up my tank today to tide me over until delivery but my boiler (grant vortex eco wall hung) is still in lockout. I’ve read around and think I need to bleed the air from the system...
  4. L

    1st post here,which type of oil boiler -sysytem or heat only.

    Hi everyone-im a first time poster and after some info on what type of boiler to fit to my repiped house. I have an old large house which has currently got a 70kw oil boiler with a single pipe system and pipework is approx 4 inch threaded steel-mega inefficient with school type radiators-the...
  5. W

    Oil central heating boiler squealing

    Hi, today I turned my central heating oil boiler on at the switch inside and it seemed to fire up but the water didn't get warm so I checked and it has locked out so we pressed the magic eye (start button) under the boiler front cover on the motor. It fired up and is working but it's making a...
  6. J

    Plastic push fittings on oil boiler?

    Was at a house today and their new oil boiler was installed in a pretty shoddy fashion. Aka Plastic tiger loop screwed to the boiler casing. And the main thing was really untidy pipework. Thrown together with a pile of grey plastic push fittings and copper / plastic pipe mix. For example...
  7. V

    Grant Euroflame Oil boiler

    Hi i hope someone can help, a couple weeks ago boiler was not staying on so i thought i would check rads and i bled them and it fired up and was working for a couple of weeks. Now it fires up and cuts out after about 5 mins. I changed the 2 port valve as pretty much every year this fails. Still...
  8. J

    Grant vortex oil boiler thermostat temperature range

    I have a new Grant Vortex 15/26 oil boiler installed. It has a boiler thermostat with no numerical information, just a wedge graphic and covers about 1/3 of a turn. I wondered if anyone could give an indication of what the range of temperatures is likely to be (I don't want to set the boiler...
  9. S

    Oil boiler cutoff valve leak, fuel has got into insulation lagging

    Worcester Danesmoor 20/25, about 18 years old. B11 burner. We came home a few days ago to find our boiler in lockout, and not wanting to restart, instead simply doing a pitiful whine. We called an engineer out yesterday who, after a quick diagnosis, worked out that the capacitor had gone. We...
  10. F

    Worcester Oil Boiler Trouble

    Hi All, I have a Worcester Danesmoor 20/25 oil boiler which is causing me lots of heartache and grief. About 3 months ago it locked out and wouldn't fire up when reset so I called out the local (but recently retired) engineer to see what he thought. He thought it was the pump so he serviced the...
  11. D

    Oil boiler and central heating install Brecon

    Hi Guys Im doing a new build near Brecon, Powys. Its going to have oil boiler, heat store (big one) and radiators. No under floor heating. The raditors will fed via plastic, JG Speedfit. They will be connected to manifolds on 1st and loft floor. Each room to have its own thermostat. Dont...
  12. Chrisae

    Oil boiler question - can't get heating on

    Hi All, Just moved into a new house which has oil central heating. There is a Honeywell thermostat in the house which I think I have worked out. The boiler is in an out house. From what I can see the heating should be on. The controls look as follows. I'm pretty sure there is some oil in the...
  13. J

    Weather compensator for Firebird Oil Boiler?

    I have a space heat only 26kw output Firebird Condensing oil boiler. I only use it for my homes space heating nothing else. Well insulated 80s renovated home. You can see there the boiler temperature stat is the simple white box. I recall about 10 years ago there used to be generic weather...
  14. A

    Oil boiler on but not igniting

    I've an old warmflow boiler, when it's switched on I can hear it running but its not catching. I can hear it trying to catch every 10 seconds or so but it just wont. Theres no lock out, it's not that it needs bled. I was on to an engineer about it, he thought low oil, I got oil today so not...
  15. J

    Condensing oil boiler downsize

    Hi All, My home is 2 storey - split into 2no zones. 14 rads downstairs and 7 upstairs. Open vent system standard boiler. Hot water is immersion heater. The old boiler was a worchester bosch dansmoor rated at 26-32kw. Nozzle spec was 1.0 gph. However the enginer had 0.85gph nozzle in it. It...
  16. D

    Condensing Oil boiler from boundary query

    Hi all I have to site a condensing oil boiler close to a boundary. Its going to be one of these Greenstar 50/70 or there abouts. The 600mm rule doesnt look like it applies, I think is 2.5 metres from the boundary as its condensing. 1) What should my distance from the boundary be? 2) Does this...
  17. J

    Firebird Condensing Oil Boiler Flow / Return?

    Hi all, I am new here and a capable plumbing DIYr. I have just purchased a Fire Bird Silver Boiler House model to replace my old and now leaking Worchester Bosch oil Boiler. The oil condensing boiler instructions have no reference regarding the flow and return connections!! Nor are they...
  18. P

    Hi guys I am in need of some help, I have a 24 year old Boulter 50/70 utility oil boiler (camray) with a Riello 40 burner.

    The boiler has just been serviced and lots of new parts fitted, On firing up all works fine for approx 15 seconds then the flame cuts out but the motor keeps running, after approx 10 seconds the flame fires up again for 15 seconds and the same thing happens. If I remove the front door/cover of...
  19. S

    Oil boiler in low water pressure location. Pump problem.

    Hi, I have an oil boiler in a low water pressure location, ran well for 12 years, now I have a problem. And two questions. (1) I continually have to bleed air from the pump, can't work out why. Any ideas? (2) because of this, I am continually running down the pressure, which is already...
  20. M

    Firebird external oil boiler locks out when cover is on.

    Hi All, I have a Firebird Enviromax external oil boiler, it has a Riello RDB2.2 C26 burner which keeps locking out. It has been an ongoing problem, where I've had to call my local guy several times. He gets it going, but it doesn't stay working for long. Its costing me a fortune for his time...