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There are various types of heated tobacco products in the marketplace. Some examples include products that use tobacco sticks such as glo and IQOS, or products that use loose-leaf tobacco such as PAX and Ploom. Some use product-specific customized cigarettes. There are devices that use cannabis. Heated tobacco products usually heat up tobacco, rather than use liquids. In contrast, electronic cigarettes heat liquids that can contain nicotine. They are not e-cigarettes. They can overlap with e-cigarettes such as a combination of an e-cigarette and a heated tobacco product, for the use of tobacco or e-liquid.

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  1. M

    Radiator Not Heating Up

    Hi, Sorry if question already answered in previous posts, but I can't find a solution to the below: We recently moved house to a new home that has previously been extended. In one of the bedrooms that has been extended there are 2 radiators, one which looks like it was fitted when the...
  2. J

    Radiators not heating as expected? previously were

    Hi All, In Dec 2023 I had my annual boiler service and asked the plumber to change 2 radiator valves as the radiator in the toilet downstairs was not working. He changed both valves and still the radiator was not working. He put some chemicals in and said it should break up anything that is...
  3. seweller51

    Vertical radiator not heating up

    Hi all. Could someone help with a issue I have been having with my vertical radiator. I have one vertical radiator in my bungalow and it does not heat up unless the surrounding radiators are shut off. I have tried turning the surrounding radiators down but the have to be completely or very...
  4. B

    Radiators not heating.

    Hi. I hope some one can help. I have a condensing oil burner and it runs fine but the radiators don't heat. Heats the hot water fine. The pump runs and the thermostat turns the boiler on and off. Thinking it could be a thermistor. All help greatly appreciated.
  5. D19A99G

    Radiator not heating up

    I have recently bought my own house and decided to redo the kitchen. There was a radiator in the room already but I wanted to move it. I extended the pipes (8mm microbore) and plumbed in the new radiator. I opened the isolation valves and filled up the radiator with no issues. I've bled every...
  6. G

    Oil boiler not heating up

    I have a danesmore 20/25 oil boiler and it is firing up but it’s producing no heat to the water or the radiators My next door neighbour an electrician has checked the cylinder and thermostat and they all check out ok so he thinks the problem is within the boiler Can Someone help give me some...
  7. O

    Radiator not heating up

    Hi All, We renovated our house in 2019 and put in completely new plumbing system and piping including new boiler and 9 radiators. Off those, there is one radiator in the living room which does not heat up at all. I have tried balancing myself and also had a professional come in to balance it...
  8. knoxy777

    Back boiler not heating downstairs

    We have dual heating, back boiler and oil. The oil will heat the immersion tank and all radiators but the back boiler will only heat the upstairs radiators and immersion. We only moved in a few years back with the system already installed and are not sure if it was designed to do this. There...
  9. N

    Range Tribune HE, not heating hot water

    Range Tribune HE, not heating hot water. Motorised valve keeps closing and water luke warm. Is the dual temperature probe broken
  10. A

    Underfloor heating - zone not heating properly

    We moved into our flat over the summer and haven’t really used the heating much and no guides or anything we left so really don’t understand how it works! It is a wet underfloor system, with 5 zones controlled via a Loxone app (smart home system). Currently the room furthest away from the...
  11. G

    Help! - Noisy central heating system – not heating water well ……

    Hello ! I have recently moved into a new house – or rather a 1960s built house. The central heating system looks to be around 10-12 years old Its conventional mains gas boiler central heating system (not a combi) the boiler is an “Ideal logic 18” – with hot water tank in an upstairs airing...
  12. harpermin

    A number of radiators not heating up

    Hi Just looking for some suggestions on what to look for/try next. Up until last weekend, our oil fired boiler central heating was working fine, all radiators heating as required. We then had an issue of a mouse deciding to go for a exploration in our air intake and causing it to begin to soot...
  13. L

    4 radiators not heating up at all

    Hi There, I have plastic microbore central heating piping, with 15 radiators around our 19 year old house, we have had issues for years with some radiators being cold, occasionally getting one of them to work, but sometimes causing another to no longer work. One plumber said, as we had an open...
  14. K

    New radiators not heating

    Hi, I have a new extension with 3 radiators (it’s quite a large space). I had 2 radiators in my original space so I have 1 extra (albeit one of the others is larger than its predecessor). The pipework to and from the radiators is new (the original system is a one pipe system but we are...
  15. F

    Back Boiler Not Heating Water But Heating Rads

    Hi Guys, I've got a woodburning stove with a back boiler that I cant quite figure out. Last year it was heating the water but not the radiators, and this year its heating the radiators and not the water. Does anybody have any ideas? Its a fairly old installation, I'm guessing from the 80s ish...
  16. T

    Water not heating. Worcester Greenstar 30CDi

    Hi, I have a worcester greenstar 30 CDi Classic regular. The central heating is working fine but the water is not heating. If i put the system off for about 10 mins and start it up again it still does not heat the water. I am not getting an error code. Where do I start? thanks teslacar (BTW...
  17. rowlanda38

    Boiler not heating water

    Hi my boiler has stopped heating the water, the pressure is fine just over 2, plenty of money on gas and my gas hobbs work fine, the water pressure is fine, but as you can see from the video it starts uo then at a certain point cuts out and goes up to 99 then to 00 Any help be appreciated
  18. M

    Baxi Combi Boiler (Duo Tec) - water not heating

    Hi all I’m having a problem with my Baxi combi boiler and wondering if anyone is able to help. In short, the water isn't heating. A few months ago (c.2 months) my Baxi combi boiler had an issue where the hot water would go hot and cold on a regular cycle; it would get hot, then cool down, then...
  19. J

    Towel radiator not heating

    Hi all,just an update from yesterdays post,the towel radiator has miraculously fixed itself!it is now red hot,I still don't understand how after bleeding full system including new rad,it should suddenly fix itself,May be some of you clever people out there could explain, cheers
  20. J

    New towel rediator not heating

    Hi everyone looking for advice,today I changed a bathroom radiator for a towel radiator,it is a pressurised combi system,I switched off power to boiler and drained down system,the pipework is 8mm copper microbore,I used two 15mm to 8mm reducers then plastic pipe and connections to towel rail...
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