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noisy pipes

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    Noisy Pipes when flushing Loo

    Hi, This recently started... every time the Loo is flushed the pipes are noisy when filling again and it gets worse as the day goes on... If another tap in the bathroom is run the noise reduces and if the bath tap is opened fully the noise stops, also if I close the filling valve at the...
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    Noisy Pipes

    We have an issue where every three days whenever we draw water from either flushing a loo or turning on a tap we get a loud 'trombone' like noise. To stop this from happening we turn off mains water and open all cold water taps to drain the system and turn mains back on. This repeats every...
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    Issues with Thermostatic Shower / Noisy Pipes

    Hi folks We have a weird problem. Our shower is a Triton thermoststic run from an Alpha combi boiler. The pipes began making a noise when the hot water was turned on (any tap) and we realised if the shower thermostat was turned to coldest setting this resolved the noise. But .. now the hot taps...
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    Thermoststic Shower - Hot Water Pipes Bang

    Hi folks I have a problem. Our shower is a Triton thermoststic run from an Alpha combi boiler. The pipes began making a noise when the hot water was turned on (any tap) and we realised if the shower thermostat was turned to coldest setting this resolved the noise. But .. now the hot taps...
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    Noise pipes,popcorn sound,no water flow in the system

    Hi to all.I have problem with a noisy boiler and blockage in pipes.Few months ago i had a sound like popcorn maker machine coming from boiler.After i few month with that sound but working he show error no water flow and stop working.Plumber changed motorised valve,pump,valves under and behind...
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    Help for noisy pipes

    I've recently had a new bathroom installed, including a new towel rail. The plumber also installed a new tank in the airing cupboard as the old one began to leak while he was here. Every time I have the central heating on now, there are loud bangs and cracks from the pipes. It even does it hours...
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    Noisy pipes

    My brother in law has a toilet which in his words "screeches" when flushed. I presume he means the pipework to the cistern is making the racket when refilling. If he turns the bath taps on in the same bathroom at the same time it doesn't happen. Any idea's?
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    Thud noise when water is turned off - why?

    We had our house modernised a few years ago and all went well. We had a new extension with utility room and cloakroom; new kitchen and new bathroom. After about a year we began noticing a loud thud when the sink taps were turned off after use. We still get this noise, which also happens when the...
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    What do you think of this work?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I've paid a good lump of money to these plumbers to do my whole house. I don't know much about plumbing i'm more electrical but I know abit. They came in to do the first fix.. Quoted 3 days, they had been and gone in a day and this is what they left...
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    Strange pipe securing onto joists

    Dear all, After getting fed up with the noisy pipes, i decided to rip open the floorboards and i noticed something unususal. There are 2 places in my house where i notice the "thud","tick tick" noises come from. When floorboards opened, i notice that the pipes are sitting fine on the cut...
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    Noisy pipes

    Hi all, Need some advice. I have a gravity fed boiler and about a month ago now have started getting noise in the pipes. It's not a banging but more of a trickling noise. If i turn the hot water and heating off then it disappears. When i turn it back on it starts immediately. The circulating...
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    Noisy pipes when running shower

    I have recently replaced the cartridge in my Mira 415 mixer shower which runs on a combi boiler. The shower has been in place since the house was built approx 15 years ago and has worked fine up until the last few months when it has gradually got colder and finally would not turn off. I replaced...
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    No Heating/Noisy Pipes

    I have oil fired central heating and during the Christmas/ New Year period when I was away from home, set the heating to come on for a couple of hours a day in an attempt to stop the pipes freezing. When I returned home I realised that the oil had run out. I've since bought more oil but the...
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    Noisy Pipes

    An age-old problem, but the cause is uncertain. I have a 2-year old David Wilson house (just out of warranty) with an unvented hot water system and seperate thermostats for the ground and first floor. Whenever water is pumped to replenish the hot water cylinder or to heat upstairs radiators I...
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    Mira Discovery Shower

    :confused:Hi all I have installed a Mira Discovery Shower on a combi system the gauge on the boiler says 1and half bar but in the bathroom the hot is much weaker than the cold The pressure on the cold is quite high the problem is this the shower makes a squealing noise I have tried closing...
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    White Pipe Insulation

    I need to find some white 22mm pipe insulation, preferably in long lengths. All I can find on line is grey. Can anyone tell me where I can get some?
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    Noisy pipes - hissing not banging

    Hello! Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on a problem I have? I live in a basement flat of an old terraced house and the plumbing is quite noisy, it's not a banging of any sort, it's just a very loud hissing. Whenever the lady upstairs turns on her tap I can hear water flowing...