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  1. chucka

    there's only so much a newbie can anticipate

    Don't laugh (too much) I had some good advice here and looked at quite a few threads.. So well armed to replace a Type 11 Radiator on a 10mm microbore drop down system and... not being able to free up the drain screw in the original valve earlier in a test, a good idea change the drain tap...
  2. J

    Enter the Newbie 2019

    Hi, just had a few Q's answered so thought better introduce misel as a newbie, great site loads of info, 50+ Photocopier Tech. Keen DIYer, I was quoted £700 for a power flush:p.. and so decided to come hear for info and clean the system misel. All done thank's to you lot. Any copier probs?:p:p...
  3. L

    Macerator advice for newbie

    Hi there, I’m having a new bathroom installed and the awkward shape of room means that the best option is to move the toilet and fit a macerator. I have chosen for a corner toilet as it’s the best space-saving option, but would appreciate some words of advice and wisdom when it comes to the...
  4. A

    Hello from a newbie with a project

    Evening All, Currently in the process of building an extension. At about 90m² it's a decent sized project and one that has causes me many sleepless nights - I always seem to do every job three times in my head before tackling the actual job itself. I'm doing all the plumbing and electrics...
  5. T

    Newbie here - Help required re Thermostat and programmer set up

    Hi All, Newbie here and I wanted to understand the current heating set up in the new build property. Our builders havent been useful at all apart from saying it works as any other set up I have an Ideal boiler in the kitchen and a hot water cylinder on the first floor. Heating is split into 2...
  6. P

    Newbie to the site look forward to sharing your knowledge

    Many thanks for accepting me into the forum I'm in the process of putting in a new bathroom suite , so hopefully you guys could help me with any problems I come across. Many thanks Paul
  7. Ian Howe

    Newbie to the site here.

    Many thanks for the add, from the North East of England. :cool:
  8. IndyB

    Newbie from South East London / Kent

    Hi all, newbie here! Amateur DIYer at best. Currently going through a large house renovation including a new single story rear extension, new outbuilding and loft conversion. I've contracted a builder for the whole job. I've never really done a project of this scale so I'm hoping to find some...
  9. Roxy13

    Newbie after concealed panel advice

    Hi, I’m after a large access panel that is similar or the same as the one that can be seen in the pictures and have no idea where to start looking. Does anyone know if this is something that can be bought off the shelf (so to speak) or Specialist made. Any direction or leads would be greatly...
  10. B

    Newbie from South West London

    Hi there, just introducing myself, Bradley from SW London :)
  11. J

    Hello Everyone, newbie

    Hi Everyone, I am a newbie, be gentle. Looking forward to reading and joining in all the posts. Jase
  12. Z

    Newbie on the block :)

    Hi all. So I've registered here to seek a bit of guidance from the seasoned pros :D I've done my cenwat and htr courses recently but been installing gas cooking appliance for a company (around 2 years now). I'm trying to get a job in boiler servicing (then repairs later on) and keep bumping...
  13. P

    Newbie - Hi everyone

    Hi everybody I'm currently doing my C&G lvl 3. Done lvl 2, Oftec and GSR all within the last 2 years with a view to leaving my army job in the next few years if this all works out. Would love to learn more about Gas boiler breakdowns and repairs.
  14. M

    Hi another newbie...

    Hey all, Moz here. I'm a maintenance manager (of sorts LOL) in Stratford.
  15. C

    Newbie heating problem

    Hi. Thank you for the quick ad... Can you help? I have a oil fired firebird 90 with rielo burner...and Drayton control. The heating stopped working this afternoon . I pressed the boost on the hot water side and it kicked in..I thought it could have been the control unit so I replaced it with...
  16. S

    Newbie Advice - Installing shower pump under Elson Ruby indirect tank

    I'm looking for some advice on installing a shower pump in a flat with Elson twin storage tanks. The hot tank is an Elson Ruby indirect heated by a Baxi Solo HE. There's no shower at all at the moment as the shower would be above the level of the tank and it's not pumped. The hot tank is...
  17. A

    Newbie in need of some help

    Hi guys, wondering if any one can help me please Our central heating kicks on randomly at seemingly whatever time it likes and turns on the radiators. We live on a newish estate and I bet our neighbors have the same central heating system and programmer as ours, could it be that their timer is...
  18. J

    Newbie from gosport hampshire

    Hi All, Keep this short just my first post as a newbie. I have been working on the tools for various different companies and projects over the past 17 years completing a wide variety of tasks. I have completed many task within the residential sector and early last year even took on a project of...
  19. M

    Newbie here looking to learn

    Hi everyone. New to the group and just wanted to say high. I’m currently training to be a plumber so looking at using the forum to gain some knowledge. Thanks
  20. MK03

    Now then, newbie here.

    Alright everyone! Greetings, from the wonderful City of Liverpool! I'm not a qualified plumber - but a joiner of wood. I fell in to the world of timber when I was younger, due to my old fella being a joiner basher an' tha'. But what I was really intrigued in, was the use of blowtorches, copper...

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