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The New South Wales C36 class was a class of two-cylinder, simple, non-condensing, coal-fired superheated, 4-6-0 express passenger steam locomotives built by Eveleigh Railway Workshops and Clyde Engineering for the New South Wales Government Railways in Australia.
Introduced in 1925, the 75 locomotives of the class became the principal motive power for all major expresses, and accelerated long-distance passenger timetables leading to new levels of service in the pre World War II period. They were the mainstay of passenger expresses for over 20 years before the advent of the 38 class. The class was used extensively for performance testing, and thus the development and trial of a number of technical improvements.

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  1. B

    External flu rusting - does that mean whole new boiler needed?

    Hello I’m hoping for some perceptive / input as I’m a long-distance landlord trying to unpick the best thing to do. Gas safety certificate was done on my rental flat (1st floor) which has a 10 year old Aviston E-combi EVO boiler. It failed based on rusting external flu components, which has...
  2. B

    New boiler - Inhibitor top up?

    During an install of new boiler ('old' boiler died after 11-12 years) the system was "drained" but I guess maybe 90% of water was left in the (rather large) underfloor pipe system. What is the best way to tell how much inhibitor should be added in this case? (also taking account that system was...
  3. mookle

    CH upgrade - unreasonable gas usage expectations?

    Hi all. I recently upgraded our CH system, but rather than the expected drop in gas consumption, Octopus is saying we're using roughly 30% more! The installer has said they can downrate the boiler, but to my mind that addresses maximum consumption, not any inefficiencies there may be relating...
  4. H

    New Boiler showing F29 and then F28 error codes

    I need some help and advice with a boiler issue. We have F29 and then F29 appearing on our new boiler. This happened after few days where water was dripping from the condensation pipe. Our regular gas engineer(who installed the boiler) was not available and will be in a couple of days. The...
  5. W

    New boiler but extension still not hot

    Hello, We had an extension built seven years ago. Initially the builders' plumber connected the heating to the house system but this didn't work. The builder got him out again and he created a separate heating circuit from the boiler (ie one circuit for the house, the other for the extension)...
  6. S

    New boiler to be fitted and low level UFH system

    I recently purchased the ground floor of a detached Victorian property in Dorset. As part of the refurb, I will need a new boiler and about 94m2 of low level UFH. The flooring is currently very solid floor boards.
  7. R

    New Boiler - Metal Filings

    Hi, Is it normal/usual or acceptable for there to be this much metal filings in a heating system following a new boiler installation only 5 weeks ago? A supposed Chemical Flush was completed as part of the installation process.
  8. MarkWillGreen

    Add underfloor to S-plan - S-plan+? closely spaced tees? new boiler?

    Hi All, Looking for a bit of advice on the best way to pipe this. - 24kW Worcester regular boiler in kitchen, approx. 9 years old - unvented tank, zone vavles, pump, expansion is on first floor in airing cupboard - Currently piped as S-plan. - Hive controls. - Would like to fit 6-zone...
  9. B

    New boiler overheated

    I must be cursed The new boiler that was fitted yesterday had a problem on commissioning, when the central heating was turned on the boiler fired but the pipework was only getting hot up to a certain point, it took the plumber a couple of hours to figure out what was happening, the problem was...
  10. G

    New boiler fitted - light visible around pipes going to outside.

    Hi, had a new boiler fitted, didn’t notice at the time of fitting. you can see daylight around the overflow and condensate pipe, not an issue at present but should this be sealed to stop cold air coming in?
  11. A

    External Oil Boiler recommendations

    Hi, I'm looking to change our boiler as part of some general house renovations. Could anyone recommend one that's going to be ultra reliable? I'm seeing lots of firebird problems on these forums, not so many Worcester Bosch issues. Are they worth the extra outlay? Thanks Alan
  12. B

    New Boiler Replacement - Clarification/Advice Required

    Hi, I have a Y plan open vent system, boiler 30+ years old, and requires replacement. My plumber is recommending fitting a new Viessmann 11kw System boiler in the current boilers position. The problem is he plans to run two new separate pipes fro the boiler to the hot water cylinder. Once this...
  13. A

    Can a council tenant have any say in where a new boiler is situated?

    The council are offering to update the fire and inefficient old radiators and replace the old fashioned boiler with a new combi one. They want to move the boiler from the tank cupboard in the bedroom to the much bigger walk-in wardrobe, presumably for convenience as there seems to be a gas pipe...
  14. S

    New boiler fitted Alpha E-Tec 28.

    As above new boiler fitted and new Hive, Hive is set up correctly and works as it should but when it comes to scheduling on/off times via Hive the boiler doesn't cooperate, the radiators are set at 50 on the boiler but when the temp drops below this on the boiler it fires up. Now my way of...
  15. R

    New Boiler sizing app

    Ive got a new replacement boiler to install and the Energy Saving Trust whole house boiler sizing is no longer being allowed to be used to correctly size new boilers. Apparently there is an app you can use for room by room calculation anyone with a link. I've looked online and keep just...
  16. M

    Cant gas rate new boiler

    Just fitted a new boiler for customer have gone to gas rate when commissioning and batteries are dead in gas meter. Gas supplier won’t come out until 6th Jan. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do? Customer obviously needs heating and hot water over Christmas
  17. L

    need advice on new boiler

    can cylinder supply pipes on vaillant ecofit pure be capped or linked as zone valves fitted on existing system
  18. S

    New boiler - questionable install

    Hi, i have had a new boiler installed and they have left the property without completing full scope of works. Also have plugged the boiler into an extension lead on top of a toilet. (I will try and add a picture) Any advice if this is ok or not please
  19. M

    Power flush before or after fitting new boiler

    My plumber's quote for fitting a new boiler (Ideal Logic Max Heat only 24kw) says he will "use a power flush machine that will flush all the black dirty water once the new boiler is installed and add heating inhibitor" Is that correct ? will it send the sludge etc into the new boiler or should...
  20. Muskopia

    New boiler before all rads fitted or not?

    Hi. I'm renovating a house and have replaced most piping. The upstairs rads are fitted, but the downstairs is not as it's yet to be plastered. The pipes are just chased into the walls with Speedfit stop ends attached. Can I go ahead and get the boiler replaced and the system working now and...
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