A moving company, removalist or van line is a company that helps people and businesses move their goods from one place to another. It offers all-inclusive services for relocations like packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, arranging of items to be shifted. Additional services may include cleaning services for houses, offices or warehousing facilities.

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  1. alanmcm

    Moving into a new home and boiler system is 17 years old

    My daughter bought her first home and was hoping to convert to gas but its not available in the area, so thinking a boiler upgrade is the better way to go. Just after some advice and rough costs involved, is it worth getting a pressurised system installed and a new boiler and oil pump? Heating...
  2. S

    Moving pipe work for sink

    I want to remove my downstairs toilet sink and put a new more compact one on the adjacent wall. However there are two ring drain cocks at the bottom. I want to check that I should replicate the layout rather than just using elbow joints?
  3. F

    Moving rad without draining down.

    Does adaptor exist? Hi, looking to move a rad, the original valves will be hidden behind a bath, so I was wanting to leave original valves in place so no need to drain down, connect a run of 15mm pipe connecting to its new position. What size connector would fit on old rad valves that would...
  4. J

    Moving to aus in january/febuary 24 and in search for some advice

    Hi Guys, Im looking to come to Australia in january/febuary 2024. I have a working holiday visa already sorted. I run my own plumbing and heating company that has been going for 3 years but i have been plumbing for 10 years. i also have my gas qualification. Im giving up everything to come to...
  5. plumb_know

    preventing air ingress & pumping over when moving pump by boiler

    have moved a pump by new boiler so could wire for pump overrun as no live in airing cupboard, but now I am worried about air ingress into the system as system is under negative pressure. Anyone got any tricks to help prevent this?? or know how to get pump over to airing cupboard without...
  6. A

    How to stop hinged shower screen from moving

    Hi, We have a hinged shower screen attached to a bath. It swings backwards and forwards. However, we want to stop this movement so the screen stays in a fixed position. Can someone help achieve this please.
  7. B

    Moving a window by 200mm.

    Not strictly a plumbing question, but to do with the bathroom layout - hopefully not too off-topic! Some pictures attached. What we have is this: We would like to make this window 800 wide, and then move it by about 100 to the left. I.e., this: In other words: The gap is currently 720 wide...
  8. P

    Moving pipe work for Underfloor Heating

    I am doing some work for a client which involves moving some pipe work for the underfloor heating. They would like it moved the adjacent wall so they can install a washing machine in the cupboard. I have included a picture below of the fixtures and the walls. Question is, can it simply be moved...
  9. M

    Moving Radiator Along Wall

    The guy who fitted my kitchen and is having problems with installing the new radiators moved my hall radiator along the wall - however, he has changed the pipes around. What used to be the pipe that went into the right hand side now goes into the left hand side and vice versa. He said it will...
  10. M

    Moving the kitchen to another room

    Hello everybody, i have my eyes on a cheap house, but i would want to change some things. In the picture below you can see all the changes i want to make, but the main concern is the kitchen. Is it even doable to move it like that and what should i consider in such case? I want to have a rough...
  11. K

    Moving from sole trader to ltd

    Apparently my gas safe reg will get assigned to the ltd company (mine)? So I'm left with nothing myself if i ever sell or close down the company? How does it work with gas engineers working as employee for a company? They will be gas safe registered of course but I've heard that they can't do...
  12. 2

    Moving a rad on duel system

    Hi, I'm moving a rad to a new location in my office room in my new home that has a duel heating system. Oil and multi fuel stove. Before in my last house, I did move a rad when doing a bathroom refit and it was a simple process. What I did was drain the system at the oil burner. Cut into the...
  13. A

    Moving Water Header Tank

    I have a loft main water tank. I want to lower its height (at the moment raised higher in the loft by 1 meter to give more pressure I think) so I can put it in the eaves ready for a future loft conversion. I like the idea of a header tank for water shortages and being able to flush the loo if...
  14. K

    Moving toilet pipe back to wall

    I wonder if someone could give me some advice please. I am doing a bathroom renovation in a 60s house. I would like to move the cast iron waste pipe back to the wall. Then, I want to install Wall-Hung Toilet (please see link to frame bellow). There is a joist next to the back wall. I want to...
  15. L

    How do we manage a new combi boiler moving in to the loft and relocating the kitchen so the cooker is the other side of the house? Help needed please?

    I need some advice… Our gas meter is currently in the garage conversion and runs under the stairs into the kitchen where we have the boiler. We want to do the following things: 1. Replace with a combi boiler and move to the loft. We are a semi detached house so need to the pipes run up from the...
  16. M

    Slightly moving waste pipe connection into soil pipe

    Parents have had a steel beam put into their hallway ceiling to adequately support landing and stairs. This means that the waste from a sink and shower will need to be reinstated slightly lower into the soil pipe, as the pipes will now run under rather than through the beams (the joists will be...
  17. S

    Honeywell 3 port valve not moving & making loud noises

    Hey all, Recently the Honeywell V4073A 3 port valve in the air cupboard has starting making loud screeching noises and the system is also not operating as it should. I've noticed that the Radiators are not getting hot but just warm and the thermostat isn't having any effect on switching boiller...
  18. D

    Moving washing machine?

    Hi, I'm currently in a house that has a bathroom and a small cupboard next to it. I'm looking to move a washing machine into this small cupboard, except the wall between the bathroom and the washing machine is ~2ft thick and is made of solid stone. Ideally I'd like to use the bathroom's...
  19. N

    Moving the kitchen - London Flat Reconfiguration

    We love our flat but need more (reconfigure the) space with a growing family. Moving in London is not an option as 3 bed houses with a large kitchen are £100-200k more in our area. The kitchen is too small and a space that only cooking is possible in. The only other communal space is a large...
  20. J

    Moving washing machine to cellar - how would I deal with waste water?

    I am thinking of moving the washing machine and tumble dryer to the cellar to create space in the kitchen. The cellar ceiling is abou 2 ft above ground level - there is a window. Now there is a water pipe so getting a connection for that shouldn't be an issue. The cellar runs below the...
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