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The fifty-move rule in chess states that a player can claim a draw if no capture has been made and no pawn has been moved in the last fifty moves (for this purpose a "move" consists of a player completing a turn followed by the opponent completing a turn). The purpose of this rule is to prevent a player with no chance of winning from obstinately continuing to play indefinitely or seeking to win by tiring the opponent.
All of the basic checkmates can be accomplished in well under 50 moves. However, in the 20th century it was discovered that certain endgame positions are winnable but require more than 50 moves (without a capture or a pawn move). The rule was therefore changed to allow certain exceptions in which 100 moves were allowed with particular material combinations. However, winnable positions that required even more moves were later discovered, and in 1992, FIDE abolished all such exceptions and reinstated the strict 50-move rule.

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  1. W

    Meter move to vacant meter position

    Hi, I live in a block of 5 flats. The 5 meters are mounted outside in a row, according to the flat numbers, 1-2-3-4-5. Flat 4 is a rental and had the gas meter removed many years ago, although the meter box (minus the door) pipework and back plate remain, there is a padlock type device where...
  2. G

    URGENT Gas meter needs moving

    I need to move my gas meter about 6 feet away. The supply pipe would have to go back and under the wall behind as in the pictures. How do I go about it please? Do I need to contact British Gas or Gas Safe engineers do this kind of thing?
  3. L

    Move a radiator to new location

    Hi, I want to shift a radiator about 30 cm sideways to fit a new library and wanted some advice on how to do this. This is what I think I should do but any advice on how to do this or what products to use would be most welcome! Turn off boiler and drain system Remove radiator Cut down intake...
  4. nick555

    How to move bath tub drain pipe

    Hi all. We’re renovating a bathroom and have found the new bath tub drain needs to be closer to the wall than the current drain is. Tub drain fits left to right but the new drain is about two inches closer to the wall than the old tub. Have attached pic of the current drain. Looking for...
  5. J

    Move gas meter options

    Just to be really clear I will not be doing any of the work mentioned below. This will all be carried out by Gas Safe Engineers. We're in the process of buying a property which is a bit of a doer upper. One room houses the gas meter and boiler and we are keen on moving both of these to turn...
  6. F

    Is it possible/within regs to move a Toilet soil pipe?

    Hi all We are currently renovating our house and would like to know if we can move the toilet soil pipe a few feet from its current position? Basically, we had an airing cupboard on the landing. That airing cupboard back wall backed on to the toilet. so, for example...If you were in the...
  7. S

    URGENT Hi everyone. I am having a new kitchen designed and want to move the washing machine across one space from where it is now. I need some advice.

    Hi. I am having a new kitchen designed and installed and need some advice about whether what I wish to do would work well enough. Currently my freestanding washing machine is in the corner of my kitchen, next to an outside wall. The plumbing and standpipe are right next to it, so it all works...
  8. L

    How do we manage a new combi boiler moving in to the loft and relocating the kitchen so the cooker is the other side of the house? Help needed please?

    I need some advice… Our gas meter is currently in the garage conversion and runs under the stairs into the kitchen where we have the boiler. We want to do the following things: 1. Replace with a combi boiler and move to the loft. We are a semi detached house so need to the pipes run up from the...
  9. C

    Level 2 plumbing diploma good move?

    Hi, I’m a 26 year old male who currently is working as a water hygiene engineer. and I’ve just paid £2000 to start my level 2 plumbing diploma in September but I’m worried if I’ve rushed into this course seeing how much money it is. I’m really interesting in plumbing and hopefully this will set...
  10. Rooster

    Looking for quote for radiator move. Cardiff

    I'm looking for a quote to get a radiator moved to an adjacent wall in the Cardiff area. None of the recommended plumbers I've contacted have got back to me. Must be busy. If you're interested in this small job, please get back to me & & send more details.
  11. I

    What are you using to move external oil boilers

    I would like to know what you guys use to move external oil boilers into position. Due to covid my supplier was unable to deliver a boiler recently so i collected it myself with a trailer. The boiler was loaded onto trailer with forks and when I arrived at the property I had to negotiate the...
  12. I

    Is commercial plumbing a good move for a level 2 plumbing & heating diploma trained adult going through a career change?

    I am currently going through a career change to be a plumbing and heating engineer. I have completed a year long plumbing and heating diploma level 2 at college and have signed up with a assessor at the college. It has been hard to find a placement as most plumbers either don't want the...
  13. A

    Gravity system - Move Hot Water Cylinder to Roof Space?

    We've had conflicting advice from two plumbers - I wonder if anyone here can clarify. We have a gravity fed system system, currently with the hot water cylinder alongside the boiler which is in a separate 1 story room with some roof space. We're looking at moving the cylinder into the roof...
  14. D

    Can I move this water tank as shown in the diagram?

    Hello, My apartment has a tiny bathroom and a large kitchen. I am remodelling the bathroom soon, almost a quarter of the room is taken up by the water tank 'hotpress' as shown in the image. Is it possible to move that water tank to the area shown inside the kitchen? I'd be moving it...
  15. A

    Move waste pipe for free standing bath

    Hi All, Hope to get some advice. Fitting new bathroom with free standing bath so need to move feed and waste. I’ve a problem with the soil pipe as it’s current location from the top will be too high when putting back floor. Ideally I need to come off the bend so as to give myself more height...
  16. R

    Kitchen Mixer Spout No Longer Able to Move / Turn

    Hello, I have a kitchen mixer tap that is currently very stiff to turn from side to side (the spout part). If I do try to turn the spout, the swivel base that is attached to the sink also turns. Obviously I don't want to damage my sink so I never try to turn the spout any more, but it would be...
  17. A

    Vent problems after tank move

    Hello everyone, this is my first post. I am having problems with my upstairs hot water taps first thing in the morning. The system is an open vent with a cold storage tank in the loft and a direct hot cylinder on the first floor. The problem started about 5 years ago when I extended my bathroom...
  18. S

    Move magnetic filter

    Hi! My mum has not long had a new boiler and instead of it being on the floor it has been mounted on the wall with a magnetic filter under it. I wanted to move the filter further down the common return so I could box it in. I have moved radiators before as it is a vented system but as the filter...
  19. S

    Boiler move with Gravity hot water

    Hi all first timer here...I need a bit of advice on a central heating job..the job is for a relitive who gave me a call wondering if I could move an oil boiler from the utility room of his house to the corner of the garden he wanted to buy a new condensing oil boiler that can be fitted...
  20. D

    Gas meter move - or other options?

    Good evening all. I currently have my gas meter on one corner of my property (front left), which serves a boiler in the garage which is on the diagonally furthest corner of the house from the meter (rear right). The pipework connecting the two is 28mm/22mm copper which is on the external walls...