1. M

    Help! What make/model is this toilet push button?

    Hi there, can anybody help? I am trying to buy a replacement toilet flush push button as my current one is broken? However I cannot find the same button anywhere? I have attached photos if anyone can help identify which one it is (make/model)? It is hollow, it does not contain a rod inside it...
  2. Stigster

    Does anyone know the name of this model of Roca toilet?

    Hi guys. I'm trying to identify a toilet model before ordering a seat for a customer. I went to what used to be a Roca stockist (they no longer are) and one of the guys there reckoned it might be "The Gap". I went to the new stockist and the guy there disagreed it was "The Gap" and that he'd...
  3. R

    Baxi 600 new version vs the older model

    Baxi have changed their 600 and 800 ranges....they look completely different inside and out .....has anyone got an opinion on the new version.
  4. W

    Any ideas make or model

    Any ideas make or model. đź‘Ť
  5. J

    Reconfiguring Ideal boiler PCB to correct model and size

    Hello, I am trying to get my Ideal Logic Heat H15 repaired. There have been various faults appearing, with most of them pointing to the PCB. It has been decided that the best option is to try replacing the PCB and using a refurbished part initially for testing. The PCB used on the Heat model is...
  6. T

    Shower mixer model / supplier

    Hi, I am trying to identify this thermostatic mixer valve to source a service kit. The water on off control seems to be getting stiffer, it's difficult for someone with limited hand grip. Photos of the valve attached. I can provide a photo of the control knobs fitted if that helps. Thanks
  7. D

    Dual flush syphon unit to slot into cradle of Bathstore A2432 model?

    The syphon activation cable on my old Bathstore A2432 dual flush valve has broken and I don't want to have to remove the whole cistern to replace the the complete unit. Does anyone know of a replacement valve the syphon part of which I can use to slot into the existing cradle, please? I hope...
  8. N

    replacement model for a Redring Expressions 520TS power shower

    Hi chaps - can anyone recommend a replacement for the above? keeping it as simple as possible and cold inlets are on tight side as is the cable....cheers Dave
  9. A

    Why is my new circulation pump twice as loud as previous model?

    Hi all, Let me start by saying, my heating works fine. I only know the basics of a system, and this may well be just me and my sensitive hearing... I have been in my property for 5 years. I had a Wilo circulation pump, which purred wonderfully. I never took a photo of it as a reference, but it...
  10. S

    Do you know this shower make and model?

    Would anyone know the make and model of this shower, I would like to replace it, as the temperature bit has broken off and cannot be screwed back on. A plumber said it would be lots easier if we could replace like for like. This showed was already in the house before we moved in.
  11. C

    Which Danfoss model is this heating control?

    Hi, could somebody identify which model this heating control is? (its the wireless, battery version): -I thought "40704" might be the model number, but I've seen the exact same sticker on other versions...? Anyway, thanks in advance/having a look.
  12. T

    Danfoss programmer model?

    Hi Can anyone put a model number to top programmer in the image attached please?
  13. bathroomspareparts

    identify Thermostatic cartridge model

    I came across this thermostatic cartridge and was wondering if you could help me locate a replacement. Couldn't find any make or model numbers on anything to help GB
  14. H

    Riello Burner Replacement Model No. & Reillo Fitter (London Area)

    Looking to replace our RIELLO 40 FS10 (3758435) Gas burner - 0.13kW, FAM.OIK.2 =12 -100mbar (42-116kW) but can no longer see the availability of this particular burner. Looks like it has a newer model that may have superseded it. Am I right in saying the replacement would be the RIELLO 40 GS10...
  15. J

    I need help with an ancient Japkap model

    I have a high level cistern and was replacing the toilet pan (waste ceramic completely cracked through) and was hoovering around before connecting the waste and the lead inlet pipe and was just absent-mindely gently sucking lead filings out of the inlet pipe - and whoops, the downpipe grabbed...
  16. B

    Identify shower valve

    Can anyone please suggest how I can identify the make and model of the valve by the picture. It is circa 15 old.
  17. T

    Can anyone tell me the make and model of the shower by the picture please

    can anyone identify the shower for me please
  18. B

    Anyone recognise this cartridge and shower model

    Hi just moved into house and to save a completely new shower anyone recognize the cartridge and shower model so i can find a replacement cheers
  19. P

    Permutit water softener model 8.32

    Hi Everyone Does anyone know where I might get a service manual for a Permutit Series 8 model 8.32 water softener. I know they are very old water softeners but a client is having problems with it and it is making lots of noise. Or is there a service center uk number I could try. Many thanks Paul
  20. D

    URGENT Vaillant 824E 50p model

    I’m after installation service manual for vaillant Ecomax 824 E ( 50p model ) gc 47 044 07 tried Vaillant they don’t have copy can’t find on line or on my many downloads davidfal

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