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mixer valve

A tap (also spigot or faucet: see usage variations) is a valve controlling the release of a liquid or gas.

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  1. bobster316

    replacement shower mixer valve thermostat

    Can anyone please advise which replacement shower mixer valve thermostat I need foe this shower control
  2. O

    Bar shower mixer valve help (DIY)

    Hi! Fitting a new shower and after some research I bought these fast fix brackets online (looked a lot more straight forward than the ones it came with. Crank something???) Anyway, after fitting it, the nuts don’t completely cover up the thread (photo attached). Is this normal? I was cautious...
  3. V

    Problems with shower mixer valve

    I removed a bath from my sister in law’s bathroom about eight years ago. I cut back the hot and cold to the bath and branched off these to a new shower bar mixer. It worked fine until about two years ago when I fitted a new valve which has been fine until about two weeks ago when she said it...
  4. A

    Thermostatic Mixer Valve

    Any idea where I can get a mixing valve the same as the one in the image, mine has a very slight leak.
  5. R

    Trevi Shower Mixer Valve

    My shower is controlled by what I think is a Trevi Hathaway Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve L6800AA. The shower works fine but when I turn it to the off position it doesn’t shut off completely right away. I have to keep giving the handle an extra tweak until the flow eventually stops. Can...
  6. P

    Getting the flow right…

    Just had a lovely Viessmann 222-F installed along with a HUGE 5.5kw triple panel radiator, almost next to it, to heat three rooms knocked into one. If I open the large rad valve enough to heat the large room (I’m guessing that) the return temp to the boiler is quite high, and the boiler is...
  7. J

    How to convert current mixer valve tap to a cold water supply inlet.

    Any plumbers can advise the best way to convert the current mixer valve tap to cold water supply inlet for electric shower. I have mixer valve tap , I would need to install a new electric shower on shower area wall .Currently is the mixer valve tap. I want to know how to do before I ask the...
  8. R

    Shower mixer valve advice please.

    I need to replace an old Sirrus 1850 shower mixer valve with a more uptodate mixer bar. Problem is that the hot feed is on the right and the mixer bars I've seen ask for the hot feed to be on the left. Is there a workaround for this? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  9. D

    Help identifying shower mixer for spare parts

    I need help to identify the brand of this unit for spare parts. The plastic thread for the lever has worn out, also the shower isn't very hot now even with hot valve opened all the way.
  10. B

    programmable thermostat to control a Mixer Valve.

    I want programmable thermostat to control a Mixer Valve. This to provide CH flow temperature from 30C to 70C from a thermal store tank at 80C
  11. B

    I want programmable thermostat to control a Mixer Valve.

    I want programmable thermostat to control a Mixer Valve. This to provide CH flow temperature from 30C to 70C from a thermal store tank at 80C
  12. K

    Shower digital mixer valve compatibility with regular fittings

    Apologies if this should not be posted here (I have posted to the electricians forum, however just realised the plumbers forum seems to have many more posts covering this mixer unit) I have a pretty basic question on suitability of a shower digital mixer valve. Checked with the the manufacturer...
  13. T

    Whistling UFH mixer valve & cycling boiler - no ABV?

    Hi all, New to this forum but hoping you could give me a hand with some issues I'm having with my UFH. I bought a house in Nov last year that has wet UFH in a kitchen extension. It's a relatively small area with only 2 loops, total 90m piping and 2-port manifold. Manifold model is Wunda...
  14. M

    Hello and advice needed, pushfit and shower mixer valve

    Hello all, I'm new here and hope you can help. I'm trying to install a new bathroom (first time). I'm using JG speedfit connectors and pipe. The mixer valve hot and cold inlets have small filters in them, which obstruct the connecter I'm trying to attach. Any ideas on how I solve this? The first...
  15. H

    Shuddering shower pipe when turning on mixer valve

    Hi, New year, new problem: For the first time yesterday, turning on the shower mixer valve (exposed traditional fitted in 2012) I heard a loud shuddering sound and then low pressure whether cold or hot. We have a megaflow tank and boiler system. All other outlets seem to have normal...
  16. M

    UFH mixer valve indentification

    Hi Does anyone recognise the mixer valve on this manifold? I need to get a new one but could not see any manufacturers info on it anywhere. Cheers Martin
  17. T

    Underfloor Heating Mixer Valve not working

    Hi, I just put a couple of these in: Problem is, the mixer valve is not regulating the output reliably. eg set boiler to max (78C) and get 57C going into the UFH circuit, which is way too high - it should be regulating to 35C on MIN according to the sheet. I'm not sure if this is a problem...
  18. W

    Mixer valve set up not controlling temperature

    Initial begatube UFH system, 6 zones downstairs and 7 rads upstairs. 1 zone. I know thats rbbish but was new build and thats what i got not knowing any difference. The manual 3 port mixing valve and thermostatic heads.... I've replaced twice since. I had new vouge c40 combi boiler in April to...
  19. P

    Shower Mixer valve issue

    I want to swap over a shower mixer valve and it appears the previous installer got the hot and cold the wrong way round. The pipes to the valve are fed directly from a Stuart Turner twin pump, is it as simple as changing the outlet pipes over on the pump to correct this issue
  20. T

    Advise please on shower mixer

    Hi Last year I replaced a Thermostatic bar shower mixer valve in a rented property and all seemed ok ,but recently the owner said it wasn't working properly .When you turn on the valve nothing happens but if you turn on the bath tap briefly, it works fine ., they also made it work by twisting...
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