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  1. M

    MEXICO SUPER 3 CF 100 spares ?

    Hi, has anyone got a broken MEXICO SUPER 3 CF 100, or spares ? I'd like to buy the combustion chamber as mine has developed a hole, Thank you !
  2. gmartine

    Ideal Mexico HE24 & HE36 Floor standers

    Anybody still keeping one of these alive? Mine were pulled working and been in the shed for god knows how long. Will be breaking for spares if there is any demand... PCB's, fans and Hex's are good.
  3. P

    Ideal mexico super 2

    hi guys new to the forum. I got a client who's got an ideal Mexico super 2, every time he turns on hot water the heating comes on as well, It's a very old system when I tried to diagnosed the problem I couldn't find anything, I know the fault is in the system cos boiler is ok, Any suggestions...
  4. G

    Unvented hwc in loft

    Hi guys i am going to be replacing a open vented cylinder from an airing cupboard with gravity hw circulation to an unvented cylinder in the loft with fully pumped heating and hot water, i would like to know if the heating will circulate okay it the primary htg pipe work to the cylinder coil is...
  5. quality

    Ideal mexico HE30

    I went to one of these boilers today put the heating on it fired up all seemed ok until it cut out on temperature as the flow pipe reached 70 degrees. I was expecting it to fire up when the temperature dropped but it never did. so I flicked the user control switch off then back on and it fired...
  6. M

    y-plan new motorised valve fitted - not firing up

    as title says... its a floor standing ideal mexico - the 3 port mid position valve was fitted today and now the boiler isnt calling for heat - the pump runs, put me in front of a boiler or combi and im fine - but put me in front of a s-plan or y-plan wiring and i'm scratching my head - im...
  7. G

    Potterton Kingfisher CF servicing. (fan assissted open flue)

    Looking at one of these the other day and I gather there is a few still about. I have never worked on one and my question is where do you do flue flow/spillage etc. MI's are no help. I have worked on few mexico supers and they are straight forward enough with easy access to top of heat exchanger...
  8. C

    New underfloor heating to work with existing s plan .,,,, Please Help

    Hi All, New to this forum and was hopefully looking for some advice. I have a 3 storey property on a s plan system, the boiler is floor standing mexico 29kw which is located on the ground floor, the cylinder cupboard in located on the third floor. I intend to cap off the existing 5 ground floor...
  9. B

    working and burner pressures for Ideal Mexico

    I've been asked by my boss to write up how and where i do burner, and working, pressure test's on an ideal Mexico. I can't find any diagrams on the web so was hoping i could pick someones brain Many thanks
  10. C

    Ideal Mexico 2 Super CF 41-429-45

    Anyone have an electronic copy of this manual? Should note the engineer has listed it as Mexico 2 40 CF but online searches are pulling back Mexico 2 Super CF 60P.
  11. S

    New tap mixer from Poland

    If anybody wants one i can supply ..:D
  12. C

    Whos in your England Line Up?????

    After watching last nights game against Mexico I was unconvinced by some performances. Personally I think Ledleys very slow off the pace and I didnt even know Carrick was playing untill he was taking off. I am wondering what squad everyone would pick if they was England manager. I would play...
  13. H

    Who's Going To South Africa 4 The World Cup

    Hello again fella's, Just wondered if anyone was lucky enough to be going to the world cup In South Africa this summer. ???:eek::eek::eek::rolleyes:
  14. D

    Plumbers forums has a new addition to it's mod team..

    Please welcome Bernie2 to ukplumbers moderating team..;);) Thanks for accepting the role bernie..