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  1. A

    Megaflo plumbing problem.

    Hello all, I have.an odd problem. The 8 bar prv keeps discharging at full bore whenever I use the garden tap at the same time as the shower and washing machine are in use. Originally thought the valve may be faulty but the Megaflo cylinder and all the inlet control valves have been replaced very...
  2. R

    Megaflo Eco System Unvented Cylinder Loud Bangs

    Hi Everyone, Hoping for some advise / assistance on an issue I have on my Megaflo Eco System Unvented Cylinder which is making a loud band. This occurs when the hot water heating is on and when the cylinder heats up to temperature, once at temperature the motorized valve closes and there a...
  3. T

    Megaflo cold feed hammering.

    Afternoon all, I’ve recently started getting a loud vibration coming from the cold feed. Only when I’ve got the hot tap on. Any ideas what it could be? I’ve managed to stop the vibration by turning the blue valve slightly. Thanks in advance.
  4. S

    Mega flo issue: no water flow from hot tap, cold tap ok

    Hi all, I recently re pressured my mega flo, isolated water then drained water into tundish etc. Turned on hot water tap and no water coming out. I turned on cold water two and the water pressure and flow is ok. Does anyone know why there is no water coming out of the hot tap? Thanks
  5. M

    Megaflo water tank- no hot water

    Hi everyone, The water in the apartment is not heating up hot, it’s either freezing cold or lukewarm. The red and yellow lights on the grundefos pump suggest in the manual that there’s a blockage. We’ve tried resetting the tank and the grundefos but to our dismay, we thought after doing all...
  6. I

    Megaflo installation improvements?

    Hello, I've previously created a thread about my Megaflo issues in the past, Baxi have agreed to replace the cylinder as an appliance change under warranty. May I ask if you you guys can have a look at my install and recommend any optimisations, prior to Baxi installing the new cylinder. I do...
  7. U

    Megaflo - servicing?

    The official line is that a Megaflo needs annual servicing. I have a Megaflo cylinder that was serviced about 2 years ago when we moved in. Only 2 house occupants. After an honest opinion on if a service is required? I know how to recharge the airgap and have done that twice in the 2 years...
  8. S

    Megaflo air bubble regen frequency.

    Hi guys was wondering if anyone can advise on the frequency of having to recharge a megaflo air bubble? I have had mine installed not for 6 months and noticed the turndish was dripping, so I shut the cold feed off, let the pressure off and regened the air bubble. This seems to have sorted the...
  9. I

    Megaflo clunking noise, drawing hot water.

    Hello, Hope you guys can help, I have a conk/clunk noise coming out the cylinder, when I draw hot water from any tap in the house - I’ve checked the pipes and I’m very sure its not water hammer, I will attached couple of recordings to the this post and what my setup looks like. The cylinder is...
  10. D

    Megaflo Pressure Reducing Valve Clunking

    I have a loud clunking noise coming from the PRV when the cold water is shut off. It has been doing it for at least a year now but its getting annoying and I have noticed in the night (when the water pressure rises) I am getting random clunks from this valve after about 11pm at night. I am...
  11. D

    Megaflo Unvented Air Gap Recharge Water Doesn't Stop

    I have a megaflo unvented cylinder on the first floor of my property and I am trying to recharge the air gap. I have turned off the incoming cold mains valve upstream (and right next to) the pressure regulating valve and then opened the hot water taps at the lowest point in the house. The...
  12. M

    Heatrae Sadia Megaflo alternative.

    Hi all. I’ve got a 250i unvented HW cylinder on back order for 10 weeks and it doesn’t look like I’m getting it anytime soon. Looking for recommendations on good alternatives. I’ve a new EcoFit pure system just fitted and am keen on Vaillant storage cylinders, but my plumbers recommended...
  13. S

    Megaflo 145DD

    Hi guys im looking for some advice, im a individual commercial heating engineer and i bought a megaflo eco for my place. Are the air bubbles reliable? As in worth the extra money compared to fitting an external expansion vessel. I don't have my G3 so going to pay a registered plumbing company...
  14. Stants

    Pipework type / design for Unvented Cylinder ( 170 L Megaflo Eco )

    Hi I'm tying / hoping to run a drain for an Unvented indirect cylinder I need to run it now as I want to close in the building ( its in a loft conversion ) I'm having great difficulty getting someone to fit the whole system for me , it was being done by a guy but now he can not do it as...
  15. C

    On Off Noise from Megaflo

    Hi. I have a Baxi Megaflo 170DD Unvented Direct Cylinder. Over the last 24 hours, the water pipes leading in to it have been making noises every couple of minutes - as if there’s a heavy flow of water, then a sudden stop. This repeats every couple of minutes. Any idea what is causing this...
  16. M

    No water from HW taps after refilling Megaflo

    Hi issue: No water from hot taps being fed from megaflo. Was having HW pressure issues, obvious from no flow in attic but very low flow on ground floor, so decided to drain and recharge megaflo. After draining megaflo from drain cock (as on ground floor),with lower tap open and odd t&p valve...
  17. G

    Morning unvented megaflo motorised valve position

    Morning Is there a maximum distance from the megaflo that the hot water motorised valve connected to the cyl stat ? moving tank from cupboard to attic Cheers
  18. B

    Foghorn noise from Shower only in the morning

    Afternoon folks, I have a mixer shower in my en suite which is closest to my Megaflo cylinder. They are back to back in the house. We have had issues with that foghorn noise from the hot water kitchen tap a few weeks ago even though it was nowhere near as loud. That got sorted when i did the...
  19. D

    Replacing combination valve megaflo

    I’ve been quoted £330 for the above work to be carried out - is this in the right ball park?
  20. A

    Location of megaflo in overall household pipework?

    Hi all. If you were retrofitting a Megaflo with system boiler, would you be wanting to have a direct mains water feed going into the Megaflo first and then the feed continuing into the rest of the house or doesn't it matter? At the moment, the mains water go straight into the kitchen (where the...