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  1. B

    Noise from 8-Bar filling valve (Megaflo)

    In our sealed Megalo system, when hot water tap is used (say in bathroom shower) the megaflo is taking in some fresh water, I guess to compensate for the water used. The incoming water go via a pressure relief valve [most likely its this one: Heatrae Sadia 8 Bar Pressure Relief Valve -...
  2. C

    Noisy megaflo cylinder (whining)

    Hi, hope someone can help with this. My central heating system has a Worcester gas combi boiler, paired with a nest thermostat and a megaflo cylinder. When the boiler starts in the morning, the radiators start to warm up ok, but this is accompanied by a loud whining of the pipes attached to the...
  3. papachumba

    Acton W3 Servicing the Ariston Megaflo Cylinder & Vailant Ecotec 428

    Hi all, need someone to do my annual gas service and issue me a domestic gas safety certificate. In addition the megaflow cylinder needs checking and anti corrosion electrode replacement (have the part). In addition some of the honeywell motorised valves need replacement.
  4. C

    Megaflo system fit not working

    Hi can anybody help me with a problem I am having. following a power cut the heating and hot water failed. The boiler would light but it would go out because of no flow. I thought it was the programmer blown because if it wasn’t calling for heat or hot water it doesn’t trip the electric,but as...
  5. O

    Recharging Air Gap on MegaFlo CL300

    Hi. I replaced the Pressure and Temperature relief valve on my MegaFlo CL300 (I had thought it was dripping but it turns out the overflow drip is coming from the 3bar safety relief valve for the red expansion vessel) Before I replaced the valve it would recharge the air bubble normally - the...
  6. SteveRobert5a

    Megaflo temperature/pressure valve won't open

    Good morning! I have a dripping tundish, so decided it's time to replenish the air gap in my Megaflo - something I've done from time to time in the past. So I've turned off the water, opened a hot tap, and then tried to open the pressure relief valve on the Megaflo. But it's stuck: the plastic...
  7. T

    No flow from Megaflo.

    I’ve a Megaflo system with a conventional boiler, and yesterday, with no warning, it stopped passing any water. The cold flow is fine, there’s only the tiniest trickle from the hot taps on the lower floors, nothing on the higher ones. I’ve checked the combination valve for blockages, and...
  8. L

    Megaflo auto air valve leaking again

    Hi, I noticed some months ago that my Megaflo auto air valve was leaking so I replaced it, the replacement valve has also started to leak with a waxy residue. I recall that the original AAV had a black lid and the replacement has a brass lid, does it matter which version is fitted? Can I...
  9. S

    Megaflo scale issues

    Evening guys, Having some trouble with a Megaflo Indirect Unvented Cylinder! Fitted a bathroom for some customers in December and ever since the Hot filter on the bar mixer shower keeps getting scaled up with a blue coloured scale of some sort. It's only happening on the shower and no other Hot...
  10. P

    E133 Baxi Megaflo System - But works fine in High Rate Mode!!

    As per the title. We have a property where the boiler has worked fine in the 10 months since it’s last service. Now throws up this error code randomly, and doesn’t reset. Our man has checked all the usual culprits. Condensate is fine, not backing up. He can put the boiler in High Rate mode and...
  11. John Donnelly

    Baxi Megaflo no display

    I noticed a few weeks ago that my hot water and heating were not working so I went to check the boiler expecting to see an error code, but on checking, the display was completely off. I could hear the fan running (quite loudly) so I knew there was power going to the boiler. I opened up the...
  12. P

    Megaflo Heatrae Sadia Immersion Heater Replacement TSE v TSR

    I know this topic may already have been covered but I just wanted to address it again. Can someone please tell me what the difference is between the teal green thermostat and the white one? (see attached photos) I have one of each in our Megaflow, one operates the Economy 10 and the other is...
  13. E

    Megaflo / Vaillant / Nest not producing hot water - help!

    We have moved into a house which has a system involving a Vaillant boiler, indirect Megaflo and Nest. The Megaflo has been producing the hot water since we moved in (which we didn't realise) but the fuse blew the other day. We've now replaced the fuse. The boiler engineer was able to 'boost' the...
  14. F

    Megaflo Problem - advice please

    Hi All - I have a Megaflo which has required frequent repressurisation in the last year or so. The last time I did this, I had a continuous stream of water through the tundish for a couple of minutes which has never happened before. My naive guess is that the compartment membrane has died...
  15. V

    Megaflo- optimising temperature to get maximum efficiency

    Just wondering if anyone with experience of Megaflo systems could give any advice. Have a Megaflo system, indirectly heated via the boiler. Have Megaflo tank temperature set at the lowest recommended temperature which is 60 degrees (lower is possible but legionella risk rises). The question is...
  16. A

    Megaflo plumbing problem.

    Hello all, I odd problem. The 8 bar prv keeps discharging at full bore whenever I use the garden tap at the same time as the shower and washing machine are in use. Originally thought the valve may be faulty but the Megaflo cylinder and all the inlet control valves have been replaced very...
  17. R

    Megaflo Eco System Unvented Cylinder Loud Bangs

    Hi Everyone, Hoping for some advise / assistance on an issue I have on my Megaflo Eco System Unvented Cylinder which is making a loud band. This occurs when the hot water heating is on and when the cylinder heats up to temperature, once at temperature the motorized valve closes and there a...
  18. T

    Megaflo cold feed hammering.

    Afternoon all, I’ve recently started getting a loud vibration coming from the cold feed. Only when I’ve got the hot tap on. Any ideas what it could be? I’ve managed to stop the vibration by turning the blue valve slightly. Thanks in advance.
  19. S

    Mega flo issue: no water flow from hot tap, cold tap ok

    Hi all, I recently re pressured my mega flo, isolated water then drained water into tundish etc. Turned on hot water tap and no water coming out. I turned on cold water two and the water pressure and flow is ok. Does anyone know why there is no water coming out of the hot tap? Thanks
  20. M

    Megaflo water tank- no hot water

    Hi everyone, The water in the apartment is not heating up hot, it’s either freezing cold or lukewarm. The red and yellow lights on the grundefos pump suggest in the manual that there’s a blockage. We’ve tried resetting the tank and the grundefos but to our dismay, we thought after doing all...
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