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  1. A

    Lukewarm water upstairs

    Hi, I am getting hot water in the kitchen when I turn the kitchen tap on. However the hot water in the upstairs bathroom for both bath and sink is only coming luke warm. I have an old Worcester combi boiler and the boiler ignites when I turn either of the upstairs hot taps on. The bath hot...
  2. M

    Two lukewarm Radiators

    Hello! Overview: typical 3 bedroom 1930's semi-detached property. Had a single storey ground floor extension circa two years ago, during which time the boiler was replaced with an Ideal Independent and moved from back bedroom into the loft above. Problem: since the boiler was replaced and...
  3. S

    Only lukewarm water at max setting; Thermostatic Shower

    I have recently fitted a thermostatic external mixer shower in my bathroom. The problem is that when it is set to the highest possible temperature its only luke warm at best. The hot water in my house is generated from a combi boiler which should be able to deliver a hot water flowrate of...
  4. W

    lukewarm water in shower and bath issue?

    Hi, I have valiant combi boiler I'm getting hot water from my kitchen tap and hot water from my bathroom sink tap however lukewarm water from the shower and bath. The only difference with the bath and shower supply is that the pipes are run upwards into the ceiling of the bathroom and down to...
  5. M

    Why would a Megaflow ‘boiler’ be lukewarm one day and hot the next?

    I am currently renting a room in a house. The water in the shower runs lukewarm. When I have mentioned this issue the water is then hot for a few days on the run. It then returns to being lukewarm. Can anyone explain to me why this is happening? I am trying to understand how these particular...
  6. T

    Max UFH Temp = Lukewarm Rads?

    Hi, Not long in a new build house and getting to grips with the heating and everything else. We've a Nibe F4020 heat pump, UFH for downstairs heating and rads/towel rails for upstairs. The upstairs is on a single zone with a thermostat on the landing (makes no sense to me, but whatever.) The...
  7. D

    URGENT Shower Barely Lukewarm Water

    Hi There, Wondering if I could get some help please. I have had my shower for the past couple of years but the last few days I have noticed that the water has been barely lukewarm. Even if I turn the temperature to the hottest it still remains the same. Taps and other shower in the house are...
  8. P

    Reasons for lukewarm radiator?

    Hi all, Looking for some advice on potential causes of lukewarm radiator. It's a bedroom radiator (double panel, single convector). When we moved into the house just over four years ago, it just didn't get warm. Took it off, flushed it, put it back on, not really any different. Changed it for a...
  9. J


    Hi all, Over the last month we noticed water coming out of all the hot taps and shower would only come lukewarm. The puzzling thing is control unit states that the temperature in the unvented cylinder is at 69-70 degrees celsius. When I’ve I released water directly from the cylinder and felt...
  10. L

    Shower running lukewarm on hottest setting

    I have a problem with my shower - it started dropping in temperature to where even on the hottest setting it now runs lukewarm at best. Previously happened about 3 months ago and was then taken apart and adjusted the flow from the inside which seemed to solve the problem for a while, albeit I...
  11. N

    Lukewarm 'hot' water - secondary heat exchanger already changed

    Hi, I'm looking for help with a persistent problem. I have a Vaillant TurboMax Plus 837E combination boiler which appears to be in fine working order. However, it provides only lukewarm water to the taps and shower. To date three engineers have looked at it but failed to resolve the problem...
  12. M

    Bath lukewarm water.

    Hi all, Looking for some advice please. I have a Hudson reed tec single lever wall mounted tap (pk328). It has been working flawlessly for the last 3 years or so and then 3 weeks ago, I only get lukewarm water, cold is cold. I have tried the other taps in the house, no problems. I have...
  13. J

    All taps in house lukewarm since work done in bathroom

    Hi all! Recently had some work done in the bathroom (retiled floor, new sink and toilet put in). Since then ALL the hot taps (shower, bath, bathroom sink, kitchen sink) in the house are producing water that could at best be described as warm. We have a combi boiler new in 2015 but it was fine...
  14. C

    Lukewarm shower/bath, poor hot water flow

    Hi, I have had an ongoing issue with a shower/bath mixer that appears to be getting worse. The system runs of a combi boiler. The temperatures of the bath/shower water is lukewarm at best, measured earlier as around 32 deg max and this fluctuates. The thermostatic cartridge was recently...
  15. L

    Mixer shower runs lukewarm despite actual tap being red hot to touch

    Hello all, I’m having a little trouble with the below and would appreciated some suggestions as to what the problem may be! Generally speaking I want to determine whether it’s a faulty boiler or a faulty shower, or both. Showerforce 902-T Thermostatic mixer shower produces only lukewarm...
  16. C

    New Combi Boiler Problems - Lukewarm Hot Water & Hammering Pipe/cold rad

    Hi, I am slowly loosing patience with our new combi boiler! We had a new combi boiler installed last week, changing from a conventional boiler and cylinder. The new boiler is a Valiant Ecotec Plus 831. We have a 3 bed semi detached house with 1 bathroom, and was advised this is the...
  17. L

    Help! Lukewarm shower is ruining my life.

    Hi there, My shower is lukewarm at best and it's driving me mad! The hot taps in the kitchen and bathroom are scalding hot which is what I would like my shower to be, if the toilet is flushed/taps are on at the same time as shower then there's a noticeable drop in pressure and temperature...
  18. B

    lukewarm heating worchester 350

    Central heating pump running slowly no temperature on central heating, hot water ok. How to repair
  19. leelister6


    Working in a large house, Alpha 50cd boiler feeding utility, kitchen, cloakroom and 2 bathrooms, 1 with a bath and shower and one with just a shower. Problem is, we're getting hot water from some of the hot taps and lukewarm from others, even in the same room I.e. bath tap red hot, basin...
  20. B

    HeatLine C24 rads working but only lukewarm water

    I am a gsr engineer. I want help as to know where it might be quicker to start looking first. I am thinking port valve is stock open to primary and there is a flow resistance to secondary going to feed the heat exchanger that heat up hot water which might explain the slight heat in dhw. by...
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