1. E

    Ideal Logic 30+ combi boiler - no heating

    Hi all, Looking for some advice as to why my central heating is not working. We have recently moved 2 radiators, replacing one with a new one. When turning the boiler back on there is now no heating. We have hot water, we have checked the pressure, bled the radiators, reset the boiler. We do...
  2. Jambo87

    L2 logic heat 12

    Attended job today on logic heat 12, l2 fault code. 240v present at spark gen and electrodes in decent condition. Replaced spark gen and electrodes but still getting l2. Earth fine on electrodes and continuity ok through spark lead. Also tried different spark gen incase faulty but still no...
  3. Q

    Ideal Logic System 24 - F1 error - No idea how to re pressure

    Hello everyone, a friend of mine has recently had a F1 error on their boiler (Ideal Logic System 24). We have looked up what to do and it looks like we need to increase the pressure on the boiler. Seems simple enough. but with the way this was installed we don't know how to do that. we looked up...
  4. S

    F1 Problem on an Ideal logic 24 combi

    Hi My ideal boiler (24) was fitted as a used swap (from a 35) a few weeks ago and the engineer is now ignoring me. It shows F1 and when I top it up (to 1 bar) it works fine for a couple of hours. It then spits water outside to release the excess pressure I guess, then it shows F1 and I...
  5. M

    gas portfolio for my ASC,nottinghamshire,derbyshire

    Hello guys , Im looking for help if possible ,Im first time poster Last week I finished 8 weeks theory (using LOGIC) (Health & Safety,History of Gas Industry,Gas Pipework,Pipe Sizing,Combustion,Principles of Gas Flues,Chimney Standards,Ventilation,Gas Controls,Y' Pland and 'S' Plan...
  6. J

    LPG Training by Logic

    So I have just returned from training at Worcester HQ, doing the LPG training and assessment, now its not Worcesters fault but when I was answering the questions I couldn't find the answers in the book anywhere, I am very methodical in looking in the index, going to correct sections and tracking...
  7. A

    Ideal logic flame loss

    Thanks shaun
  8. J

    Cost to replace ideal logic 24+ sump

    Hi all, I have been informed my boiler sump on my ideal logic 24+ has a crack. A common fault on the ideals by the looks of it. I can source the sump for about 55 quid. How much would you say is reasonable to replace the part. Ps I've just had my boilers serviced and they never noticed the rust...
  9. R

    Logic Plus 35kw - Regular low pressure warnings

    Hi all, any help appreciated. Had a Logic Plus 35kw combi installed in early 2016. All working great until recently. Late Nov last year, we got the following error; 'Low Water Pressure - 1 fill system to 1.0 bar - 2 bleed rads - 3 contact installer' Good news is filling the system worked and...
  10. D

    Ideal Logic 30 kW or Vaillant ecoTEC plus 430?

    Hi all I am getting my central heating system revamped as per of a house renovation project. 3 bedroom house with zonal heating system, including underfloor heating in new extension, with radiators elsewhere. I'll be putting a 30 kW, gas fired, heat only boiler in (without solar thermal), and...
  11. V

    Ideal Logic 35 Boiler Losing pressure *Solved*

    Evening All I used this forum over the last month to research my problem with the Logic 35 boiler losing pressure. Background - My 4 year old boiler began losing pressure at around 0.3-0.5 bar every day about 4 weeks ago. Like any worried home owner i checked the following things: 1. PRV - tied...
  12. A

    Logic Combi 35 low water pressure.

    Hi, I keep getting a F1 fault on my boiler for the last 6 months. Easy to reset to get my water and heating going again. Over the last week I’ve had water coming through the ceiling in my downstairs toilet. The paint is bubbling away and it’s in a straight line across the whole ceiling so I’m...
  13. R

    Problem with logic 35 water part 2

    Evening gents First off thanks for everyone who contributed on my first post. I’ve had a engineer out to look at the problem who spoke to ideal technical and he thinks it is either the heat exchanger or the diriviter valve. He is coming back with prices, although he did mention sometimes it’s...
  14. D

    Ideal Logic 30kw boiler

    I'm in the market for a new boiler. Been recommended the above boiler by an installer. Is it any good or should I stick to Bosch Worcester?
  15. R

    Problem with hot water on logic combi 35

    hi Gents We are having issues with constant hot water flow with the above boiler. The boiler was serviced over a year ago and had the same issues , at that time the plumber thought the issue was the thermistors and they were changed. This seemed to help the problem but did not cure it and it...
  16. I


    The last few days noticed my upstairs radiators are heating up when any taps are turned on , could this be down to a valve not shuting properly . Anyone got an idea of the cost if its a valve needing replaced. Thanks Ian.
  17. P

    Ideal Logic Combi 24 problem

    Hello I am a plumber but not a Registered Gas Engineer . I have recently changed a shower room into a bath room in my niece's house. The job went well but now we cannot get any hot water out of the boiler to any of the taps. This despite the fact that the heating is working. I have done nothing to...
  18. G

    Logic Combi 35 - constantly on regardless of thermostat settings

    Hi all, Just before Christmas I had an issue with my Logic Combi 35 whereby it was constantly calling for the central heating to be on. Even with my room thermostats set to 18 degrees, it was still heating the house to between 21 and 23 degrees. The only way to make the heat bearable was to...
  19. E

    logic plus combi no hot water or heating

    logic plus combi boiler I have no hot water or heating I have reset the boiler turned both dials off {water and heating} and turned both dials back on still nothing but each time I have switched them back on I keep getting a bubble noise
  20. I

    Ideal Logic+ Combi 30 - Heating but No Water

    Hi. Pretty much as the title describes. We have an Ideal Logic+ 30 Combi Boiler. We have heating, but we have got no water (either cold or hot) through any of the taps in the house. The displ;ay normally shows "Winter Mode" but it is currently showing "High Efficiency Mode". Has anybody got...
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