LEVEL is a computer and video games magazine originating in the Czech Republic with branches in Romania and Turkey. These three brother divisions occasionally exchange content. In addition to publishing the magazine, LeveL also organizes many yearly gaming competitions for players in two of the countries (Romania's pro-gaming sponsor being the PGL - Professional Gamer's League); it is one of the biggest Turkish sponsors of international gaming contests (such as WCG).
LeveL was founded by Jan "Beast" Tománek in 1995 in Czech Republic. Its first issue was released on 24.01.1995. The current LeveL editor-in-chief is Michal Křivský (replacing Petr Poláček).

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  1. G

    Water level drops in pan after an hour…

    Hey Guys I’ve noticed this weekend that my en-suite toilet pan water level is seeming to regress after an hour. Toilet flushes as normal and water levels are all fine in the cistern. If I flush the toilet and wait all looks fine. However after an hour the water levels have dropped by a couple...
  2. C

    Ideal 32 system efficiency level

    I’ve had an Ideal Vogue 32max/gen2 system boiler to a Megaflo fitted a week and running it at Flow temp 73 degrees to getting a return temp of about 55 degrees C, I’m seeing the LCD screen saying the efficiency level is only 25-28%. Has anyone else seen such a low percentage? I know for a fact...
  3. A

    GAH Electrastream boiler, low pressure level, how to top up system?

    Can anyone help me identify which tap/connection it is to top up the system as the level has dropped quite a way below the red marker for the cold fill pressure on the gauge? Boiler was installed approx. 2014. I've looked in the manual & online but can't find anything. Many thanks
  4. T

    Unlevel toilet bowl and not floor

    Hello, I’ve recently fitted two toilets in the same property and found that I needed to level them. Initially I thought it was the floor but it’s actually the toilet bowls themselves. I’m assuming that as they are made of ceramics they could be slightly out in terms of accuracy? Is this semi common?
  5. R

    Laser level recommendation

    Just wondered which laser levels are good all rounders for accuracy, ease of use, price etc… Thanks in advance.
  6. C

    Low level shower tray - will I regret this?

    Hi all, Would welcome your thoughts on this. I'm installing a low level shower tray, over a timber floor. Cast iron soil stack only about a metre away. So far so good. The problem is that the existing 1 1/2 copper connection into the stack (previously serving bath) enters the stack at a low...
  7. D

    Level 2 plumber needing apprenticeship/voluntary work in Halifax

    Hi everyone My 20 yr old son is about to complete his C&G level 2 in May and requires an apprenticeship to go on to Level 3 and eventually Gas Safe. Is there anyone on this forum from Halifax, or nearby areas that are looking for an apprentice? If not, he could do the odd few hours or...
  8. M

    Improvised high level flush pipe.

    Hi all. I need to improvise a flush pipe some how. Anyone managed to do this with waste pipe at all. Basically the cistern is on the back of a 2 inch stud wall of where the toilet will go. The pipe cannot go straight down due to a washing machine needing to fit into the space below the...
  9. M

    Re NVQ LEVEL 2 assessment

    Evening folks. Please excuse me if this question has been asked but……. I have currently just finished my lever 2 diploma in plumbing. I was told that currently the government has scrapped NVQ’s though has, currently not replaced it with anything pending amalgamation with EAL. SO, as it...
  10. nvneplumber

    Ram pump in series with water level controller

    I have a draft Idea to connect water level control valve in series with ram pump . This setup will be inside inlet of loft tank. The Idea is to pull water from Over head tank in to loft tank quicker. Please review and suggest. water level control valve : ram pump: Design: Loft tank inlet =>...
  11. R

    Level 2 (Passed) Need Plumbing Experience

    Hi all am new on here. I've passed my level 2 diploma in plumbing . I'm looking to get some more experience on Job I know this industry is so hard to get your foot in an its been a head ache for me but if anyone is willing to give me a chance to get some experience in the field I'd appreciate...
  12. S

    Plumbing Level 3 NVQ

    Hello, I am middle aged and currently have a level 2 diploma in plumbing and heating and I am also Gas Safe. (level 3 gas engineering) I would like to get my Level 3 plumbing NVQ however I see that the courses include gas which I already have. Is there a way to gain this qualification by doing...
  13. R

    URGENT Help! Any ideas how to level this corner basin?

    Hello, I’ve fitted loads of wall hung basins in my time but this one is defeating me. Whatever I do the front of the basin is much lower than the back and I can’t get it level. It’s and Ideal Standard basin with a vanity unity that goes underneath so it needs to be level. I’ve tried corner...
  14. Mckennzie

    Hi has anyone got a digital copy of the level 2 portfolio criteria?

    I'm in the process of finishing my level 2 course and want to get started on my portfolio but after asking my theory teacher many times he has still not provided it
  15. H

    water level in HWC after I drain the hot water taps/showers?

    Hi This is my first post as a homeowner/DIYer Hopefully the title explains my question ; I want to replace the washer on an Essex flange as the flange is leaking, and plan to use a plug to block the cold water tank , then open all the hot taps and showers until water stops flowing( standard...
  16. Gerald Bailey

    NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Plumbing and Heating FULL COURSE for sale

    I am selling my 3-year City& Guilds Accredited NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Plumbing and Heating I cant complete it due to work commitments. Provider New Trades Career. (There Course fee is £7800) newtradescareer dot co dot uk/courses/plumbing FULL COURSE: £6500 Mail if for this exciting...
  17. C

    26 and trying to get back into the Plumbing industry with a Level 2 + 3 C&G. Finding it difficult! Please help.

    Hi everyone I really hope you can help me. I'm 26 now and live in London, I've been doing a bit of career hopping since leaving school at 16 in 2011. The first thing I done after secondary school was gain my Domestic Plumbing and Heating City and Guilds Level 2 and then 3 at college. However...
  18. D

    I passed my city and guilds level 3 gas course and need to complete a portfolio to work with my local council is there anyone that can help me?

    I passed my city and guilds level 3 gas course and need to complete a portfolio. I have a job waiting for me with my local council, but need to complete this in order to work for them. It has been soooo stressful I've been let down so many times and keep having to tell my job that I have been...
  19. P

    Can Access Training be trusted for an NVQ level 2 plumbing qualification?

    Over the summer I completed a level 2 diploma in plumbing (City and Guilds 6035) with Able Skills and am now looking to complete the NVQ level 2. Access training are offering an assessment package for £1500, which is competitive, but I am now nervous given the reviews I have seen on here. I am...
  20. C

    Leaky overflow pipe at loft level but no water tank in my loft.

    Hi all, I live in an end of terrace house and there are two overflow pipes next to each other on my neighbours side of the fence. I assumed that the one closest to us was our overflow pipe. It has recently started dripping constantly and it is damaging our fence. Thinking it was my issue, I...
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