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  1. N

    Dipolma level 3 plumbing 6035

    I am in the process of leaving the armed forces and looking at resettlement opportunities. Due to funding after serving 21 years the military assist with funding courses but they need to be a level 3 or above. I have found a training provider which is an intensive 5 week course. Then followed...
  2. G

    Inaccessible corner of old corner bath not level

    Corner bath - fitted about 20 years ago. It's acrylic, on a metal frame. The feet have sunk into the soft pine floorboards. I have adjusted the accessible feet to raise the bath back up to the bottom of the tiles, BUT I can't get to the far corner to adjust the foot there. There is a dip of...
  3. A

    Please Help! Whats The Latest Gas Textbook for NVQ Level 1-3

    Hi I am new to the forum, this is my first post. I apologise if its in the wrong thread and if its been answered. Can anyone please advise me what are the recruitment cycles assuming there is a general one for the sector, so that I do not waste time. Any practical advice will be appreciated...
  4. B

    URGENT water level changes significantly in expansion pipe (open vented system)

    I have made some adaptations to the layout of an existing open vented one pipe system. The pump is now some 6 or 7 metres away from the boiler. The cold feed is on the negative side of the pump as is the expansion pipe. The order of fixing is expansion pipe - cold feed - pump. When the pump...
  5. L

    High Level Cistern Leak

    Hi all I’m posting a new thread to my first a couple of weeks ago. I’m at my wits end trying to sort a leaking high level cistern that is leaking from the base where the flush pipe connects. I have already replaced the syphon flush with a new one (Dudley) . The issue is the diameter hole size of...
  6. L

    High Level Cistern Leak

    Hi all. Today I attempted to fix an old leaky high level cistern that was leaking from the base of the cistern. I replaced the cistern flush (Dudley) but noticed the hole diameter on cistern was quite large compared to the inlet pipe ( circa 48 mm cistern hole vs 32 mm of inlet pipe) after...
  7. C

    Best Route to Becoming Gas Safe Registered: NVQ Level 2 + Gas Course or Gas Course Only?

    Hello, I've done the C&G Level 2 in Plumbing Studies. I'm currently working as a plumber's mate (part-time). Eventually, I'd like to become Gas Safe registered and work on LPG - at leisure sites and maybe on boats, etc. Any comments or advice on how best to get there? Should I do the Level 2...
  8. conormurphy95

    Help for Gas Portfolio Building (NVQ Level 3 Plumber)

    Hello everyone! I’m currently a 24 year old level 3 NVQ plumber from the Manchester area, I am starting a gas training course next month which after/during the course I am required to find work experience where i will be supervised by a Registered Gas Engineer. For my portfolio, i must provide a...
  9. J

    NVQ Level 3 Exams

    Hi guys, I don't know if any of you could help me out but I cannot find any revision material and/or mock exams for the City and Guilds Electrics exam (6189-025), if anyone has any links, documents or other material and could possibly send, it would be very much appreciated. Cheers
  10. J

    Intermittant high water level in downstairs toilet

    In the last few days we've had high water level in downstairs toilet. The first few flushes are good and waste flows away but eventually the water level rises in the pan to perhaps half the height of the pan and takes some hours to drain away. Last night I poured 6 large buckets of hot water...
  11. Ricardo Napoli

    Laser level do you guys use them

    Hey just brought a Stanley self levelling laser level as I used imone from a chippy the other day doing some heating drops. Just wondering if any of you guys use them on a dayly basis if so what on. Cheers guys.
  12. M

    Low Oil level in Rayburn BM valve?

    I wonder if anyone can help me. The oil level in the BM valve on the side of my Rayburn seems to have dropped as it now doesn't see to be high enough to enable the oil to reach the wicks in the burner unit. Oil flow appears fine but the flow stops before it reaches the main part of the burner...
  13. M

    Can i use a ball lever as mains stopcock

    Hi, Is it OK to use a ball lever as a mains stopcock? ive read a few old threads but none of them seem to have definitive answer! also can you use plastic / push fit off a mains stopcock or does it have to be copper?
  14. S

    How can I upscale my level 3 diploma to a nvq

    How can I upscale my level 3 diploma to a NVQ. I am self employed and want to upscale my bpec level 3 diploma.i have been quoted silly prices from local colleges and wanted to k ow if there is anyone operating as freelance who can do this at a more affordable price.
  15. B

    Laser Level A Worthy Investment?

    I’m considering investing in a laser level. I’m thinking it could come in useful and possibly save time for pipe layouts and boiler installs. At the moment I just use a spirit level. Anyone here using them and which do you recommend? Cheers
  16. M

    Toilet water level

    My downstairs toilet water level is too high. When it flushes the level rises almost to the top then goes down slowly. I thought it was a blockage but nothing seemed to work when I tried to unblock it. Eventually I removed the toilet, cleaned it thoroughly including washing it through with...
  17. J

    New here need help with nvq level 2

    hi everyone I’m doing my nvq 2 I have done my level 2 deploma. Currently work five days but doing my nvq at weekends. I might have somone to help but if that fails is there anyone in the Bristol area that can help me get threw it . Many thanks James
  18. T

    Level 3 Plumbing and Heating is it worth it in this situation?

    Hello Everyone, Just a quick question regarding the level 3, having recently finnished nvq 2. I am trying to work out if the level 3 nvq is worth me doing. The dilemma I have is that my current employer does not do gas. We mostly fit bathrooms, do genral plumbing, and oil installations. To do...
  19. J

    Plumber C&G Level 3 looking to further knowledge

    Hi Everyone, I would really appreciate if someone could help me out, or even just give me a nod me in the right direction. I am a City and Guilds level 2 and 3 Qualified Plumber who is looking to shadow someone to further my knowledge in Heating, Boiler break downs and brand new installs. As...
  20. Andrew Garrett

    Warped bath issue

    hi there The previous owner of my house was a DIY enthusiast and I am beginning to reap the fruits of his labours. The bath is level all over except where the shower screen is. It looks like he's forced the corner of the bath down the way to fit the screen on. The water flows towards the...

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